8 Unique Ways To Consume Weed

If you are new to the world of marijuana consumption, you might get confused about where you can buy it and in which way you should consume it. As more people are inclined to use weed for different reasons such as escaping relationship traumas, dealing with anxiety or depression and so many other reasons, they also look to find easier ways to consume it.


You can simply buy it from an Online dispensary and there are plenty of methods and each one has its benefits and that depends on your preferences and the reason you are using it.


It is essential to know your choice for consumption as the stereotype associated with marijuana use has begun to change.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are packs of cigarette-sized sheets and are also known as joints. This is the most common method to smoke weed. They are made of hemp, rice straws, wood pulp, or flax and sometimes are flavored. Choosing the type of paper will have a major impact on your experience. They are easy and you need only two things: strains of weed and paper. Just roll some weed strains into the paper and light it up. 


Tinctures are the simplest, quickest, and convenient way to consume your favorite cannabis. These tinctures are oil-based or liquid extracts that are made by infusing cannabis into liquids such as alcohol or grapeseed oil.


The liquid extract allows you to enjoy all the benefits and highness of the substance without ingesting or inhaling any kind of smoke. Several major benefits of using this method are:


●        No need to carry the smoking instruments such as pipes or bongs and bags containing smelly weed strains.

●        A healthier way of consumption (no smoke and ingestion)

●        Allows precise dosing options


Consumption of weed through edibles contains any kind of food item that contains cannabis. It can vary from baked items, drinks, candies, snacks to chewing gums. Or you can collect ingredients to cook it at home. A small amount of activated weed is mixed with food. This method takes you higher and its effects last longer than 2 hours. This method is used mostly by medicinal users who take it for pain relief and treating other symptoms.


Cannabinoid oils are made by extracting CBD from cannabis plants then it is mixed with other oils like coconut oil or hemp oil. These oils have a very low amount of THC in CBD and a very high amount of CBD. Because of the high concentration of CBD, CBD oils are considered to be most effective in treating health issues such as pain, sleep disorders, and other symptoms.


THCA crystalline, also known as ‘Diamonds’ with cannabis concentrates has been trending among cannabis users over the last years. These crystals are formed by cooking the cannabis and the THCA is converted to crystal through an extraction method that leaves nearly pure and concentrated diamonds containing THC that are grounded into powder form and filled into the capsules or be dabbed.


Users who have used this method have reported that they got clean and focused higher than the one from other methods.


Vape pens have been growing in popularity especially among teens and adults. Vape pens are battery-charged devices that people use to inhale weed with added flavors and other chemicals. These pens are also called e-cigarettes due to their design.


They are small in size, but regardless of their appearances, they function in the same way as the liquid in the pods or reservoirs of the pen is heated up and releases the vapor which contains flavored nicotine and other chemicals. Several benefits of using pens to smoke weed include:


●        They produce no odor

●        They have a wide range of disposable varieties

●        There is no combustion

●        They have different dosing options


Weed products are also available in the form of oral sprays. These sprays involve a tincture of cannabinoid extract and ethanol alcohol. They are delivered orally for fast action. These weed sprays are available in different concentrations of THC or CBD and different flavors that can be used for various purposes such as medical or recreational. These sprays are the best alternative to consume weed for those who have asthma allergies and cannot smoke.


Pills Or Capsules

This is the most common method for consuming marijuana and is also called canna caps. These pills contain THC which is swung with oil. The major benefit of relying on this method is that it delivers doze in controlled amounts and is suitable for people having respiratory issues. You can also make cannacap by infusing a small amount of cannabis into the capsule with one or two drops of oil that will help with the absorption.


Pipes are one of the easy-to-go alternatives for consuming cannabis. The main benefit of using pipes is that they produce more smoke and fewer ashes. The cannabis is heated and the smoke is inhaled with the mouth. Because they are available in small sizes, it's a good option for travelers and also best for beginners and those who want to consume them in small doses.


Vaping weed is one of the methods that has exploded in popularity over the past few years. The reasons are due to its convenience, lower harmful effects, and no combustion effect. It creates less mess as compared to the other methods and uses very small amounts of marijuana for the desired effect.


Bongs are usually used by experienced smokers. They are a type of water pipe and vary in size and design. This cools the smoke and gives a smoother feel to the lungs. Water in these bongs also acts as filters that prevent the absorption of carcinogens present in the smoke making it a popular way for the consumption of marijuana.


Smoking hookah packed with cannabis is a favorite activity especially among a group of friends. A hookah is a water pipe used to smoke tobacco but you can smoke cannabis out of it as well. Instead of burning the substance with a lighter and combusting the material which is commonly done in other methods such as bongs and joints, hookahs work by heating the coal and putting it above the bowl containing the weed material. The plant vaporizes and produces the smoke that is inhaled by the smoker.

Final Word

These different ways of consuming weed mean that if you can take one way such as if you can't smoke due to some allergies, you can choose another way to get a dose. Whether you are using it for treating your illness or for recreational purposes, there is a list of methods for you to treat yourself.

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