PurCBD+ for Pets
PurCBD+ for Pets
PurCBD+ for Pets
PurCBD+ for Pets

PurCBD+ for Pets

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    • PurCBD+: 100% Organic full spectrum hemp-based phytocannabinoid (CBD) oil.
    • Great For Pets: Formulated for dogs, cats, horses, and mammals of every kind — check out our dosage guides above.
    • Third-Party Tested: PurCBD+ is regularly tested by an unaffiliated 3rd party for quality, safety, and efficacy.
    • Legal: Hemp extract derived from mature hemp stalks & seeds making it legal in all 50 states.
    • Safe: Guaranteed 0% THC and can’t get your pet high to any degree. No additives, pesticides, or other nasties in sight.
    • Organically Grown: Our organic hemp seed oil is sourced from Germany & U.K., while our organic hemp extract comes from Oregon.


    Move over people, because we aren’t the only ones that are benefiting from CBD. PurCBD+ is formulated for our pets to help support their everyday health, achieve a sense of calm, and recover from wear-and-tear. Perfect for pets that struggle in new environments, fear being left alone, need a boost in their day, and more.

    We believe in the power of hemp! This is why we use hemp seed oil for our carrier oil and not poor-quality MTC oils like others. This results in an oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, with additional omega essential fatty acids in a perfect 1-3 ratio for maximum effectiveness.

    PurCBD+ provides hemp CBD oil in its liquid form giving it a powerful matrix that promotes maximum absorption and immediate results.


    Full Spectrum Hemp: Comprehensive research shows that when we keep all the cannabinoids and terpenes that naturally occur hemp together, we achieve a wider and stronger therapeutic profile. Additionally, this synergic relationship promotes sucessful absorption of cannabinoids, notably CBD, into the system.  

    • CO2 Extracted: Without a doubt, CO2 extraction is the safest, and in many’s eyes, the only appropriate method for extracting the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp. Solvent-free and 100% safe.
    • Cold Pressed: We keep our PurCBD+ all hemp and only use cold pressed hemp seed oil for our carrier oil. This improves bio-absorption and gives it an additional health boast with a wealth of essential fatty acids in an ideal ratio.
    • Distilled For Gold Standard: We go above & beyond by using short-path distillation to produce a phytocannabinoid extract that is more potent in the three most important cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBG), and undiluted with non-beneficial plant matter that leaves a bitter and awful taste.
    • Organic and Non-psychoactive: If a company won’t welcomely show you a Certificate of Analysis for their CBD products, they may be hiding something.. We only use organic hemp that meets and exceeds standards set by federal laws. We can guarantee you that what you read on the label matches exactly what’s in the product. We don’t white label.
    • Produced In-House: We manufacture and bottle PurCBD+ in-house to achieve and maintain the highest-quality possible — this keeps it free from mishandling and contamination that could jeopardize the quality and safety of the product.


    CBD’s is non-toxic, and we break dosing down into three tiers: low, average, and high. These tiers are based on your pet’s weight, and we suggest starting in the lowest tier once a day for the first week. Since pets vary in weight, we offer three different concentration sizes to choose from:

    • 125 mg PurCBD+ more appropriate for pets under 25 lbs.
    • 250 mg PurCBD+ more appropriate for pets between 25-50 lbs.
    • 750 mg PurCBD+ more appropriate for big dogs and horses over 50 lbs.

    Our CBD Calculator provides additional information that will guide you into choosing the best dose for your pet.


    Want to know why our customers love our PurCBD+? Just check out what our customers have to say, and you’ll know right away why PurCBD+ has become the number 1 best selling Pet CBD product in the world!

  • Common reasons people give their pets hemp oil with phytocannabinoids:

    • Anxiety
    • Pain
    • Inflammation and arthritis
    • Appetite regulation and relief from nausea
    • In conjunction with chemotherapy to reduce side effects
    • Preventive health and general wellbeing

    PurCBD promotes the body’s natural endocannabinoid system — a regulatory system of self-created cannabinoids that activates receptors which promote balance, stability, and repair many physiological and cognitive functions. Depending on the severity of the medical conditions and the state of the ECS, CBD may take 24-48 hours to show results and up to a week before full desired results are seen. Many see results sooner, however.

