CBD and Its Side Effects.

CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is one of 60 natural cannabidiol found in the cannabis plant. Another form is, Tethrahydocannabdiol also known as (THC). CBD, due to being non intoxicating  can be used to offer relief and comfort without the lethargic feeling and disorientation.

We know the benefits of CBD, now it is time to check out the side effects, do they affect everyone the same way? and how much is a safe volume one person can consume on a daily basis.


Side effects of taking CBD.

    There has been numerous studies dating back to the early 1980’s, these studies suggest that consuming CBD has minimal effects on the human functioning system and is safe for consumption. With that being said it is still a vital point to make sure customers are aware of the potential risks. We will go more into detail about all the studies undertaken and the findings of these studies.


    Pharmacology study in 1980.

      The study began in January 1980. The pharmacology published their findings and tested eight healthy people as well as testing 15 people who suffered with epilepsy this was monitored throughout a full month. On the completion of the study there conclusion was all participants who took the CBD responded well and nobody showed any signs of discomfort with no signs of toxicity or serious side effects.


      International Journal.

        In 1986 five people who suffered from dystonic movement disorders were given oral doses ranging between 100 mg to 600 mg per day of cannabidiol. On completion this study showed mild side effects of CBD such as, dry mouth, hypertension, lightheadedness and the feeling of sedation. During this study 2 patients were given more than 300 mg a day and it seemed to have aggravated there parkinson's symptoms although in 2014 a test paper showed CBD to help with parkinson's symptoms.


        What are the safety and side effects of Cannabidiol?

          Back in 2011 a review was undertaken on the safety and the side effects of Cannabidiol. The review sought that CBD may interfere with the hepatic drug metabolism. If you have ever been told by a doctor not to drink grapefruit whilst taking a certain medication, don't be surprised because there is a reason for this. CBD and grapefruit have a similar effect on the P450, functioning of the liver.


          The 2006 Argentinian study.

            A study that was carried out in 2006 by a group of scientists from argentina looked at the cannabidiol in the salivary glands. There hypothesis was in fact correct, That is most likely where the nickname ‘cotton mouth’ came from. The dry mouth effect happens when the CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid system. 


            Can you overdose on CBD? They are known to be non-toxic with no overdoses ever to be reported. It has been known for humans to well tolerate intakes of 1,500 mg a day.

            It is a proven fact that CBD substances are safe for the human body to intake.

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