Soft Hemp Chews Dog Food
Best Soft Hemp Chews Dog Food

Soft Hemp Chews Dog Food

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    • Designed For Your Pet: Soft Hemp Chews give small pets an appropriately dosed treat that’s soft on their teeth and jaws — perfect for senior dogs who have trouble eating.
    • The Best Ingredients: Combines the best grain-free and all organic superfoods for boosting health and correcting minerals deficiencies in their diet.


    • Full Spectrum Hemp: Whole plant extract keeps all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp together. Same hemp extract found in our universally loved PurCBD+.
    • Legal & Safe: Hemp Chews can be purchased in all 50 US. States and much of the world. No pesticides, additives, or by-products. Non-psychoactive and 0% THC.


    Pet CBD treats are a wonderful way to give your dog and cat’s health a boost, but so many come with two big issues: outrageously high doses and teeth cracking hardness.

    Dosages: One of the fantastic things about hemp CBD is the relationship it shares with the cannabinoids your dog naturally produces. This relationship essentially makes hemp non-toxic and overdosages impossible.

    However, a higher dose has the ability to make your pet tired. As well, it provides them with more CBD than they need — which really just costs you money. We want to save you money and don’t want your pet taking more than they need, so we made treats that are perfect for pets 40 lbs and under.

    Soft Chewy Goodness: We’re trying to help our dogs by giving them hemp CBD not hurt them. So the last thing we want is a chipped tooth causing them pain and a hole in your wallet. Small dogs have small jaws, so it only makes sense that we make the treats super soft. As a wonderful bonus, this gives senior dogs who may struggle with harder treats a delicious way to take their CBD.

    Let’s Take A Look Into What Makes Our Soft Hemp Chews Stellar

    • Full Spectrum: You’ve probably notice that we prefer saying full spectrum hemp over CBD. They are both the same thing it’s just CBD isn’t the best name as it refers to a single molecule, cannabidiol. However, there are hundreds of compounds in hemp, that all contribute to its ability to work. We call this synergistic relationship the entourage effect.  
    • Gold Standard: By distilling hemp, you’re saying you want the best possible CBD product. This process cleans and filters out all non-beneficial plant material leaving you with an extract that only contains compounds that benefit health. A bonus of this process is it greatly reduces the bitter and harsh flavor that skunks up CBD products.
    • Produced In-House: We believe it’s important to stay in-house, so that’s why we bottle, label, and manufacture in our warehouse. This allows us to keep an eye on maintaining perfect quality control and let’s us keep production costs low — which we return to you.
    • Created With Experts: If you want to create hemp chews that makes competitors envious, you gotta work with the best minds out there. So we did exactly that! We worked with veterinarians to ensure our hemp treats exceeded the guidelines for making safe and healthy dog treats. We also worked with pet food chefs to create lip-smacking flavors.    
    • Genuine Hemp Chews: Every ingredient that goes into Soft Hemp Chews is regularly inspected for safety and quality. We provide 3rd party lab results on all of our hemp products, so you know that  what you’re getting product matches the label every time.

    Why Our Customers Love Hemp Chews

    Can we say it because we offer the highest quality ingredients at extremely affordable prices? OK, we admit it’s a bit corny, but we are proud of our Soft Hemp Chews. We worked hours to create treats that are perfect for dogs that were getting left out. So many of our reviews talk about how CBD oil has helped their senior pets. After seeing this, we immediately knew that it was our goal to make treats that were both safe for them and ones that they would love.

  • Like the best treats out there all you’ll have to do is open the bag and your fluff nugget will come running.

    Dosage Conversion:

    • 1 treat = 2 mg phytocannabinoid
    • ½ treat = 1 mg phytocannabinoid
    • 2 treats = 4 mg phytocannabinoid

    Typical dose:

    • Small Dogs - 15 lbs and under give 1 treat every 6-8 hours
    • Medium Dogs - 30 lbs and under give 1 to 2 treat every 6-8 hours
    • Large Dogs - 45 lbs and up give 2 to 4  treats every 6-8 hours
  • Do Soft Hemp Treats contain cannabidiol (CBD)?

    Yes, they do!. Soft Hemp Treats contain the full spectrum of 100+ cannabinoids and 200+ terpenes found in hemp. Whole plant hemp extract accounts for the large majority of CBD oils and other products because CBD isolates are difficult to dose and on average less effective.

    In particular, we reinforce our Soft Hemp Chews with a heavier concentration of CBD, CBG, CBC as they are the most potent and therapeutic cannabinoids.

    What’s the difference between Hemp Treats, Chews, and PurCBD+ oil?

    All three products use the same great phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract. Our PurCBD+ oil was the first product we released, and it’s liquid matrix allows for rapid onset of effects and incremental changes in doses.