    How to administer:

    1. Fill the dropper with your desired dosage. Dosage calculator for help.
    2. Place the dropper in their mouth and apply drops — dropper is made with a safe plastic and not glass in case your pet tries to bite it.
    3. If they won’t open their mouth, you can rub the oil on their gums instead.  
    4. As well, you can put it into a treat, or in their food. Dropping it into their water is another option, but only do so as a last resort.  
    5. We offer our fantastic PurCBD+ in capsules or as treats which can be easier to give.

    125mg PurCBD Dosing Guide for Small Dogs & Cats

    250mg PurCBD Dosing Guide for Medium Dogs

    750mg PurCBD Dosing Guide For Big Dogs & Horses

  • How long does PurCBD+ take to work?

    For some pets and people, CBD may take up to a week before it’s working at maximum efficiency. For many others, they may see fantastic results within an hour. For those that use or give CBD regularly, expect approximately 20 minutes for CBD to enter into the bloodstream and 6 hours to exit. Effects aren’t tangible per se, but relief will start once CBD has entered the bloodstream. You can think of the effects like you would with a common over-the-counter medication.

    How much CBD should I give and how often?

    CBD is non-toxic and technically has no unsafe dosage. It’s recommended out of precaution to never give more than 1 mg/kg or 1 mg per 2.2 lbs a day. As well, use our CBD calculator to determine the common dosages based on your pet’s weight.

    Most owners administer PurCBD once or twice daily for a combined average of 14 hours of relief. Again, this dosage is not set in stone, simply what is the norm. We offer dosing guides that can help you easily plan out your pet’s dosage schedule.

  • Is this oil Raw, Activated, Full Spectrum, or Isolate?

    PurCBD is activated full spectrum CBD oil, as current research and overwhelming testimonies show that this to be the most effective CBD product by far.

    Is you product human grade?

    Yes! The only difference between the majority of pet phytocannabinoid oil and human phytocannabinoid oil is the concentration of cannabinoids in the bottles. Because many pets are small we offer a 125 mg version — this size bottle would only last the average human CBD user a week. Many of us Innovet Pet — including the owners and the staff — use PurCBD+ for both ourselves and our pets every day.

    We don’t sacrifice quality just because they’re not human — in fact, we make it our goal to provide an equal if not better product than the human counterpart. Because of liabilities in marketing, we are required to say it’s only for pets.

    Why is hemp oil added / why does CBD extract need a carrier oil?

    When CBD is extracted, it is highly concentrated, thick, unctuous, and poorly absorbed in the body as it’s only fat soluble. This means it requires a fatty carrier oil so the cannabinoids and terpenes can bind to fat molecules that are easily absorbed by the body.

    MCT / vegetable oils and coconut oils are commonly used, but hemp is an amazing plant, and it alone can create the CBD oil many are falling in love with. Hemp oil derived from the seeds are loaded with healthy fats that welcome CBD with open arms. This keeps the product all hemp and allows us to keep costs low as we don’t have to ship in any non-hemp products.

    Why is short-path distillation and why do you use it?

    Short-path distillation is the process of heating the CBD extract at different boiling points to individually release the 100+ cannabinoid and 200+ terpenes all found within hemp. We do this because this process completely removes any non-beneficial plant that dilutes the potency of many CBD products.

    Even worse by not removing chlorophyll, the CBD extract will have a bitter and unpleasant flavor. The internet is chock-full of people complaining about the flavor of their CBD oil, and that’s because distillation is the exception to the rule. As you can see from our reviews, this doesn’t happen with our oil.

    Where do you source from?

    We only source from family-owned farms who we are fortunate enough to have built an outstanding relationship with. Our organic hemp extract comes from right next door to us in Oregon. Our hemp seed carrier oil comes from Europe.

    Why is your product cheaper than other companies?

    We have a close and fantastic relationship with the family-owned hemp farms that we source from.

