Hemp oil Capsules for Dogs - Best Pet Capsule Online
Hemp oil Capsules for Dogs - Best Pet Capsule Online

Hemp Oil Capsules for Dogs

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What Dosage is Right for Me?

    • PurCBD+: Same great universally loved PurCBD+. 100% organic full spectrum hemp rich with naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.
    • Easy to Use: Great for on the go, administering without drawing attention, and providing relief for up to 6-8 hours.
    • Legal & Safe: No tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) = non-psychoactive CBD capsules legal in all 50 U.S. states and much of the World.
    • Highest Quality: CO2, Cold Pressed, and Distilled for maximum effectiveness that achieves the elusive Gold Standard of CBD products.   
    • Formulated for Medium and Large Dogs: 5 mg capsules provide a perfect starting dosage for pets 40 lbs and up.
    • Third-Party Tested: Unaffiliated lab results. What you see is what you get. USD organic CBD free from pesticides, additives, and other nasties.  


    Hemp CBD oil is giving many pet owners the ability to help their dogs get the upper hand on their health and medical conditions. The problem is some dogs hate having the dropper put into their mouth and will constantly fight against it. And we won’t even mention the picky eaters.

    This can lead to embarrassing situations when administering in public. As well, you risk them spitting out the oil which can jeopardize the dosage. So, if a CBD tincture isn’t right for you, fear not as you’re not out of luck!

    Gold Hemp Oil Capsules are the best way to ensure your dog is getting all of their CBD free of hassle. You no longer have to worry about incorrect dosages or fight your dog to take their CBD — they’re 100% flavorless making them fantastic for picky eaters.


    • Full Spectrum Hemp: Cannabidiol (CBD) may be the most potent cannabinoid in hemp, but without the backing of over 100 cannabinoids and 200 terpenes, it’s quite ineffective. When isolated, CBD is poorly absorbed, and the effects are limited. This happens because all the compounds in hemp work together and promote each other — in the same way, they promote the cannabinoids all mammals create.   
    • CO2: There is no safer way to extract CBD from hemp than CO2 extraction. It’s solvent-free, leaves no residue, and is 100% safe.
    • Cold Pressed: When first extracted, CBD is highly concentrated and requires a fat to bind with for proper absorption. MCT oils are OK to use, but we believe CBD products should stay hemp, so we use cold pressed hemp seed oil. Rich with essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in a perfect ratio, hemp seed oil is the best carrier oil.
    • Why We Go Gold: CBD distillate is considered the best form of CBD because it’s the purest and most potent form of full spectrum CBD available. Distillation removes non-beneficial plant matter that mucks up the oil. As a bonus, it removes the harsh bitter flavor many people and pets have issues with. So we ask, why wouldn’t you go for the gold?
    • No White Labels: When a hemp company sells hemp products for both people and pets you need to be so careful that they aren’t just sticking different labels on the same product. This is why we manufacture in-house and provide unaffiliated 3rd party lab tested results for all of our products.

    Why Our Customers Love PurCBD+

    It sounds generic, but we like to think it’s because we care about your pets and we try to show this every chance we get. We can say all day why and how we provide the highest-quality CBD products while keeping them very affordable. However, we like pointing to the thousands of glowing reviews we’ve received from our customers throughout the years.

  • Hemp oil capsules provide an easy way to administer CBD which has shown to help improve health by promoting

    • Sense of calm
    • Relief from discomfort and faster recovery times
    • Support in wellbeing and better general health
    • Control over appetite and behavioral issues

    Hemp capsules work naturally by promoting your pet’s endocannabinoid system — a system vital to controlling, regulating, and repairing numerous functions throughout the body. As such, there are little to no concerns with overdosage (which is impossible), and this includes amount given and frequency.

    The biggest worry when giving dosages higher than what your pet requires is you’re wasting money. We don’t want that so here is a dosage calculator that will figure out the appropriate dosages based on your dog’s weight and medical conditions.

    Suggested Serving:

    • Medium Dogs - 40-70 lbs give 1 capsule every 6-8 hours.
    • Medium-Large Dogs - 70-110 lbs give 2 capsules every 6-8 hours
    • Large Dogs - 110 lbs and over give 3 capsule every 6-8 hours

    How to Administer:

    1. Use our hemp calculator which works with all of our products.
    2. Administer 1-2 capsules every 6-8 hours as needed.  

    It’s fine if your dog breaks the capsule open when it's in their mouth — in fact, it will absorb in their bloodstream faster that way. Capsules will need to past through the digestive system first so expect 30-60 minutes before the onset of effects appears. It may take one to two weeks before CBD is working at maximum effectiveness. Many see fantastic results within the first few administrations. We recommend a low tier dose, once a day for the first week before moving up.   

  • Do Hemp Oil Capsules contain cannabidiol (CBD)?

    They absolutely do! In recent years, we’ve learned a lot about the synergetic relationship the that cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp share with each other. Just like they promote the cannabinoids mammals make, they promote each as well. When isolated, cannabidiol (CBD), is poorly absorbed and its benefits are stunted. That why all pet CBD is full spectrum and the majority of people CBD is too.

