Here’s Hope For Epileptic Children

Epilepsy is a difficult disorder to deal with, especially when it comes to young children. It is disheartening to see them suffer. Do not lose hope as the solution to this issue is not very far.

CBD also expanded as cannabidiol, has proved very helpful in treating the symptoms of epilepsy in young children and adults. More research is being conducted to accurize the dosage and composition, etc.

CBD, when used with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, showed a drastic improvement in the condition of the children. All children with epilepsy or similar symptoms cannot be subjected to the same treatment or the dosage either.

One must consult the doctor before self-administering the drug. Some laws pertaining to medical marijuana state that a particular state must have the legal permission to use the drug for medicinal purposes. A wrong or high dosage may result in adverse side effects, including increasing the frequency and strength of the occurring seizures.

There are several biological strains of both CBD and THC. Only the right combination will prove to be helpful for the purpose of treatment. The ideal strain would be the one containing at least 20 percent CBD.

It is popularly known as “Charlotte’s web’” for its miraculous ability to prevent seizures and suppress the violent motion of seizures. Several parents from all over the country have traveled far and wide in the hopes of giving their children a hope of a better future. It also plays a major role in suppressing other peripheral symptoms such as nausea, systemic inflammation, and even vomiting. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties which are highly effective in curbing further worsening of symptoms.

A dravet syndrome is a form of epilepsy which is highly resistant to the usual treatment given to children. By mildly altering the drug by enriching it with CBD, the patients experienced 80 percent reduction in the incidence of seizures as well as the other symptoms. It has also been reported that patients who had been suffering from laziness, inactivity, and drowsiness due to medication, now had the higher energy level and the lethargy had seemed to subside.

What makes Dravet syndrome so deadly is that it affects the child in the first year after birth is a lifelong disorder. In some cases, CBD enriched drug has shown excellent results: many children have reported being seizure free for long periods of time considering their condition.

Last year, the FDA approved the use of CBD in drugs for experimental purposes. CBD is derived from marijuana. Though it has been approved for use in drugs in limited quantities, it is still illegal to possess it.

CBD treatment is given to children by their parents or legal guardians in the form of oil, drops, food, etc. This has been a medical breakthrough considering the results it has shown.

We hope that more children are benefited by this wonder drug that of course needs to be prescribed by the right doctor.

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