What percentage CBD is your oil?

Our product has XX% CBD, but hat’s not what is important.

The new emphasis on CBD % is a trick.

When looking at things like liquors or gold it’s pretty straightforward: a higher percentage makes it stronger or more desireable.

The same is NOT true for CBD.

As more and more companies enter the industry to make a quick buck, their main selling point is how much CBD is in their percentage.

They show it off, and hope they convinced uneducated consumers to buy.


The percentage ONLY matters for CBD producers. When creating the refined CBD, knowing the CBD percentage is important to know how much CBD you are putting in each vial.

CBD percentage has no use otherwise.

If you are looking for the best CBD oil you can buy, you can forget about how much percentage of CBD is in the bottle. The much more important thing is going to be the quality of the CBD.

To improve your health: quality is king.

Let’s say you have two options:

  1. An Oil with 50% CBD that has been heavily processed, and extracted with butane.
  2. An oil with “just” 12% CBD that has been organically grown, extracted with CO2, and kept away from heat so that it maintains its natural mix of nutrients and terpene profile.

Number 2 will be incredibly more beneficial for your health.

It is like choosing between buying lots of CBD residue or a small amount of almost intact fresh CBD!

It gets worse:

Many of the new companies that are now selling CBD products use isolate.

It has a very high percentage of CBD -- but is extremely artificial. As an isolate: it lacks ALL of the nutrients found in the plant (other than CBD). Every part of hemp enhances CBD’s effects and makes it so incredible. Go with the isolate, and you don’t have any of that.

Isolates are bad because they don’t have what’s known as the “entourage effect”. Terpenes are organic compounds found in hemp that work with CBD to make it be absorbed faster and more effectively by your body.

A higher percentage of CBD can be detrimental, if it lacks hemp’s natural nutrients.

A lot of these companies advertise their high percentage to convince you to buy -- but many are just informed of what makes a good oil.

Either way: now you know that percentage is just an advertising trick.

Look for quantity of CBD in the bottle. If someone’s main selling point is their percentage -- avoid them!

This is what you need to know:

Our CBD oil is carefully treated so that all the important natural parts of hemp are untouched. It’s the closest you can get to from healing straight from nature. Our process is completely organic, uses CO2 extracting, no GMOs, and no heating.

From start to finish: we’re working to make sure you get the best CBD product on the market.

Our ingredients are meticulously chosen, carefully processed, and holistically put together to make sure your body gets EXACTLY what it needs.