Can CBD Oil Appear on a Drug Test?

Using CBD Oil Very Beneficial for Many People

In today’s world, more and more people are using CBD oil for the health benefits it provides. Many lives are greatly improved by using CBD oil and it is now legal in virtually all states in the United States of America. There are still some states that trying to change this, but at the time of this writing, it is legal across the United States to use CBD oil. There are some counties that have passed ordinances that no part of the hemp plant can be possessed and are using this to stop the use of CBD oil. Counties in TN and in NE have reportedly had issues with this that have recently been in the news. Some shop owners have been arrested in those counties for simply stocking CBD oil. Please, check with your local authorities and/or shops in your area to find out what local regulations are.

CBD has been known to help with an amazing number of health issues. Chemotherapy patients have found that by using CBD, they have few side effects and nausea after treatments. People with Parkinson’s Disease have reported that CBD has helped their muscle spasms and twitching. Those who suffer from debilitating migraine headaches have reported less frequency in them. Multiple Sclerosis suffers have attested to having fewer issues when they use CBD oil. Adults and children who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and anxiety have found that using CBD on a regular basis can alleviate their symptoms and increase ability to focus.

CBD oil can be used for children, adults, and there is even CBD oil for dogs and cats. Since CBD oil is a natural product, derived from a plant, it is safe for everyone and is vegetarian friendly as well. No animal fats are included in CBD oil at all, nor are there any animal by products. CBD oil is seen by many people as a miracle because of the wide range of uses and applications. The biggest obstacle for some people, the thing that holds them back from trying this remedy, is fear that a CBD oil drug test may be failed.


CBD Oil and a Drug Test Fail

It is a very often asked question - “does CBD show up on a drug test?” The answer is a bit more complicated than just a “yes” or a “no” so let’s begin with some information. This topic is enormously important because people can’t afford to lose a job or fail a test trying to get a job. By the same token, these same people also deserve to be pain-free and enjoy fewer symptoms from chronic conditions. There is a lot of confusion for people, even in some law enforcement agencies there seems to be a general lack of understanding what CBD oil is and what part of the hemp plant is regulated.

Does CBD show up on drug test for work, or only specific testing? CBD oil, in and of itself, does not show up on a drug test. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the ingredient that causes the mental state associated with marijuana. Without THC, there is no ‘high’ and no impairments. For this reason, drug tests that are checking for marijuana use are specifically designed to check for evidence of THC in the system. THC will stay in the urine for up to thirteen days, At least as far as the tests have been able to pick up, we only know of THC showing when someone was thirteen days out of use. Trace amounts may be in your system longer than that, and it seems to differ per person, factoring in the amount that was used and for how long. As with any form of medication, it can saturate your system more with prolonged use.

THC, however, is not technically present in CBD oil. The issue is that they do come from the same plant, which means that THC must be separated from the CBD. What does that mean for the CBD user? There may be very minute traces of THC in CBD oil because they come from the same planet. The possibility of that tiny amount being enough to cause you to test positive on a drug test are extremely unlikely. In fact, we could say that the it would be very rare for someone to test positive for THC while using CBD oil due to the sheer amount of oil you would need to be consuming in order to have enough THC in your body to show up in your system during a test.


Is “Extremely Unlikely” Worth the Risk?

There is no such thing as a CBD oil drug test. Asking “does CBD oil show up on a drug test” isn’t really the question to ask. We have established this. We’ve established that the THC in marijuana is the culprit that gets you caught. If you aren’t smoking marijuana, the odds of testing positive are very low, but they still aren’t fool proof. Why?

THC is in the same plant that CBD oil is derived from. There could be trace amounts of THC. While it would be highly unlikely for you to test positive, for TCH, it isn’t guaranteed that you won’t. Let’s discuss this further.

CBD is a product of hemp, and so is marijuana. The oil is extracted from the plant to produce the product that arrives in a bottle at a store, where you make your purchase. There are a few different methods of extracting the oil from the plant:

CO2 Extraction 

This is likely the most popular method currently being used. It involves using carbon dioxide like a solvent. It attaches to the CBD so that it can be pulled away from the other compounds that would be found in the hemp plant. Carbon dioxide is not harmful, it doesn’t damage the plant or its properties in this separation process. This helps to maintain the integrity of the oil, ensuring that it will remain potent for medicinal purposes.


Ethanol or olive oil extraction 

In this method, the oil or ethanol is heated until it hits the correct temperature. When it contacts the hemp plant, the CBD oil will bond to the olive oil or ethanol, allowing it to be pulled out of the mix, leaving other components of the plant behind, like THC.

It is important to understand that the plants being utilized for CBD oil are specially bred and cultivated from industrial strains of the hemp plant. Other forms of marijuana plants would be illegal to use or grow. Even medical marijuana products are grown from legal strains of hemp, not actually marijuana. Marijuana is still classified by the US government as an illegal substance/plant. Each state has their own laws regarding marijuana usage and if you are caught with actual marijuana, you will be subject to the laws within the jurisdiction where you are arrested. Remember, CBD oil is legal. There is no need to break the law when you can utilize CBD oil.

It is a small risk about the drug test. You could, very rarely, test positive for THC in your system. Extremely rare is the positive CBD oil drug test, but it can happen.

For a CBD product to be legally sold, it must contain less than .03% of THC. This means that companies who produce CBD oil, and any products made with it, are bound by rules that force them to constantly check their products for THC levels. Some may have less than the maximum level, but none of them will contain more than the maximum level because they are very scrutinized and regulated, as you might imagine.

