Can CBD Oil Prevent The Development Of Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's is a terrible disease that can impact a person's life in unpredictable ways. If you have a family history of this problem and want to do something positive to manage it before it hits you, you can start taking CBD oil to help decrease its intensity. While it is by no means a miracle cure for this disease, studies have shown that CBD oil has many positive effects on managing and even slowing the spread of this disease.


Studies Show The Usefulness Of CBD Oil

In many research situations, CBD oil has been shown to reduce the neuroinflammatory response that leads to many of the cognitive problems associated with Alzheimer's. It has also been found that it helps to promote the development of neurons in the brain, thereby reducing cognitive impairment.

In fact, some animal studies have shown that mice with Alzheimer's had a reversal of some cognitive defects after just three weeks of daily CBD treatments. While nobody is promoting CBD oil as a miracle cure, it is clear that there are some benefits to using it for this disease.


Safety Seems To Be High For This Treatment Method

There have been several studies undertaken to gauge the safety of taking CBD oil regularly. One of these studies, entitled "An Update on Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol: A Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal Studies," took a look at several different tests to gauge what the current medical literature is saying about CBD safety.

While there were some side effects, such as tiredness, weight changes, and diarrhea, the study was mostly positive about the potential safety of CBD oil. However, they do believe that more toxicological parameters need to be put into place to ensure that it is as safe as possible. Thankfully, they do think that it is safe for general consumption if done at an appropriate level.


Dosing For Appropriate Reactions

If you decide to use CBD oil to manage the onset of Alzheimer's, it is essential to take an appropriate dose. It is possible to use too much or too little, which can dilute the effect. There are many different suggestions that you can consider when preparing your tincture. However, we think it's best to start with about five drops served three times every day.

After you have gotten used to this dosing, you can expand to as many as 10 drops taken three times a day. Try to balance out your dosing at critical moments. For example, you can use a tincture in the morning, during lunch, and just before you go to bed. Experiment a little to find out which dosing schedule is right for you. You might find that dosing before you eat upsets your stomach and should, therefore, be done a little later or earlier.

If you think that CBD oil is right for your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us today. We can help you find a type of oil and a dose that is right for your needs. And if you are worried that you are suffering from early symptoms of Alzheimer's, talk to your doctor to see where you stand. They can help you manage your symptoms and avoid serious complications.


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