Hot Flashes, Insomnia, and Emotional Stress: How CBD Can Help With Menopausal Symptoms


All of the time we hear about how CBD can help with this and that but never do we hear if it can help with menopause. Anyone that has gone through menopause will tell you it’s not a fun time for a whole slew of reasons. First, it feels like your body is trying to take out its hatred of life on you. Then you have the emotional toll and stress on top of everything. So does CBD oil help with menopause? You bet your sweet butt it does!


Hot Flashes

Let's talk about hot flashes first because they’re quite notoriously associated with menopause and there is a reason for that, and that is they suck. The worst is when they hit at night and you wake up drenched in a frigid-icy sweat. Many women have reported that CBD oil has helped their hot flashes tremendously. Praise the lord!


Weight Gain

Yes, as if our bodies’ metabolisms weren’t already slow enough with age as it is. Continuing the trend for why menopause is a nightmare for many is weight gain and a slower metabolism. After we hit age 25, our metabolism starts slowing down by about 1-2% a year. Because of this, we should already be doing things like exercising to keep our metabolism active, or we could take CBD oil. Really you should do both, but CBD oil will actually give you a boost in energy while helping you from overindulging so it will be a great start to a more engaged and active metabolism.   


Emotional Health

It’s OK to feel like a headcase when you’re going through menopause. Your hormones are fluctuating out of control, and it’s more difficult for some to come to terms with losing the ability to have children.

CBD oil has been shown in multiple studies to help significantly with depression by producing antidepressant effects but without the common icky side effects. Second, CBD oil helps with anxiety and stress despite the source. CBD will not dampen emotional response so no need to fear that it might affect your personality. CBD works by making you . . . you again.  


Both the hot flashes and emotional stress are often what keeps you up at night, so hopefully, by taking care of those with CBD oil your insomnia will naturally go away as well.

Now, CBD oil can help with insomnia itself, but you’ll probably have to take a higher dose than you normally would for the emotional stress and hot flashes. This is because most won’t feel CBD’s sedation effects until they go over 100 mg — this is completely OK to do, you’ll just go through your CBD oil much faster.


Getting the Help You Deserve

Menopause usually happens in your 40’s and 50’s — 51 is the average age — but women can start to experience premenopausal symptoms in their mid 30’s. It’s time we took our health and sanity back and look at using CBD oil to help women from coast to coast cope with the symptoms of menopause.  


For more information on CBD Oil for Menopause, click here!

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