Get More out of Travel with CBD

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Cruise Into Stress-Free Relaxation With CBD During Your Travels

CBD resolves the irony that people book vacations to relax and then all their travel, plus preparations, leave them more stressed than they were before. Add CBD products like oil, topicals and edibles to your luggage. This smart move will help you leap into the mindset you need to tackle travel frustrations and lie back to enjoy more scenery.


Keep Calm and Get Away

 A vacation pulls you from the rat race and, hopefully, provides uplifting memories for a lifetime. However even people who have no General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) become overwhelmed in foreign situations, where travelers depend on tourist guides and the kindness of strangers. As 6.8 million Americans suffer GAD, CBD oil emerged as an amazing remedy to pair with exhausting travels and other anxiety-inducing contexts.


Rest Up Before the Trip

Routine disruptions and sleepless nights always riddle times leading up to long voyages. Full spectrum CBD, its most potent form, is optimal to use at home in familiar surroundings prior to departure. It is more potent than isolating CBD and will help you rest easier, safely, when travel preparations overwhelm.

 Consume CBD as oil drops, tea or a powdered drink as you push yourself to fit in critical tasks such as:

  • Home security boosts and checks
  • Passport, digital essentials and more packing necessities
  • Extra work to compensate for missed vacation days
  • Activated away messages for emails and voicemails
  • Child care arrangements and preparations
  • Pet care arrangements and separation anxiety preparations

Test Things Out

 Pre-travel prep is a lovely trial period to nail down precise CBD forms and dosages your body prefers. Edibles and capsules will take time to absorb into the bloodstream, with effects lasting up to six hours. Purchase or order items you know and prefer in enough time to receive them days before departure.

Get On Board Without Stress

 Frustration is understandable when all that stands between people and their rejuvenating all inclusive cruises or tours is, well, a lot: waits, lines, security and more.

 CBD-infused topicals and edibles are convenient chill-out solutions because they are so transportable. Be mindful of TSA guidelines for CBD ingredients only with your screened carry-ons and checked luggage. Then, keep your cool with soothing CBD lotion hand rubs or refreshing sips of a CBD-based hemp protein drink.


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Treat Common Travel-Related Health Issues

 Travel horror stories usually involve a preventable illness. Disrupted routines, foreign foods and businesses' sanitary failures put you at risk for nausea, diarrhea and more. Motion sickness is common with long journeys by car, bus, plane and even boat. CBD is a popular remedy for all of this.

 It provides a wide range of symptom reliefs due to its unique chemical properties. CBD is the unique cannabis compound which seeks out CB2, rather than more psychoactive CB1, receptors in the body. These receptors abound near the stomach and midsection's internal organs, and their work through these neural pathways crosses many paths responsible for travel-related upsets.

Bring Your Own, and Other Precautions

 Even if you disappear to a lakefront cabin in the woods, you want to remain alert and energized away from home. Steer clear of hunting CBD on the road and pack you own products. Then, use common sense measures you would with any medication.

  • Do not mix CBD with excessive alcohol.
  • Share conservatively, or not at all, with others who are unsure of CBD's effects on them.
  • If symptoms of illness exist or escalate even after you use CBD, see the doctor on board or recommended by staff.

Every destination has its own unique healthy benefits, from beachfront naps a few steps beyond your resort deck, to exquisite food and ocean views on cruises. Combine CBD with travel to overcome the expected stresses of adventure.


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