Top 11 Cannabis Products You Should Have this Pandemic Season

The festive season is here, and it's time to go for the holidays. Some people will be traveling far and wide to meet family and friends, while others will be indoors, staying safe from the pandemic.

Nevertheless, we need to enjoy ourselves over the holidays, and one sure way is to have your Cannabis products ready. Probably you will want to get vaporizers and other related cannabis products. CBD topicals


This article provides a comprehensive holiday vaping gift guide you can offer to yourself, family or friends.

With this pandemic season, everyone requires their vaporizers, and you can make their holiday season worthwhile by getting them this gift. Here are some of the top vaporizers that you must consider in your gift pack.


1. DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer

DaVinci Vaporizer is one of the best, clean, cool, and controlled cannabis vaporizers, which you should try during this pandemic period. It is made for individuals who like a portable, dual-use vaporizer that provides a cool vapor and an ultimate flavor that can be controlled.


DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer


This DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer enables you to customize your cannabis intake through adjustable temperature and airflow. One of the remarkable things about this product is that it tracks down your dose in each session, enabling you to record or monitor your cannabis intake per session.

This vaporizer also features an IQ2 vaporizer to ensure a safer, cleaner intake of cannabis vapor. It is highly recommended for home use.


2. Rubi

Rubi Cannabis product is also a vaporizer that looks similar to nicotine vaporizer. It is one of the products you can buy in this pandemic since it doesn't get discharged easily nor leak its contents.

Its customized airflow design ensures an immediate vapor release, which doesn't lose its quality on each draw. Unfortunately, it has no temperature settings, but you can use it the way it is.  


3. APX Vaporizer

Are you low on budget? If so, you can consider getting an APX vaporizer, which won't take much of the budget. Pulsars APX is suited for low on budget or for newbies who are starting or have not yet decided on taking cannabis vapor products.

This cannabis product takes at least 30 seconds to heat up and get ready for intake. Its battery can last for some sessions, making it suitable to use outdoors and during tailgate parties.

It got five-part settings for regulated intake. Although it doesn't maximize its vapor and take you away, it can get the job done. You only need to concentrate on it during a session. It takes in the dry herb, but there are wax versions too.


4. Clean Vaporizer

This clean vaporizer is one of the smartest cannabis vaporizers you can buy and use during this COVID-19 pandemic. It's a new device, which means it comes with added updated features compared to its competitors.

You might be required to buy the Pods, which take readings on how much cannabis you use in a draw. The pods also heat the oil to the needed temperatures without you fumbling with the controls. What's more?

It has a childproof and mooch-proof mechanism making it safe for individuals with children. This vaporizer only takes oil cannabis.


5. Starry V3

The X-mas Starry V3 is a good vaporizer for individuals who require a vaporizer with a faster oven. The vaporizer is also not that complicated to use but has improved its heating chamber, battery, mouthpiece, and other useful components. Its primary disadvantage is that it has a smaller display screen, which is way better than having no screen. Starry V3 vaporizer takes in dry herb only. 


6. Magic Flight Launch Box

If you aren't into the vibe for shiny or metallic vaporizers, this Launch box is the real deal. It's just like an ordinary old-school wooden vaporizer, but it's worth it if you aren't into a fuss.

The good thing about this design is that it heats up faster, creates no noise, and its operations are very simple. One more advantage is that it's less costly and won't take much of your funds.

However, it's a bit complicated since you need to practice several times before getting the right burn. Launch Box Magic flight only uses the dry herb in its operation. 


7. Solo 2 Arizer

This vaporizer is a bit different from other brands, and it has reinvented its mouthpiece to adopt a more distinctive shape. However, it tops when it comes to customization since it comes with two tube sizes for vapor paths and provides a wide temperature range.

The digital screen is also more advanced since you can control its lighting intensity. The screen gives you all the details, including session length, temperature, and other essential information. A hybrid system enables it to heat faster and only takes only the dry herb.


8. Davinci MIQRO Explorers Collection

The Davinci MIQRO Explorers collection comes in a small, sleek, and sophisticated leaf vaporizer, fitting every lifestyle. The collection comes fully packed with every Davinci flavor in the smallest available vaporizer in the market.


Davinci MIQRO Explorers Collection


This collection is suitable for light users or micro-dozer. Just like its IQ2 model, it comes with the Clean First Technology to enable you to enjoy pure cannabis vapors. 


9. FireFly 2+

If you are looking for something cool, the Firefly 2+ is the type to buy. This vaporizer is used for luxurious purposes and costs highly. It has convection heating, which gives a one-time inhale its heating and cooling cycle.

Besides being convection based, it uses only three seconds to fire up. Its primary disadvantage is that it's bigger and you can't hide it in the pocket. It takes in both dry herb and wax. 


10. Storyz & Bickel Mighty

If you want a vaporizer with a dual convection and conduction system, you might consider getting a Mighty vaporizer. This vaporizer produces a powerful vapor that's flavorful and has a quality taste that lasts for a long time. Its battery is also long-lasting.

This vaporizer, made in Germany, is a bit longer-lasting, and it's reliable for all-time use. However, it's big enough, meaning you can't carry it in your pocket, but it works just well. Other than being right in size, it also consumes large materials and produces as much vapor. It takes in dry herb and wax. 




11. Saionara Vaporizer

Also referred to as Sai, this vaporizer is best used for a dab on the go and not suitable for pre-loaded vape. It comes with different heater options making it a perfect fit for any vaporization style.

Regardless of your experience level, this vaporizer is an easy start and will give you the experience you need without much confusion. It doesn't cost much, but you have to get prepared to pay a little more. 

Final Words

There are so many cannabis products in the world. This article has only concentrated on the best cannabis vaporizers, which you can buy for your use and stay safe during this pandemic period.

We might not know when the pandemic will be over, but what we are sure of is that these vaporizers will provide you with the best services now and in the future.

You only need to fill them with the required substance and maintain it to last longer. 

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