What to Look For When Getting Hemp Oil

More and more people are looking towards natural products for all their needs. This is because going down the organic route means little to no side effects.

It’s also been found that cannabis in particular is a source for many positive breakthroughs in the medical field. 

Hemp oil is a popular product that is made from pressing cannabis Sativa plant seeds, producing the dark green oil that can improve skin health

The oil is known to have regenerative properties that help the anti-aging process and reduce wrinkles or fine lines in the skin. Preventing signs of age development is appealing but it’s not the only benefit of this oil.

Hemp oil can be used for cooking because it has healthy nutrients that reduce inflammation and it still has anti-aging properties if it’s taken orally. If you’re thinking of purchasing this product, then read on to learn about what you should look for when you’re shopping for some hemp oil.


Hemp Oil


The Source

The first thing to check is the source of the product if you want legitimate and safe hemp oil. Figuring out where the plant is grown, how it’s grown, and which type of cannabis species it came from will help shoppers find the best hemp oil products.

Hemp oil is produced from the cannabis Sativa plant seeds and only authentic hemp oil is from this type of plant species. The soil, other plants near it, and the climate of the region can affect the quality of the product.

Several regions are known to produce the best hemp products and you can choose ones originating from Scandinavia, Netherlands, Denmark, Colorado, Kentucky, Asia, or Germany.

Consider buying products that are grown in Germany because the farms there are certified and known notoriously for having strict agriculture regulations, making it the gold standard for hemp products.

Independent Third-Party Testing

Reputable companies and suppliers spend thousands of dollars on independent third-party testing for authenticity purposes. However, hustlers and scammers take advantage of the fact that third-party testing is not mandatory and that means their products may have bad ingredients or no traces of high-quality hemp. Advice from the Royal and Pure CBD manufacturers suggests that third-party verification will give pure transparency to the brand, making customers feel comfortable when they buy hemp products. Investing in independent third-party labs will verify the contents of the oil, prove its authenticity, and test its potency and purity levels. Consider buying hemp products that have the third-party verification seal of approval because the product will be worth the cost and will give you excellent results.


The Color

There are a number of ways to ensure that you’re using an authentic product, checking the color of the oil is another way to determine its quality and purity. Hemp oil has a dark greenish color and the darker it is, the better results you will get for skin treatments and beauty properties that prevent aging signs.

The dark color is a good indicator of high-quality because it proves that the oil is extracted from raw hemp seeds with minimal purification processes that hinder the quality. Raw dark and greenish colors prove that the product has the healthy properties of the plant’s seeds, chlorophyll, and terpenes.

All of these properties provide better results for skin treatments and anti-inflammatory purposes. If you get a product that is labeled as hemp oil but it has a golden color, then it’s most likely a fake compound. However, CBD oils can have golden, dark brown, or black colors, but there is no way to be sure that this golden hemp oil is safe for use.  


The THC Content

The hemp products you plan to buy must have minimal to no THC content at all in the compound. THC is the Tetrahydrocannabinol that is found in cannabis plants, but CBD and Hemp products don’t have a concentrated amount of it. Tetrahydrocannabinol is dangerous because it has intoxicating effects that make people high.

Marijuana has high doses of THC and it causes the psychoactive effects that make it illegal in most areas of the world. The products you buy must be full-spectrum and that means less than 0.3% THC to be sold safely and legally. It will be even better if the third-party lab tests prove that the product has 0% THC levels because most Sativa seeds are free of it after the cold pressing process.

The Taste

As with many products, another reliable indicator of finding a good hemp product is the taste. Hemp oils have a nutty taste, making it safe for you to cook with it or add it to your food. Several recipes are available for people that plan to take the oil orally, and they can add it to salads, rice, or make pesto and vinaigrette sauces with it.

When the product is too dark and greasy, it will have an earthy or grassy flavor and that’s completely normal. The oil can taste like sunflower seeds and walnuts as well. If the taste has subtle or sweet flavors and it has no traces of nuttiness, then the product is most likely tampered with and it isn’t 100% pure.


The Price

It’s important that you’re aware of the range of pricing when it comes to this product. Hemp oil isn’t a cheap product and you should be wary of suppliers/providers that offer cheap prices that are too good to be true. The price depends on the region, the potency level, longevity of the effects, and the quality will always influence the price.

The biggest mistake that people make is believing that getting the product for cheap prices is smart because most of the cheap ones have contaminated ingredients or inferior standards. Consider checking online reviews or customer testimonials to ensure that the manufacturer/provider is legitimate and the product is worth the price.


Know the Difference Between Hemp and CBD

People should realize that hemp oil and CBD oil are completely different products. Hemp oil is produced by cold pressing the cannabis seeds while CBD oil is made from the leaves and stalks of the cannabis plant.

Hemp oil products have minimal to no concentrated traces of CBD and their benefits/uses are not similar to CBD oil. If you’re looking for alternative beauty products and the nutty flavor in your food, then hemp oil is the choice for you. CBD is mostly used for therapeutic, medicinal, and mental health purposes.

The only benefits of hemp oil that are close to improving a person’s health are the anti-inflammatory properties and the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Knowing the difference is crucial to understand which product you should get depending on your needs.

Now that you’re better informed on what hemp oil is all about, you should know what to look for to ensure that you’re getting the best quality for your needs. The information provided here will go a long way in helping you understand what you need to look for to get quality oil.

Hemp oil is gaining popularity and rightfully so. If you’re not sure about its uses, make sure that you carry out sufficient research, but either way, it’s certainly time to give it a shot as it has been seen to be effective in a number of ways.

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