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These Factors Can All Contribute to Having Nightmares

While the moments that follow waking up with a sudden jolt is come with momentary relief — realizing that unpleasant dream was just that, a dream — the rest of the night is usually not so fun.

There’s Such a Thing As the Coffee Nap, and Apparently It’s Great

Researchers insist coffee naps are far more productive than keeping both things mutually exclusive.

This Study Found a Startling Side Effect of Being a Night Owl

If you’re a night owl, the idea of dragging yourself out of bed early in the morning, or even the thought of setting an alarm clock, can be horrifying. But is it as scary as a premature death?

Beware of the Dangers of Interrupted Sleep

Interrupted sleep is actually worse than only getting a couple hours through the night.

The Science Behind How Alcohol Kills Your Sleep

Skip the nightcap and whenever possible, give your binge drinking nights a cutoff time, allowing yourself as much time as possible to metabolize that alcohol before you try to fall asleep. 

The #1 Way Your Smartphone Absolutely Kills Productivity

In both studies, the surveys found that smartphone use specifically had a larger negative impact on quality of sleep and next-day productivity than the television or even laptops.

The New Commandments of Better Sleep (and Why You're Not Getting It)

Sleep is a curious thing, isn’t it? We actually physically need it to survive.