CBD For Cancer


CBD for Cancer: How Effective Is It Really?

It is a clinical notion that CBD can help a cancer patient to a considerable extent, allowing the individual to lead a normal and healthy life with the use of CBD. CBD oil had once been deemed an agent accused of creating only a dangerous high, but with medical advancement the beliefs have greatly proven otherwise. Cannabis oil had always been controversial and it took a period of time before we began to understand the holistic impact of CBD in treating cancer symptoms. Cannabis sources its Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and in marijuana plants Cannabidiol (CBD) oil contains only a trace. CBD originates from the marijuana plant, however it hardly produces an intoxicated feeling of “high”, which occurs if THC is present. Due to lack of responsible use of recreational marijuana, CBD oil has always been disdained as controversial, but medical advancements have found that CBD oil has been showing its numbers with remarkable health benefits all over the globe.


Popular Conception about CBD

Today, studies and research reports alike have scrutinized and concluded over the use of CBD in restricting cancer cell development and division however has yet to reach a highpoint and continuous studies still take place. As per NCI, or National Cancer Institute, CBD has made a vast impact in alleviating the cancer symptoms and side effects than that of other cancer treatments. CBD is initially meant to treat cancer-specific symptoms by moderating the inflammation and changing of cell reproduction, even a number of tumor cells can be reduced to prevent further cell reproduction.


CBD is a Potential Anti-Cancer Drug

  • Over a long period of time, numerous evidences have cropped up showing the antitumourigenic impact of cannabinoids.
  • Cannabinoids contain some anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic influences and they are identified to interrupt the cell production, cancer cell migration, tumour neovascularization, invasion, adhesion, metastasization.
  • Metastasization is known to cause psychoactive side effects such as feeling high and intoxicated. Although when it comes to understanding the non-psychoactive cannabinoid compounds with wonderful structural affinity with THC, the use of CBD has increased over the past few years.
  • CBD helps in modulating different steps of tumourigenesis in varying kinds of cancer and today CBD is believed to be one of the best therapeutic agents in treating cancer. THC is seen to work on the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptor site of the cancer cells, increasing the synthesis of ceramide which accelerates the cell death of cancerous cells.
  • Cancer cells are seen to be ceasing to life, not because there are cytotoxic chemicals but of the shift of mitochondria that exist in hundreds to thousands together with different organelles in the cytoplasm. The aim of mitochondria is to generate energy.
  • The ceramide begins to amass, encouraging the Sphingolipid Rheostat in enhancing the mitochondrial membrane pore penetrability to cytochrome, this is one critical protein in energy blending. CBD destroys the energy source all throughout.

Searching for Organic Hemp Oil

If you are looking for organic hemp oil, Vitaleaf Naturals would certainly be the go-to amongst all other competing products. CBD products as offered by Vitaleaf Naturals hardly generate any side effect such as intoxication and highs, making it ideal for any user, in order to restrict the expansion of cancer cells.


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