    What’s the difference between PURCBD+ oil and Hemp Oil Capsules?

    While our PURCBD+ oil is fairly mild in flavor, and way more so than others since we remove non-beneficial plant material, some still don’t like the flavor, so we put it into a flavorless capsule.

    Are Hemp Capsules Raw, Activated, Full Spectrum, or Isolate CBD?

    Hemp Capsules only contain activated full spectrum phytocannabinoid and terpenes extract. Isolate is not appropriate for dogs in most cases, and raw CBD prevents cannabinoids from successfully interacting with the endocannabinoid system — both forms severely limit effectiveness.

    Where do you source from?

    We source from some of the largest organic hemp farms in the world. Our organic hemp extract comes from our neighbors in Oregon, while our organic hemp seed oil comes from Europe.

    Why is your product cheaper than other companies?

    We source from farms that we have a great relationship with, and since we have our own manufacturing facility, we buy in large quantities. We then produce bottle and produce in-house cutting out the middleman. We decided when we first started that we wanted to return saving to our customers any chance we could.

    Can I give hemp capsules to my cat?

    Hemp capsules are safe for cats but may have a dose that makes them tired as CBD as a biphasic effect. To avoid that and save money we recommend our PURCBD+ 125 mg Oil and Soft Hemp capsules.

    Does it contain pesticides?

    NO. NO. We only source and use organic hemp grown free from pesticides, fungicides, etc.

    What is your policy for return/refund?

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all products opened or not. Please include either your name or order number and you are set.

    Just mail us at:
    VitaLeaf Naturals Products
    1109 West 190th Street, Unit-H
    Gardena, CA 9026

    Why do we sell it?

    Before we started selling CBD products, we used them for ourselves, and before that, we used them for our pets. We still remember that first time we gave it to our 16-year-old blind chocolate lab. It was incredible to see him running around our warehouse again, and we knew we had to tell others about CBD.   

    Do you ship internationally?

    We ship to the majority of countries around the world. You find more shipping information at checkout.

  • Suggested Serving:
    Medium Dogs - 40-70 lbs give 1 capsule every 6-8 hours
    Medium-Large Dogs - 70-110 lbs give 2 capsules every 6-8 hours
    Large Dogs - 110 lbs and over give 3 capsules every 6-8 hours

    How long does it take to work?

    When given on a constant basis — weekly — you can expect it to start working 30-60 minutes after administering. In some cases, it takes up to a week before full effects are seen, however, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee so no worries. We recommend a low tier dose once or twice a day to start.

  • Are Hemp Capsules safe to take with prescription medication?

    While hailed as having one of the safest side effect profiles known to man’s best friend, there is one concern with CBD hemp, and that is its interaction with hepatic drugs. These are drugs that are metabolized in the liver, and there is concern that CBD can delay their rate of breaking down. This can lead to an increase in potency — potentially one of the reasons CBD use commonly reduces the use of other medications.

    If your dog is on dosage-sensitive prescription medication, talk to your veterinarian about ways to avoid this interaction from happening. This interaction appears rare, and by monitoring plasma levels, studies have found that this can be avoided —  and potentially turned into a positive.

    Do Hemp Capsules help with anxiety?

    There is a number of studies showing the positive benefits of taking or giving CBD for anxiety.

    Can Hemp Capsules Treat cancer?

    There is promise that the cannabinoid in hemp may have anticancer properties. However, there currently aren’t many clinical trials that fully explore this issue.

    Now, many people and pets use hemp and CBD alongside their traditional cancer medications to reduce their side effects to significant results. Conventional treatments can take a heavy toll on the body and cause those to feel constantly nauseous, weak, in pain, etc.

    Are Hemp capsules safe to take long term?

    There is no evidence to show long-term use of CBD or hemp oil causes any issue.

    If I stop using Hemp Treats, should I be worried about any withdrawal symptoms?
    Hemp treats will not lead to any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. Now, discontinuing use may allow any condition hemp treats were managing to come back to the original state they were in before use of CBD.

  • If hemp and marijuana both come from cannabis plants, how is hemp safe?

    Hemp is a variety of cannabis plants that have low concentrations of THC. While there are hundreds of different cannabinoids in cannabis plants, THC is the only want that produces the euphoric effects of marijuana varieties. Through conventional farming practices, nearly all traces of THC can be removed from hemp plants. This gives it the label industrial hemp, which is legal to produce around much of the world, unlike other cannabis plants.

    With a required concentration of 0.3% THC, industrial hemp can’t get you or your pet high.

    Where is the evidence? These stories are just anecdotal.

    Actually, there is tons of research out there that shows the positive health benefits that come from taking hemp and CBD’s. While at one time, hemp relied on mostly anecdotal evidence, this isn’t the case anymore. There are animal clinical trials taking place out of Colorado University that are showing fantastic results. As well, CBD has recently been approved by the FDA.

    For all you could ever want to know about CBD — including the evidence — check out our blog.

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