Does CBD Oil Have Side Effects?

Cannabidiol, frequently abbreviated as CBD, is produced by the plants of the cannabis species. It is extracted industrially, from hemp, in the form of an oil. It has a wide range of multiple uses: as a nutritious dietary supplement and as a nourishment for healthy skin and hair.

CBD is growing in terms of popularity and for good reason as well. Extensive studies are being conducted on CBD and its uses, benefits and side effects, when used as a part of daily routine. More than the uses or benefits, users wonder more about the side effects of this product. We, at Vitaleaf Naturals, have kept the users informed about everything related to CBD.

Though research is still in the initial stages, the known effects of CBD are reportedly insignificant and minor. Unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not contain psychoactive properties. Hence, it is declared safe for consumption. It is legal as well.



CBD has multiple purposes. We at Vitaleaf Naturals strive hard to meet all of your CBD needs. We help you reach your health goals with the help of CBD. The advantage of using CBD is that it can be used in its purest form as an oil, or mixed with other ingredients, infused in other products as extracts. In order to mask the strong flavor, natural substances such as coconut oil and terpenes (sweet smelling agents) are used in the product.

CBD intake can be in the form of vapes, or just swallowed or the leaves can even be eaten. It is a major ingredient in products that deal with skin care.



With its popularity rising exponentially, CBD continues to be studied and researched extensively. The extract of the cannabis plant species is known to have many benefits but insignificant and minor side effects that merely refer to digestive upset and drowsiness. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, a relative of the CBD, contains agents that have psychoactive properties. This makes it unfit for consumption. CBD is the perfect alternative that provides the same benefits, minus the harmful side effects. Hence, CBD can be safely used on a daily basis.

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system of the body, which is responsible for the homeostasis or maintaining the overall equilibrium of the body. It regulates the receptors in connection with end cannabinol. It is located in the brain and also in the nervous system including CNS (central nervous system) and PNS (peripheral nervous system). These receptors are responsible for “feelings” such as – hunger, thirst, pain, memory, and mood of the person as well.



CBD is a newly discovered chemical that is extensively being studied from the initial stages itself. Very few minor side effects have been reported during these valuable studies. Excessive use of CBD has side effects that are less known but minor. It has reportedly caused digestive upset and drowsiness when ingested in excessive quantities. It is highly advisable that the recommended dosage be taken depending on the product in question.



A high-quality product does not cause undesirable effects, thus, it is important that you are aware of the quality of the product that you are buying. At Vitaleaf Naturals, we are very conscious about the quality of the products we advertise and sell. The CBD product that we make is infused with high-quality CBD oil that is got from the European cannabis plants. Every batch of oil that is extracted is sent to the laboratory for quality control tests for safety. By obtaining CBD from outside the continent, we legalize the buying and selling of CBD merchandise.

We also take the initiative and get our products tested by a third party lab. This will help maintain the standards, quality, and safety of the product. Only if the batch of oil passes all the quality control tests, it is used in the products that we make, thus ensuring the safety of our consumers.

We also encourage all our users to research the products that you buy from us. We are not medical people and do not prescribe products. If you do have any technical queries about our products, please consult a doctor or a medical professional. 


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