How to Make a Dispensary Drive-Thru Business Succeed?

It seems like marijuana dispensaries have been opening up all over the world in countries that have legalized the sale of cannabis products for recreational use. 

These stores not only sell top quality cannabis, but the equipment used to consume weed, CBD products, and sometimes growing equipment too. 

In recent years a lot of these land-based cannabis stores have a marijuana drive-thru service. Just like a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant, apart from that, you can purchase weed products while sitting in your car in comparison to burgers and fries. 

Each cannabis drive-thru has two separate windows. The first window is where you place your order and the second window is where you pick up your items and make the payment. 

Although not all dispensaries offer this service, it has become more and more popular in recent years. 


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Enforce Covid-19 Regulations

One of the main reasons why so many people are purchasing their cannabis from a dispensary drive-thru is because of the ongoing pandemic. To help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, experts recommend that we stay indoors and only go out for essential items. 

A lot of dispensers have been allowed to continue selling weed over the pandemic because most governments classed the product as an essential item during these unprecedented times. 

However, many people worry about contracting or spreading the virus inside a store, so purchasing their weed from a drive-thru is a safer alternative. 

To make sure both the employees and customers are safe during the pandemic, here are a few regulations that should be enforced. 

  • Wearing masks: Each employee should wear a mask the entire time they are in the dispensary.
  • Trays: At the second window in the drive-thru, there should be a tray to place the customer's order and to accept the payment. This way the customer and the employee don’t have to make physical contact with one another. 
  • Hand Sanitizer: Having a hand sanitizer at either window will help keep the employee’s and staff members’ hands clean. 
  • Social distancing: Experts have advised us to practice social distancing during the pandemic, so making sure the window is around 2 meters from the customer is important. 

Although enforcing Covid-19 regulations is vital for any business at the moment, it is extra important for a cannabis dispensary. Many people who consume cannabis products use the substance to treat mental and physical health problems. Some of these people are in the high-risk category due to their underlying issues, so contracting Covid-19 can prove extremely dangerous. 

Employ Knowledgeable Staff Members

Many people enjoy going to cannabis dispensaries, not just because they have lots of cannabis products for sale, but because the staff members are often extremely knowledgeable and friendly people. 

A person who works in a dispensary who serves customers and gives them advice about the products they have for sale is known as a “budtender”. 

It seems like most of these employees know everything there is to know about weed, especially the cannabis that is for sale in the dispensary they are working in. 

Most of these budtenders have great customer service skills, which makes going to the weed store fun. If you are new to consuming cannabis products, they should be able to explain to you details about each product in layman’s terms. 

Some people feel that trying to purchase weed from a dispensary is overwhelming, due to all the products they have for sale and the complex names that they use to describe each item. 

A good budtender should be able to educate their customers about each individual product without confusing them. 

The first window where the customer places the order should have an experienced budtender. If this is the customer’s first time at the dispensary, this will be where they get their first impression of the business. 

First impressions should not be underestimated in the retail business, so making sure the employee knows each product inside out and that they provide top quality customer service is key to succeeding with a marijuana drive-thru.

Streamline the Menu

Some marijuana dispensaries have a lot of different items for sale. If the drive-thru displays a menu at the first window with hundreds of items, the chances are it will take a very long time for customers to place their orders. 

If a customer is spending all day reading the menu, the other customers are not going to be best pleased considering how long it will take before they will get to order. 

The next time a customer goes out to purchase cannabis, they might avoid going to a dispensary that has long queues. 

What most successful marijuana drive-thru do is streamline their menu. Instead of having a long list of different items they have the top selling products in the store. 

So if the most popular item is this Full spectrum CBD oil, it needs to go on the menu. It's probably best to have different types of items on the menu. Perhaps the top two Sativa strains and the top two Indica strains the store has for sale. Perhaps a few different types of edibles for sale too. 

Updating the menu on a regular basis will keep the customer interested in new products you have for sale. Keeping on top of what products are selling well and adding them to the menu will help them keep the customer interested in the store and it can help boost sales. 

Create an Ordering Service

Having an ordering service available for customers is a great way of avoiding delays in the drive-thru. By allowing people to order from online websites, or by making a phone call to the store, will help make the drive-thru run smoothly. 

The customer makes contact with the dispensary, places the order, and collects it from the drive-thru.

A lot of people who suffer from physical health problems can’t go to the drive-thru, so instead, they send somebody else to collect their order for them. 

Due to the unique names given to each product in most cannabis stores, sometimes those people who go to collect the product purchase the wrong item. 

For those who need cannabis to treat a health problem, purchasing the wrong item could prove detrimental, so providing an ordering service is very important. 

All the customer has to do is make contact with one of the employees, the employee puts the customer’s name on the product and when somebody arrives to pick it up it will be ready at the drive-thru. 

It might be helpful to offer a payment method so the customer can pay for the product before somebody comes to pick it up.


Many things have changed in recent years since a lot of states throughout America and the whole of Canada has legalized the sale of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes. A lot has changed since cannabis was only for sale on the black market. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of methods available that make purchasing weed, CBD, and other products available in dispensaries straightforward. With brick-and-mortar weed stores, online dispensers, and marijuana drive-thru available, customers have many options to choose from. 

Considering we are at the early stages of the legalization of cannabis, it is a very exciting time for those who consume marijuana-based products. 

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