How CBD Can Take Away The Stress At The Doctor’s Office

There is quite nothing like the joy of being in the doctor’s office and filling out their preventive screening tests. How many alcohol beverages did you have this week? Does wine count, because I’ve heard it’s pretty good for my health?!


How about we put that dread behind us? How about the next time we walk into the doctor’s office, we take those paper and clipboard with pride because we are going to show off how we’ve improved our overall health. That might seem impossible, but it’s 2018, nothing’s impossible anymore. Why, because we have CBD oil.


Alcohol, Tobacco Use, and Other Addictions

Let’s get the notorious ones of the way first. CBD hates addiction — don’t believe me?

  •   CBD oil can help with many alcohol withdrawal effects: depression, anxiety, irritability, tremors, and fatigued. CBD also offers neuroprotection and may help prevent brain damage that results from an extreme alcohol withdrawal.
  • During a double-blind study, researchers saw a 40% reduction in tobacco use when the subjects used CBD inhalers everytime they felt the need to smoke tobacco. And again, CBD helps with withdrawal symptoms as well; this time with nicotine withdrawal.  
  • A review of several studies found that CBD’s regulation of emotion and emotional memory helps treat anxiety-related and substance abuse disorder.


Breast Cancer

Around 1 in 8 U.S. women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and next to lung cancer it’s the most common form of cancer diagnosed in women.

  • CBD may stop the spread of breast cancer even in the most aggressive cases.
  • In 2011, a study showed that CBD was able to induce cell death in breast cancer cells.
  • CBD’s incredible potential as a new form of anticancer medication has been studied and known about for quite some time, however. In 2007, studies were already looking at CBD’s incredible strength to be the first nontoxic exogenous agent to fight cancer — again, even when it's most aggressive and final stages.  

CBD just doesn’t help with breast cancer but has been shown in multiple studies to stop, reduce, and kill cancer cells in most forms of cancers.


Depression, Anxiety, and Mental Health

This can be a hard one to talk about for a lot of reasons, and you yourself may be unsure whether your anxiety or sadness warrants mentioning — it does!

  • Several studies have shown that CBD displays antideprssant-like effects but without the common side effects like changes in mood, sexual desire, and bouts of vertigo that come along with many prescription antidepressants.
  • You saw before how CBD helps with anxiety and substance abuse, but it can help with a lot more. Studies have shown that CBD can help with anxiety that ranges from public speaking all the way to posttraumatic stress disorders.
  • The best part is even though CBD has positive changes on our emotions it does not dampen our emotional responses in a negative way.  


By now you should be feeling better about your next preventive health screening, and best of all this is just a start at what CBD oil can do for better general health. So make sure to check out all that CBD oil can do for you right here at Vita Leaf Naturals.


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