A to Z of Hemp Oil

What exactly is Hemp Oil?

The most active component in Hemp Oil is cannabidiol (CBD), This natural extract is found in the hemp oil. It actively interacts with the body's endocannabinoid tract. The system plays an important part in stimulating the brain, help with the nervous system and keeps the body 100% balanced. Another ingredient in Hemp Oil Tincture is hemp seed, this is made up by pressed hempseed. It can come in the form of pressed oil or unrefined. The pressed option tends to come in a clear or dark form with a nut like flavouring and texture to it. If going for the darker form that comes in a more grassier flavor. Be sure not to mix the difference between hash oil and  hemp Oil. Hash oil has a completely different set up and effects to Hemp Oil, it is made with cannabis flour, it has a different chemical structure that causes different effects.


What meets the eye.

    Presenting itself in a dark liquid form the CBD Hemp Oil tastes very earthy and can stain fabric so be extra careful when using this product.

    Refined Hemp Seed Oil is transparent with no color at all , it also does not have barely any flavour to itl. On top of this it lacks natural vitamins and antioxidants. Refined Hemp Seed is usually used found in health products whereas industrial hemp seed is found in, Plastics, Lubricants, Fuels and paints. Also used in household cleaning products and body products. This has the perfect balance of Omega acids and Omega 6. This helps balance out and function the body.


    What is Hemp Oil made of?

      It is made from oil that comes from extracted CO2  from an industrial hemp plant. This is legal in  50 of the U.S States, it is non-psychoactive and has amazing properties to support the human body.


      CBD hemp oil is the main ingredient, blended together by a second one to make the substance runnier. The most popular is Hemp seed Oil clearly for obvious reasons already stated. Due to the nutty flavour some companies tend to use coconut oil in replace of hemp seed. It all comes down to which suits you when it comes to choosing which one you like the taste of more. The favoured ingredient thing is the Hemp Seed Oil itself.


      What is the benefits?

        Hemp oil Tincture products have a huge benefit when it comes to the human body and you do not need a medical card to make a purchase. Due to being rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 it has the quality to help the brain function and the body balance. It is recommended to purchase from European countries for better quality as made in China, the quality is questionable. Read the labels properly and stick to the recommended dosage.

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