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Surf Therapy Found to Spark a ‘Significant and Sustained Increase in Wellbeing’

“The parents have expressed a lot of gratitude for the course and many have noticed an increase in confidence and resilience in their son or daughter.”

Study Says Coffee Can Reduce Depression in Women

This particular study was significant in part because it focused on women, who have double the risk of diagnosed depression at some point in their lives than men.

The Science of Minimalism: Does Less ‘Stuff’ Actually Make You More Happy?

“Money can’t buy happiness.”


How NBA All-Star Kevin Love Is Speaking Up For Men's Mental Health

“I believe, as athletes, we’re looked at as superhuman and indestructible. Success is not immune to depression."

New Research Prescribes a New Healthy Amount of Time to Spend On Social Media Each Day










When you look at other people’s lives, particularly on Instagram, it’s easy to conclude that everyone else’s life is cooler or better than yours.”

4 Terrible Things Happening to Your Body When You Drop Sugar

Sugar is heavily linked to depression, anxiety, and inflammation.

What Is the Link Between Sugar and Depression?

It’s important to note that while sugar is something that can be naturally found in many whole foods, the culprit often seems to be the sugar intake derived from the processed foods

What Is the Link Between Sugar and Depression?

Sugar’s not the greatest thing for us; this is no secret.