9 Things You Can Eat (or Drink) Besides Coffee for Energy During the Day

Coffee is a standard go-to when we’re low on energy. Starting the day with a straight black cup of Joe can actually be a healthy morning habit but that’s not necessarily what most people contain their coffee habits to. Whether it’s opting for the sugar-filled lattes or pouring cup after cup after cup throughout the day, many of us need to cut back or simply change our daily coffee habit in some way.

But then what do you do about that midday crash? Many studies have been done to show that enduring a massive dip in energy after lunchtime is a natural and common thing. Drinking another cup at this point, especially every day can have negative effects. And believe it or not, there are actually a handful of things besides coffee that you can put in your body for a quick pick up when energy is needed. Here are nine:


Apples can offer a quick spike thanks to their natural sugars. The boost you get from the natural sugar is prolonged but without the same kind of crash you can expect from coffee, although it’s probably not likely as stimulating as the kick that comes with a cup of coffee either. Either way, apples are typically a healthier alternative than coffee late in the day or early evening.


You’ve heard this one before. Funny enough, coffee actually dehydrates you anyway and dehydration is one thing that can contribute to fatigue and a lack of alertness. In this case, water will helps your brain function at an optimal level.

Dark Chocolate

Here’s a fun one, right? An excuse to eat more chocolate is something most people will gladly take. It actually contains a little bit of caffeine, which is exactly what you're going for when you grab that cup of coffee anyway, as well as a similar compound called theobromine which acts as a cardiac stimulant


Tomatoes are high in tyramine, which triggers the release of norepinephrine, a stimulant that can boost brain activity.


Tea contains caffeine as well but is a favorable alternative to coffee as there is less caffeine for your body to metabolize in a single cup of tea. Tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that increases energy, improves mood, and enhances cognition and memory.


Walnuts have a high concentration of Omega-3s compared to any other nut, which provides the body with sustained energy.


Salmon is another food that is high in fatty acids and protein, just like walnuts. And it’s also high in nutrition for the level of calories your body is consuming with salmon, making it a good, reliable go-to food to have in your daily diet.


Getting vitamin-C, what we most easily associate with any citrus, can be a boost to your immune system as well as a hack to increasing both energy and alertness.


Eggs are one of the most popular sources of protein, which can increase both energy and mental alertness.

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