So, while it is possible, if you were to use an absolute maximum amount of CBD daily, you might have THC, even from CBD vape oil show up in a drug test. It would be rare for that happen because of the massive amount of product that you’d have to use to have that happen.


Vaping – All the Rage

Many people are using vaping now. It is a way to use their CBD oil without consuming nasty tasting drops or having to use other methods. Vaping has become a trendy alternative for smoking. At first, vaping wasn’t regulated in any way and many people were using it inside buildings where cigarettes and tobacco smoke of any sort is no longer allowed.

Vaping became a bit controversial, in and of itself, without bringing CBD oil into the mix. Many articles and some fake news came out that stated it was more addictive than cigarettes and as bad as tobacco use. There are some pros and cons that you should make yourself aware of if you want to do vaping for your CBD oil.

The first thing you should know about vaping CBD oil is that the type of oil for vaping is completely different than the oil you would typically use for aromatherapy or oral use. You’ll want to make sure you are shopping for vaping oil.

If you have issues, such as COPD, taking anything through your lungs could be a poor choice for you. You may want to check with your doctor to determine whether vaping can do any damage to you or exacerbate a condition that already exists. Remember that some people are simply more prone to issues based on genetics and medical factors. If you can’t vape the oil, you have other options so don’t be discouraged.

Vaping requires an initial set-up with a vape pen. There are specially designed vaporizers, if you will, are the size of a large pen. The pen itself can be taken apart and cleaned. There are parts that can be customized, and some people collect the pens and part of the trend is the customizing of their individual pens. Once you have chosen a pen and feel good about knowing how it functions, comes apart for cleaning, and have it in your hands, it is time to choose your CBD oil.

There are many websites springing up that sell CBD oil now. In fact, there are so many ads on platforms such as Facebook that you can become inundated with them in your feed. Read labels carefully. You will find that some CBD is pure and other products only actually contain a little CBD oil in combination with other ingredients. You will want the purest CBD oil that you can find. Local shops are a good source of information and you can ready information that will help you choose the best possible source for your purchase. You might purchase your vaping pen and your oil from the same place.

All you really need to do is be an informed consumer, this should go without saying. When it comes to putting things in our bodies, we tend to trust. We have been conditioned to trust the medical community to prescribe things for us that we later find out are addictive or will cause other issues. Sometimes the secondary issues that are caused are much worse. Know your body, know your symptoms and do your due diligence. If you do those things, you’ll never go wrong.


Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

Vaping is widely considered the best means of introducing CBD into your body. Vaping the CBD helps to maintain the integrity of the CBD, preventing any breakdown of the compounds found naturally in it, through other methods. The digestion process can break down CBD in a way that keeps you from enjoying the full benefits, for example.

CBD oil does not interact with the neurons in the brain that THC interacts with. That is why there is no effect of being high, as with marijuana use. The CBD does interact with the neurons that also interact with serotonin, which is a reason that CBD use can help to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression for many people.

For this same reason, CBD can help to lower blood sugar in some people, reduce nausea and more. Many biological issues that people suffer through can be reduced in frequency or even eradicated completely. By working biologically and physiologically, CBD can help people enjoy a much better quality of life. Those who suffer with chronic conditions that cause depression, physical discomfort or pain, and symptoms that include headaches, anxiety, and stress, can get an amazing amount of relief from CBD oil usage.

Vaping allows the CBD to be metabolized into the blood stream much faster than going through the stomach. When anything passes through the lungs, it is mixed with the oxygen and carbon dioxide that come and go, via the blood stream. It begins to move through your body in a few moments, when you use vaporizing techniques. For those needing relief from a headache or arthritis pain, this is the fastest way to achieve results and the reason that many people use vaping CBD oil.

There is no tarry residue from the oil that will cause lung damage. There is no evidence of vaping CBD causing any lung problems. It is suggested that if you already have a breathing issue, such as emphysema or COPD, that you speak to your doctor about the best way for you to safely use CBD oil.


CBD Usage Steadily Rising

Vitaleaf Full Spectrum CBD Oil

As using CBD oil continues to become more widespread, there are likely to be fewer places that you can’t purchase it. More and more people, especially in The United States, are seeking alternatives to pain medications and opioids because of the addiction issues that are problematic. Drug abuse, especially opioid use, are rampant in this country and people are dying from abusing the drugs and turning to street options that are laced with other ingredients that are deadly.

Buying CBD supplements is an alternative option for people that are aware of the dangers of prescription medication usage. Many people simply want to choose the option of using something that is a plant derivative, which is natural and easily metabolized by the human body. Essentially, consuming CBD is no more difficult for your body that digesting an apple. The apple, depending on where it came from and the pesticides used on it, might be worse for you than CBD oil.

Using a steady dose of CBD for medical issues is not likely to cause a CBD oil drug test fail. It’s a minor possibility that is most likely not going to happen. It has so many positive benefits that most people consider it well worth the tiny risk.

Another major factor in using CBD oil is that you do not need a prescription to purchase it and use it. Information is readily available for dosages and since it is a natural option, you can’t really overdose and harm yourself. No doctor needs to write you a prescription for it, making it a good financial option for those without health insurance. By the time most people pay for an office visit and then pay for prescriptions, they’d spend a great deal more than a bottle of CBD oil would have cost, making it one of the best broad-spectrum treatments for hundreds of issues. Do your research and try it out for yourself. You won’t know how it works for you until you try it.



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