CBD Oils - Helping Children with Epilepsy Avoid Seizures

Epilepsy affects millions of children around the world each day. According to the Journal of Epilepsy Research, epileptic seizures can change cognitive function, cause behavior disorders, and affect the quality of life for a child. They explain that during epileptic seizures, some neurons are in an extended "switched-on" state. Neurons can't survive in this overstimulated state and often become damaged or die.

To help lessen or prevent seizures, many children have to take prescription medications. Roughly 20 different pharmaceuticals are currently available to help treat epileptic seizures. Unfortunately, these medications don't work for all children with epilepsy. According to Brain, 30% of people with epilepsy are resistant to treatment with the drugs currently available on the market. For this 30%, the medications don't reduce seizure occurrences, and can even exacerbate symptoms.

Luckily, our ancestors found that CBD oils, also known as cannabidiols, are very effective in managing seizures. Today, Cannabidiols are a very relevant and welcome alternative to children with seizures. Especially those children who are resistant to treatment.


The History Of Cannabidiols

Throughout history, CBD oils have been used to treat seizures and epilepsy. According to HHS Public Access, we have records of cannabidiols first being used to treat seizures back in the 11th and 15th centuries. They were able to effectively treat epilepsy, seizures, and other brain inflammation issues. HHS Public Access shed some light on the origins of cannabinoid oils used to treat seizures, stating, "There is general consensus that the origins of marijuana use in the treatment of convulsions lie in reports from the Middle East that were ascribed to the scholar al-Mayusi [1] in 1100 and the historian Ibn al-Badri in 1464 [2]".


Treating Seizures With CBD Oils Today

Scientists and doctors continued to use cannabis oils to help people with seizures throughout the years. More recently, medical scientists began devoting time and money to the study of cannabidiols. Because of them, we have built upon our knowledge of CBD oils and found that they greatly reduce the occurrence of seizures. HHS Public Access stated that studies of cannabidiols show "consistently beneficial therapeutic effects in preclinical models of seizures, epilepsy, epileptogenesis, and neuroprotection, consistent with emerging human clinical trial results".

This makes CBD oils a strong contender to the medications currently available for epilepsy, and a welcome alternative for children who are resistant to treatment with the medications currently available.



Since Cannabidiols are sold in different strengths, take care when finding the appropriate dosage. Take extra care when administering oils to a child to help with seizures. It is best to thoroughly research the specific CBD oils that you plan to buy, and consult with your doctor before starting an oil regimen. When your bottle of CBD oils arrive, read the label carefully, and follow the instructions. If you think that a change in dosage would be beneficial, consult with your doctor again, and make the change slowly over a week or two.


If you have any questions, or you would like to read more about CBD oils, click here!

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