4 Ways to Work CBD Oil Into Your Daily Diet

“How do I even use CBD? Is it a pill? An ointment? An oil?”

This is a pretty common starting point for people being introduced to CBD and its myriad uses. From aiding in pain relief and working as an anti-inflammatory, reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, boosting heart health, and even reducing acne or treating cancer patients, there is a long list of reasons many individuals are guided toward using CBD. From there, it’s a matter of finding ways to take it.

One popular method is simply incorporating it into your daily diet. Coffee and even salad dressings can be given a touch of CBD to ensure you’re regularly ingesting it. So with that said, here are four different ways to infuse CBD oil into your diet:

In Your Coffee

As mentioned already, this one is pretty simple and straightforward.

The idea sounds counterintuitive though, doesn’t it? Coffee boosts your energy and alertness, and CBD is often used to relax. The theory is simply that combining the two will actually help people prone to getting jittery when drinking coffee.

But beware. “Those who want to use CBD for serious medical conditions, such as seizure disorders or inflammation from autoimmune disorders, should not take CBD in this manner, as accurate CBD dosing is extremely important for efficacy in these types of illnesses,” says Bonni Goldstein, MD, a physician who specializes in cannabinoid therapy. Goldstein insists that a healthy person who simply wants to take CBD as a nutritional supplement, though, shouldn’t have to worry about proper dosages. The benefit to infusing your coffee with CBD is that this is such a common, everyday thing we consume without much effort or thought, meaning you’re not going out of your way to use it.

In Your Salad Dressing

Consider a tomato vinaigrette salad dressing recipe, for example. If you make your own salad dressings from scratch, all it takes is adding a cup of CBD-infused olive oil into your concoction. Everything else remains the same, you’re simply tossing in a CBD additive to ensure you’re ingesting it as a part of a regular meal. Which actually leads to…

CBD-Infused Oils

Cooking with CBD oils can be tricky. You don’t exactly want to mix it with your regular olive oil or coconut oil and toss it straight into the skillet. Your recipes may come out just fine if you do so, but do a simple Google search on recipes that include CBD-infused oils because oftentimes dosage and techniques can have a profound impact on how your food turns out. In fact, according to journalist Joe Seiver, “While warming the oil may increase its effectiveness, heating the oil too high can cause it to loose terpenes, volatile compounds that work in tandem with the CBD to increase the medical potency. Also, more importantly, it tastes absolutely foul.”

In Your Butter

Prefer butter instead of oil? Well, butter is one product that is often infused with CBD oil. It too can be made or bought, and just like your regular, everyday butter you spread on toast, it’s simply traditional unsalted dairy-based butter that has been infused with CBD oil.

No matter how you choose to start infusing CBD into your daily diet, if you start off with any one of these techniques you’re likely to pick up a few others in the process that will open up your creativity in the kitchen, finding more ways to incorporate CBD into recipes with the proper dosages.

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