How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Health In Your 40’s And Beyond: Part 1

Just because we are getting older doesn’t mean we can’t be healthier than when we were in our twenties — hell, it doesn’t mean we can’t be healthier than when we were teenagers. CBD oil has been offering a lot of people a “kick in the pants” when it comes to improving their health. 

Some use CBD oil to reduce inflammation, while others use CBD oil to control their seizures. What’s great about CBD oil it works with your body’s natural defense systems and improves them. This is wonderful because if we improve our natural health defense systems we improve our health across the board.

So today, we are looking at different factors that will help ensure better health as we enter into our middle aged years, and of course, we’re looking at how CBD oil can help us achieve each of those measures.


Boosting The Metabolism

After age 25, our metabolisms gradually begin slowing down and it becomes more and more difficult to eat what we once did without putting on some extra pounds. If we want to be serious about losing weight, and more importantly keeping it off, we need to take steps to boost our metabolisms. After all, once it starts slowing down, we can expect our metabolisms to decline at a rate of 1-2% each year and that can really add up by the time you reach age 50.

CBD has been shown multiple times to improve our metabolisms through appetite regulation — CBD may decrease your overall feelings of hunger and help you feel full after the appropriate amount of food.


Staying Sociable

Having friends extends your life and can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, boost your self-esteem, and unlike the common myth: friends help bring you and your lover together. So how does CBD oil help with your social life?

Let’s face it, as we age our social network starts looking more and more like a small circle. It’s perfectly normal to go long periods of time without regularly hitting up friends for a chat.

While having friends can reduce stress, it actually feels like it creates it when we are trying to make friends or make a conversation with a friend we haven’t talked to in awhile. But that won't be much of a problem with the help of CBD, because it can reduce your anxiety allowing you to be more sociable. One study actually tested if CBD could help with public speaking and the results were brilliant, to say to say the least.   



It’s not like we had great diets when we were teenagers and we didn’t need supplements then, so why would we need them now?

Great question! First, since our metabolisms are slower, we have to eat less food if we don’t want to gain weight. But this also means we are no longer taking in anywhere near the same amount of macro and micronutrients we once were. On top of that, our bodies are a bit worn down and it has to work harder — we simply aren’t as indestructible as we once were.

A supplement that’s high in healthy fat and rich in omega 3, 6, and 9 fats contain anti-inflammatory properties and promote cardiovascular health which will help us age gracefully. Fish oil is a great and classic example, but hemp oil is much better because it comes along with omega 9’s and over 20 different amino acids for some additional protein building blocks in our diet.

CBD is very concentrated and fat-soluble when first extracted and thus needs a carrier oil to greatly increase its bioavailability and long-term stability. Many companies use poor-quality vegetable oils, but why do that when you can use hemp oil? Using hemp oil for the carrier oil will offer you the best of both worlds and it creates a true 100% hemp CBD oil.


That’s All Folks

Actually, that’s a lie. If you liked this article, make sure to stick around for the next article in our mini-series on practical tips for using CBD oil to improve and maximize your health.


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