    Speaking of hemp, we only use it to create our PurCBD oil. This is crucial as it helps keep costs down since we don’t have to ship in non-hemp vegetable oils. We buy in large quantities, and have our own manufacturing facility so we can stay in-house. Recently, we reduced prices after a bountiful and rewarding growing season — it’s in our nature to give back.

    Why does it say refrigeration is needed?

    We only say to refrigerate because it preserves CBD oil for the longest period. Cannabinoids will degrade in direct sunlight, so as long as you store PurCBD in a cool dark place, your product will be fine.

    Can I give this to my [insert animal here]?

    Any organism with a backbone has the ability to benefit from taking CBD oil, and this includes all mammals. This is due to all of us having an internal biological system called the endocannabinoid system — a regulatory system that’s vital to homeostasis of many physiological and cognitive functions.

    Does PurCBD+ contain pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.?

    We guarantee you that PurCBD+ does not contain any traces of pesticides, insecticides, or other chemicals that could harm your pet. First, we only source from organic farms to ensure that the hemp plants were never grown with chemicals it simply does not need.

    Second, while we use distillation for our CBD to remove non-beneficial plant matter that skunks up the flavor and dilutes potency, a by-product of this process is it removes any traces of pesticides and harmful chemicals. This way not even an inorganic nearby farm can contaminate our CBD oil.

    What is your return policy?

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of our products even if they are opened. Just mail the product back to us at our standard address with your name or order number.

    VitaLeaf Naturals Products
    1109 West 190th Street, Unit-H
    Gardena, CA 9026

    Why do we sell it?

    CBD oil helped the pets that inspired the foundation of our first company, Innovet Pet. We first started Innovet Pet over a decade ago by creating pet health products that helped our dogs when there was a lack of help. Because of this we created Tracerz that help blind dogs navigate their surrounding. In fact, almost a decade later, it was that same loveable pup that we first gave CBD to. There is nothing like seeing your almost 15 year old lab. whose been blind since 8, jump around like he is rambunctious puppy again.  

    From then on out we started using for ourselves and other family pets. We saw how it helped them and us, and knew, that as a company who prides themselves on helping people and pets around the world, it was our responsibility to offer it to our customers.

  • How long does it take to work?

    Tinctures offer the faster absorption rate of any CBD product for pets. This is because the thin tissue of the mouth and tongue gives CBD easy passage into the bloodstream avoiding the digestive system. Administering sublingual takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes before effects are felt — err on it being closer to 20 minutes as you pet isn’t going to hold the oil under their tongue.

    Common phytocannabinoid conversions:

    • Each 30ml bottle = 1,380 drops of PurCBD
    • 23 drops = ½ of a full dropper
    • 23 drops = 0.5ml = 0.5cc of PurCBD
    • 1 drop = 0.02ml
    • 1 drop of 125 mg PurCBD = 0.09 mg of full spectrum phytocannabinoid
    • 1 drop of 250 mg PurCBD = 0.18 mg of full spectrum phytocannabinoid
    • 1 drop of 750 mg PurCBD = 0.54 mg of full spectrum phytocannabinoid


  • Is PurCBD safe to take with medication?

    While comprehensive research and The World Health Organization have noted a very mild side-effect profile in use of CBD, there is concern about its interaction with hepatic drugs. These are drugs that are metabolized in the liver by cytochrome P450 enzymes, which includes many pharmaceuticals.

    Research appears to indicate that Interactions are dose sensitive, and as such, we recommend talking to your veterinarian first if they are on such drug. Your vet will be able to help monitor your pet’s drug levels and make adjustments to dosages until a balance between CBD and the other medication is achieved. For information go here and here.

    Can PurCBD replace other medication

    It is impossible to say whether CBD can replace or reduce the dosage of another medication. It’s happened for some, while it hasn’t for others. Never reduce or discontinue use of prescription medications without your veterinarian's approval.

    Does PurCBD help with arthritis?

    Many of our customers use CBD oil to help their pets inflammation and arthritis due to injury or old age. Check out these articles to learn more.

    What about seizures?

