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Ways the Holidays Can Boost Your Chances of Triggering Anxiety

 In the most extreme cases of anxiety, people can endure panic attacks and even extreme physical symptoms like chest pain. 

How Benzos, the Anti Anxiety Meds, Affect Your Brain

Benzos should be used with caution and patients should be aware of family history of addictions, drinking problems, and so on and ultimately, they should really only be used on a temporary basis when treating anxiety.

How CBD Oil Helps Me Manage My Mood Disorder

Beware of the Dangers of Interrupted Sleep

Interrupted sleep is actually worse than only getting a couple hours through the night.

Foods to Avoid if You Fight With Anxiety


According to the Mayo Clinic, no perfect diet can cure chronic anxiety but it is certainly worth being aware of the foods that aren’t helpful.

Are the Winter Blues a Real Thing?

For an estimated 5% of Americans, this will trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder or what’s better known as Winter Blues.