Does Cannabis Cure Cancer? A Doctor’s Opinion

 You hear stories that thousands of people have been using cannabis oil as a cure for cancer for themselves.

Among such stories that have been doing rounds is The Rick Simpson Story a very well-known one. Several such stories tell us how the cannabis oils have helped people to cure them of cancer.

One such story that was given on one of the review pages on the internet relates such an experience is from one Mrs. Tomboy. She said that her mother had Glioblastoma a kind of brain cancer. The family has been giving her CBD since she had been diagnosed with this deadly disease.

The doctor was unable to confirm that the remaining tumor tissues were sinking and the reason for this was unknown to him. But she knew the reason behind this. It is the CBD oil.

Another success story can be cited from the internet. Here it goes. It is a success story of a person how her/his brother was cured of cancer using CBD oil. He/she goes on to say that the story is really awesome and could not help from sharing it with others.

It was a tough time for her/him and the brother too. He had been diagnosed with cancer two years ago and had been battling with it since then.

He was not a pot smoker or did not have any such habit and was or really straight edge. He was really ready to try anything after he was diagnosed. Though he was 19 his mother did not let him take CBD.

It seemed ridiculous. He had leukemia stage 2.5 which is a serious stage and was given a year to live. All this time we have been fighting and it seems he is the strongest brother anyone can have.

He is also the most giving person too. He has such an influence on his/her. Finally, around the thanksgiving that year mother did give in and the search for a good supplier for CBD started.

At first, a lot of junk was bought and it didn’t help. Then in January on his birthday, he/she bought a gift that had saved his life.

A Nuleafs Product was seen along with Bluebirds and then he/she bought them. So many were brought to just give them a try. After the birthday a shot was given and this continued for months and more of this was bought.

He enjoyed using this for the pain management and the bones. Around 6-7 vials of tinctures of both the products were used. Then it was check-up time and he had just completed his second chemotherapy session. We hoped for a serious regression.

Then last week we got test results and to the surprise of everyone, we could see he was entering remission.

The cancer was showing signs of wading off. And everyone was excited about it. Now he has a new energy about life and everyone is so excited for him. On his asking, we bought two more vials for him and he was bought double of that.

The source of this story can be found on http://tinyurl.comy8kugvj3


But can cannabis cure cancer

Is the answer to this fatal disease found in the anti-cancer properties of CBD and THC? Cannabis has no legal federal approval and so the much needed human clinical trials are not found to confirm this.

A lot of research is done on the anti-cancer effects of CBD and THC. But most of this research is done on cells and animals and not humans.

Research work shows that THC and CBD can cause cancer cells to die (apoptosis), stop metastasis and cancer cell migration, inhibit tumor growth, and stop the growth of blood vessel feeding tumors (angiogenesis).

The only clinical that is trial done on humans in Spain shows the insertion of THC into terminal patients of Glioblastoma Multiforme cancer cells. The growth of tumor cells was seen to stop and there were no side effects seen too.

Though no much research on humans is done cancer patients don’t stop from using THC and CBD as an alternative treatment for cancer.

The biggest question then one would ask is what would I do if I had cancer?

What I would have done is I would willingly try cannabis. It would be done under an experienced doctor’s care. Also, I would ensure that the cannabis is not interacting with other medications negatively.

Both THC and CBD enhance the effectiveness of other medications. This is explained directly with pain medicine. Alex, one of the writers at CBD School experienced this daily with valproic acid the epilepsy medicine. Alex is able to take a smaller dose of medicine thanks to CBD. This smaller dose prevents the occurrence of side effects he experienced previously.

My advice is to be careful about drug interactions with CBD but there is proof that effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs can be increased with CBD. This is in reference to the study wherein uptake of chemotherapeutic agents by malignant Glioma Cells increased by CBD.

More research work is needed on humans for this. Most important is to share an experience of a doctor treating cancer patients.

Dr. Bonni Goldstein wrote that as a cannabis physician he had been treating several cancer patients with Cannabis Oil. It was used with or without the usual chemotherapy. Results incredibly showed complete resolution of cancer in a few of the patients.

A few patients are living far more beyond their prognosis even after being told that they had only a few months to live. It can be said that cannabis oil, when given in high doses at an early stage, can extend life and also cure cancer.

In the book, cannabis revealed crucial questions that need answers as to how to effectively cure cancer are highlighted by Dr. Goldstein.

What is the dose cancer patients should take?

Should cancer patients use THC, CBD or both?

What is the correct treatment duration?

Legal restrictions on conducting research on Cannabinoids and cancer do not permit us to answer these questions yet.

This may change soon.

Just like Raphael Mechoulam thinks if cannabis is a pharmacological treasure trove those who with cancer deserve access to this to save their life.


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