Routines to Manage Everyday Stress


One of the biggest causes of stress is having the unexpected things pop-up in an already chaotic life. There are many ways to reduce stress and it is something that you can learn to reduce by setting yourself up for success, rather than for failure. Let’s explore some of these ways in which stress can be alleviated.


Using Calendars and Alarms to Remind You of Things

As simple as it seems, using the calendar and alarms on your phone is a great way to reduce stress of trying to remember everything. Getting yourself into the habit of using this calendar for everything from when to take your medicine, to little Jenny’s soccer schedule, and when it is time for you to chaperone that school field trip, will help you to relax a lot. When you realize that you don’t have to worry about forgetting these things, you will find that you can relax a lot more.

Try setting aside some time, perhaps as you lay in bed each night, to go over your calendar and add things to it. Set reminders far enough ahead to keep reminding you well enough ahead of time, especially when the event requires you to remember to bring snacks or order a cake. This will allow you more time in the long run, when you invest a little time each evening.


Set Aside Time for Yourself

No matter if it is only five minutes, set-aside some time for a ‘you only’ activity. Some parents have an especially hard time with this. If you grab five minutes before the kiddies get up or five minutes after they go to sleep, spend that five minutes taking a longer shower than usual, massaging your feet with some CBD infused oil that helps relieve aches and pains and provides some extra relaxation.

If you enjoy coffee in the morning, you might try one of the CBD infused coffees that will start your day off with an extra bit of coping help. CBD has a huge relaxation benefit and reduces anxiety quite effectively. Starting your day off with a dose of CBD will help set you up for the ‘win’ for the day, every day. To help yourself get into this new routine, use your calendar to plan it into your schedule. Sometimes getting out of bed a few minutes earlier is all it takes to give a different tone to the entire day. Arm yourself with the right ammunition, they say.

If you sleep late, don’t have things prepared the night before, and don’t have a plan for the day, you will run around chasing yourself in circles and your day will be a lesson chaos. This is the lifestyle of stress. Plan your day, incorporate things that help bring you calm, like CBD coffee, and prepare for your day like a knight donning his armor prior to battle.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Routine

Routines have a lot of power because they give you something that is easy to plan around, a sense of security in knowing what is supposed to happen next which reduces energy and stress when the mind isn’t constantly having to think about what is next, and it gives other people around you a sense of peace as well. As an example, when children know that it is snack and homework time as soon as they get home from school each day, they fall into these routines and know the expectations. You will have fewer arguments about getting homework done as the evening wears on and your nerves are more shot. If you don’t have kids, this rule still applies to you. Even your pets get used to routines. If you don’t believe that, try skipping mealtime and see how quickly your cat is in your face demanding food.

Your friends are even relaxed by your routines. They know that you never go out on a work night, but they can count on you for Saturday fun. They know not to call you after 9pm because you go to bed early due to your work schedule. Routines make life easier. Good friends know what time never to call you in the morning because they know you don’t get out of bed at 6am like they do.

Self-care should always be part of your routine and it isn’t the same as ‘you time’ because self-care is necessary to your physical health. Self-care will include cooking healthy meals, getting some exercise, taking supplements and oils to benefit you each day, etc. Your self-care routine may be getting out of bed, putting on running shoes and doing a couple of miles, then back to the house to take your supplements to get you through you day, like hemp seed oil that will give you the omega fatty oils that help your heart stay healthy, and then you shower and dress for work. This simple routine can add years to your life.

If you aren’t a morning person, you can still find time in your day to do self-care for your health. Some people walk on their lunch breaks, other people ride a stationary bike in the evening in front of a television. These people are less stressed-out than people who do nothing of the sort. Getting the appropriate nutrients for your body is essential. If you don’t have time to incorporate exercise every day, which you should try to do, at the very least you should try to use some relaxation oils to help you enhance your mood and lesson your stress.

CBD oils, hemp oils, and vaping oils with CBD all can help you reduce stress levels. While they shouldn’t be the only thing that you do to reduce stress (eating right and exercise also are hugely beneficial and will lengthen your life span), CBD products can make life more pleasant and help you relax and find the time and the desire to do the other things that are also so necessary to living your best life possible.


Take the Time to Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine, so we have been told most of our lives. Laughter relieves stress and therefore the heartrate is lowered, blood pressure can be lowered, heart rate is lowered, breathing is slowed, and the body magically relaxes. It is essential to take the time to laugh and enjoy life. If all we do is work and pay bills, then we aren’t really living. Joy is found. It won’t come to find you. Go out and find your joy. Joining clubs and groups that share interests, such as book clubs, bike riding clubs, dinner clubs or any other social clubs will help you get out of the house, away from work, and just be yourself.

Having a life outside of home and work brings balance and helps to relax us. For those who really have a hard time with social anxiety, this can be tough. Hemp seed oil supplements can have a positive impact on social anxiety to lessen its grip on you. If you can use a little something to just help you get your feet out the door a time or two, you’ll find yourself making friendships and building a social network that helps you find fun and relaxation again.

People who lead active social lives tend to live longer and this is likely because you laugh more when you are with people. Why not take the steps necessary to help you get out of the house more and become a part of social clubs as part of your new routine this year?