    The phytocannabinoids found in hemp have been shown to help manage rare forms of epilepsy where modern anticonvulsants fail. As well, studies and anecdotal reports indicate that when CBD is used in conjunction with other anticonvulsants, it has at times lowered the dosage of anticonvulsants.  

    This is likely due to the fact that CBD inhibits liver enzymes that metabolize many pharmaceuticals — this potentially will raise their potency. This is the one main concern about CBD, but fortunately, many studies that see this interaction, don’t discontinue use of either drug but instead alter the dosages. Your vet can help you with this, as well, check out these articles for information.

    Is PurCBD safe long-term?

    There is no current evidence that shows taking CBD long-term is unsafe. CBD products have only emerged in the last decade. However, CBD was first isolated and studied all the way back to 1940. Current comprehensive research shows that chronic use of CBD at very high and abnormal doses are well tolerated.  

    Will my pet experience any withdrawal symptoms if I stop giving them CBD?

    There is no evidence that CBD causes withdrawal symptoms to any degree. Now stopping cold turkey can return the patient back to the state before CBD was used. If that was a state of pain or anxiety — which CBD managed well — the sudden return can come as a shock.

  • CBD oil and hemp are marijuana!

    CBD oil nor hemp are marijuana — for that matter, cannabis doesn’t necessarily = marijuana. The psychoactive high is what defines marijuana and the sole culprit for it is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both hemp and marijuana are separate varieties of cannabis plants that originated on different continents with very different environments.

    The popular thought as to why cannabis produces THC is to protect itself from UV light. Hemp originates from parts of Europe where ultraviolet light is rather low thus resulting in cannabis plants that don’t produce much THC. Combined this with common farming propagation techniques, and hemp with 0.3 THC or less is achieved and defined as industrial hemp — legal in most countries around the world.

    What is the evidence that CBD works? Is it just anecdotal?

    Despite best efforts by some, more and more positive research on CBD is pouring in every day. In 2018 alone, the FDA has finally approved the first CBD medication, and the University of Colorado has started veterinary clinical trials — which are backing up many claims made by those anecdotal reports.

    Our blog has endless articles that go in-depth in research on CBD and why so many are finding so much help with it. And while we back everything up with science, it's explained in a way that makes it easy for you to discuss CBD with your spouse, children, and parents.

    In our time selling CBD, we have found that 97.4% have strong feedback, while less than 1% have negative feedback. For the few that don’t have success with our CBD, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee even if it’s been used.

Customer Reviews

Based on 185 reviews
Very happy

My little Maltese suffers quite often from seizures, however since we started him on 250 mg purcbd he gets them less often. We are very happy and will continue buying this product. Thank you very much

Fantastic product!

My 11 yr old lab could barely walk some days & we were actually considering putting her down because she was so miserable, and we'd already tried other supplements & medications. After using the CBD oil for a few days, she was SO MUCH BETTER!!! She's even frisky & bouncy again! We'll definitely continue to use!!
Still waiting on the CBD treats we ordered a month ago though...... guess they're popular too!

Great products

We’ve been carrying and using Vita Leaf products for several months now with terrific feedback from our customers. The best thing I can say is that since introducing the CBD oils most if not all our customers are repeat customers. Highly recommend.

It worked for my dog with travel anxiety

I have a dog the has anxiety whenever we get in the car. I have tried every medication and nothing helped until CBD oil. His anxiety is not gone but not as bad. I give him his dose on his gums and whenj in the car I give him a piece of candy. For some reason the candy helps.

Cocker spaniel

Our Wilbur was diagnosed with IMHA/ITP in July. It is an autoimmune disease that requires high doses of prednisolone. Although the medication seems to be working it has many side effects. Rapid, heavy breathing and skin infections that cause hair loss. Since we started using PurCBD oil twice a day he is breathing easier and the skin infections seem to be going away. We also use the CBD oil and treat his skin where he has had hair loss and the hair "seems" to be growing back! I don't know exactly what this product does but he is a happier pup and we are forever grateful. Sincerely, Wilburs Mom