CBD Oil for Dogs: What Is It and What Does It Do?

Pet wellness is a necessity for many owners. And when dogs are the focus, so much info is available.

There’s also a slew of products users can leverage for better health for their pets. One of these products is the CBD oil for dogs

Doing what’s best for pups is essential to make the most of their health and overall wellbeing. That’s why knowing more on what CBD oil does for dogs is integral. 

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Pet owners will undoubtedly have more info on how these oils help their pets. With such information, making several choices for these oils becomes less hassling. 


CBD Oil for Dogs


What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is a compound present in cannabis and hemp plants. Many species are available when it comes to cannabis and hemp, and all these serve as great sources of CBD.

CBD oils are usually suspensions of cannabidiol extracts in alcohol or other liquids. Some CBD oils come with water as a major component. 

Many CBD oils have a low threshold of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The compound, THC, is directly responsible for psychoactive reactions users feel that they call a ‘high’.

Oils derived with CBD usually don’t exceed .3% THC overall, making chances of a high almost impossible. 

Also, it’s noteworthy that many CBD oil products don’t come with THC. Since most of these oils come from hemp, which has almost 0% THC, don’t expect to get high.

And if you can’t get high on this, it’s safe to say your pet is less likely to too.


How Does CBD Affect Dogs?

No study has explicitly shown how dogs react with CBD use. 

But there are several receptors in the body capable of maintaining balance and retaining overall health potential. These receptors, commonly known as endocannabinoids receptors (ECS), are present in the nervous system. 

Interactions from these receptors also influence how dogs react to CBD too.


What Dog Health Problems Can CBD Oil Treat?

Several pieces of evidence, albeit anecdotal are used in administering CBD to dogs. Many dog owners suggest it can alleviate pain in canines and also combat seizure episodes. 

CBD oils can function as anti-inflammatories for relieving burning sensations. Also, these oils can help improve appetite, fight nausea, stunt anxiety, and so on. 

Current research, even though not concluded, shows CBD oils exhibiting promise against stunting cancers. Other studies are also underway, and a good number of these studies focus on dogs and their overall health. 


Possible Side Effects of CBD in Dogs

Even without scientific info set in stone, there’s still a chance of potential side effects when dogs use CBD. The only way to stunt chances of any side effects is to adhere to a strict, professionally recommended dosage regime. 


Anxiety is a major issue dog owners have to deal with, and with CBD, it becomes easier to manage. CBD used in treating anxiety could cause drowsiness, particularly with more potent doses. 

Low BP

Sustained high dosages of CBD could result in temporary blood pressure drops. And drops in blood pressure could result in a light-headed feeling for your canine. 

Before using CBD to treat dogs, consider checking out with a qualified medical practitioner. 

Dryness of mouth

CBD has a direct effect on saliva production, particularly when used in high doses. Your dogs could experience a significant thirst when experiencing stunted saliva production.


Risks of Using CBD Oil for Dogs

The jury’s still very much out when it comes to research on risks and safety of using CBD for dogs. The FDA has not explicitly approved CBD, and there’s no recommended daily intake (RDI) chart for these products too. 


Some CBD products in our society

When you and your doctor determine that you want to attempt using CBD as a therapy for your lovely dog. Here is some stuff to remember while buying CBD oil. Next, not all oils are similar because you will need leading quality CBD oil to get a real opportunity for it.

- Search for organic. If the CBD oil is not quite organic, it could not consist of pesticides, solvents, and fungicides.

- Do not focus on shopping based on the cost. The leading quality and purity can be associated with a higher expense. The reasonable choice may consist of poisonous substances like herbicides, and metals. Thus, you need to ensure the CBD oil has no toxic additives.

- Make an analysis. The producer could offer a certificate of recognition that can prove the CBD’s amount which is into the product. A lot of CBD products include smaller CBD’s amounts. You will even need to ensure there is no THC in those products.

- Purchase CBD as the real liquid. The customer might purchase dog treats including CBD, but the great form to track is the oil or tincture. That solution, you might change your lovely pet’s dose from time to time.

The trend of CBD Wellness

Why are we spending more time on CBD oil now? Some experts refer to marijuana’s legalization around a lot of areas, which has stimulated interest within potential health advantages of marijuana-involved products. “We want to track the continued interest of CBD and the development around research related to its usages in the following years”. The experts claim.  


Final Word

After consulting your vet and getting the green light for using CBD, a few considerations are still vital. 

Consider getting non-GMO CBD products and options with an analysis certificate. Since there’s no FDA approval, this document is your best bet for assuring the right CBD intake for your dog. 

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