Get Those Endorphins Going

If you have ever heard of the ‘runner’s high’ they are talking about the endorphin rush that they get when the body is pushed to a certain limit. Thrill-seekers experience this same rush of endorphins. It is a literal high that causes you to feel euphoric and on top of the world. Now you don’t have to go run a marathon to get an endorphin rush. You don’t need to jump off a cliff with a parachute either. Anything that gives you a little thrill can give you a lift of endorphins. Music is something that helps people elevate their mood in this way. Try incorporating some music into your daily routine. It’s exceedingly difficult to be in a bad mood when you are whistling.

Music interacts with parts of the brain which help raise the mood and to absorb information. In other words, listening to music while you work, or study, is a great idea. If you are having a hard time with focus, you may possibly have a little ADHD. Many adults have this condition though have never been accurately diagnosed. Again, CBD or hemp oil can help with this, giving you the ability to focus more deeply on work and study, while also enhancing mood. CBD helps many people overcome problems with general depression, sometimes referred to as situational depression. It helps you feel more able to cope with your tasks at hand, which goes an awfully long way in reducing stress. 

Whether you are athletic person, a bookworm, a lover of music, or a person with ADHD, now you know how to get those endorphins going and elevate your mood as needed. Making this a part of your routine will help you feel a sense of accomplishment which goes to increasing your sense of self-confidence. Self-confident people rarely have feelings of anxiety because anxiety comes from a pattern of negative thoughts. CBD oils help to block these thought patterns to give you a fighting chance in forming new habits and routines and making big life changes for the better.


Forming Routines

Routines are habits that you’ve gotten into - they are patterns of your daily life. You may get out of bed, go straight to the bathroom, use the toilet and then wash your hands, your face and brush your teeth. This is a routine and it remains your routine because it works well for you. It is easy, it is habit because you have done it for so long that it comes as second nature. Some people walk straight from the bathroom to the door to let the dog out, and then to the coffee-maker to start morning coffee.

You might notice that after several months or years of working at the same time and getting out of bed at the same time, you find yourself waking just a few moments before your alarm goes off. This is because you have become habituated to this routine and your body knows it well, it doesn’t need to be reminded or to think about it anymore. That’s a real routine, something that we barely need to think about anymore. We’ve done it and it make the most sense to us, so we repeat it and it is now a habit.

How long does it take to form new habits? It can take as few as 18 days to as long as nearly a year. It really depends upon the habit you are trying to form and how well it suits you. For example, if you hate running and you are trying to make it a habit, it is going to take a lot longer and you will only succeed if you have a lot of intestinal fortitude. In other words, if things don’t make sense, the brain resists. Routines need to make sense to you, for them to work. It doesn’t matter if other people think your routines are insane, if they work for you, you will keep doing them. Sometimes it is a good thing to sit down and examine your routines. Talking about routines with others can be helpful. As weird as it may sound, your best friend may notice things about your routine that don’t seem to suit you. Ask for advice and input.


Make Small Changes Over Time

One thing well-proven is that too many changes at once never works for anyone. While it is great that you want to form new routines to help reduce your stress, trying to implement them all at once is bound to create more stress. Since this is self-defeating, try instead to incorporate changes a few at a time. When you are successful with one change, incorporate another one. Work your plan, don’t let your plan work you.

Business managers who are good with people understand that if they try to shake the office up with a ton of changes at once, they will get a lot of resistance. People don’t like change, and people subconsciously fight change. Most people fight change because they like their routines. We cling to what we know works for us. As humans, we tend to always look at a situation and ask, “what’s in this for me?” and there’s not really any harm in that. It’s a basic motivator that comes from our survival instincts.

Humans, as most mammals, are opportunistic. If something works for us, we repeat the behavior and we like sticking to what is tried and true. Even when we want to change our own routines, our brain tends to fight these changes, opting for the safe patterns. We built those habits by wiring our neural pathways to follow the same path over and over.

Don’t be upset with yourself. You’re a survivor! You can do this, but you need to do it slowly and forgive yourself for the resistance that your survival instincts try to put up. Every time you go to your new addition to your routine, your brain is going to say to you, “Hey, wrong way…we are supposed to head to the kitchen now!” Just go ahead and walk to the bathroom and take your CBD supplement that you’ve incorporated into your routine or add it to your coffee in the kitchen. That’s a minor change. After a few days, it will begin to feel normal and you can try adding another change, like working on your calendar. You are setting yourself up for success by creating routines and making changes that will lessen your stress and make your life so much more productive too.

As you feel a sense of accomplishment, your self-confidence will build and you will find that you’re open to trying new things, meeting new people, and your stress and anxiety slowly melt away. When they do want to rear their ugly heads, you know that you can always hemp or CBD oils to help keep them under wraps. Before you even realize what is happening, you will become more productive and efficient also.

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Don’t beat yourself up for not handling stress as well as other people. We were all raised differently, and you must learn how to respond to stress properly. You have an opportunity here, with the help of natural products, to reverse a negative cycle and create a whole new experience for yourself. Anyone, at any age, can learn new routines, habits, and skills. Never count yourself out, because you are a survivor, your brain proves that to you every single day.




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