    Hemp Treats are great for medium and larger dogs, while Chews provide a lower and more appropriate dose for small pets. They are also much softer to account for smaller and senior pets as well.

    Are Hemp Chews Raw, Activated, Full Spectrum, or Isolate CBD?

    Hemp Chews only contain activated full spectrum hemp. Raw CBD has promise but goes against what we know about cannabinoids and how they work. Isolate is a largely outdated form of CBD, created when we did not understand the importance of how the compounds in hemp and how they work together to promote each other — called the entourage effect.

    Where do you source from?

    We source our phytocannabinoid extract derived from hemp stalks straight from Oregon. Our hemp seed carrier oil comes from Europe. Both are organically grown and free from pesticides and other nasties that could harm you or your pet.  

    Why is your product cheaper than other companies?

    When we first started, we made it a goal to provide high-quality products without up-charging our customers. Since then we’ve taken many steps to ensure we keep costs low. We share a close relationship with our hemp farms and buy in large quantities — which store and manufacturer in our warehouse. This removes the middlemen and higher associated costs.

    Can I give Hemp Chews to my cat?

    When we say these are formulated for small pets, we mean it. These chews are dose appropriate and super soft so they are easy to chew.

    Does it contain pesticides?

    Not one ingredient has been grown with pesticides, fungicides, etc.  

    What is your policy for return/refund?

    We have a 30-day guarantee policy on all products used and unused. We are easy with returns and only require your name or order number — we just need a way to identify you.

    Just mail us at:
    VitaLeaf Naturals Products
    1109 West 190th Street, Unit-H
    Gardena, CA 9026

    Why do we sell it?

    We first used CBD for our pets before we starting using it ourselves. We sell it because the first time we gave it to our 16-year old lab pup his health and youth came bouncing back. Legit, he was running around our warehouse and gobbling down food like he did when he was a puppy again. It was incredible to see, and since then we’ve been the biggest proponents of hemp.

    Do you ship internationally?

    We do indeed. You can find all the countries and places we deliver to at checkout.

  • Suggested Serving:

    • Small Dogs - Under 20 lbs give 1 treat every 6-8 hours
    • Medium Dogs - 20 to 55 lbs give 1 to 2 treat every 6-8 hours
    • Large Dogs - Over 55 lbs give 2 to 4  treats every 6-8 hours

    How long does it take to work?

    Pets that regularly take Hemp Chews on a weekly basis can expect results within an hour after administration. How long ago they ate and how much will factor into the rate. It may take a week until full effects are felt for some pets depending on the state of their endocannabinoid system, as well as, their unique body chemistry.

    Dosage Conversion:

    1 treat equals 2 mg

    ½ treat equals 1 mg

  • Are Hemp Chews safe to take with prescription medication?

    CBD ability to interact with prescription medications metabolized in the liver is the one area of concern when it comes to the side effects. Essentially, high doses of CBD may delay another drug's breakdown and raise that drug’s strength. Grapefruit does this to a lesser extent.

    If your pet is on a dosage-sensitive medication that metabolized in the liver, talk to your vet. They can help monitor for any interactions and adjust dosages accordingly. For more information check out these articles [1] and [2].

    Do Hemp Chews help with anxiety?

    Many of our customers use CBD and Hemp Chews for just that. We have a number of articles where you can learn how hemp helps with anxiety.

    Can Hemp Chews treat cancer?

    While the cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis have shown anti-cancerous properties, there is a lack of research showing how effective they.

    It’s more traditional to use Hemp Chews in combination with conventional cancer treatment options such as chemotherapy. Research and many personal accounts shows hemp CBD can help reduce the side effects of conventional cancer treatments which often leave your pet in a state of pain and weakness.

    Are Hemp Chews safe to take long term?

    There is no research or evidence that shows using Hemp Chews or any hemp product long-term is dangerous.

    If I stop using Hemp Chews, should I be worried about any withdrawal symptoms?
    Hemp Chews and other CBD products will not cause withdrawal issues of any nature. If Hemp Chews were successful in managing a medical condition, said condition could regress back to its pre-CBD state.

  • If hemp and marijuana both come from cannabis plants, how is hemp safe?

    While there are hundreds of different compounds in cannabis plants, there is only one that produces the classic euphoric effects: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Fortunately, THC is only found in high concentrations in marijuana varieties. Hemp varieties are naturally low in THC, and common agricultural practices have removed any traces. This gives iit the label “industrial hemp”.

    Where is the evidence? These stories are just anecdotal.

    We admit CBD products had to at one time rely on personal testimonies and that there weren't many studies showing how effective it was. But that has completely changed!!

    There are numerous preclinical and now clinical trials out there that show support for hemp products. We have a blog that we invite you to check out. There are many thoroughly researched articles with easily explained science that shows just the facts on these products.

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