How To Use CBD for Anxiety

CBD or Cannabidiol is garnering a lot of attention for the treatment of anxiety. The compound is popular, owing to its non-psychoactive nature. The health supplement which is naturally derived has the capacity to influence the human nervous system and affect its functioning. Many people across the world have been using CBD for treatment of anxiety, as they are natural and have no major side effect. Moreover, the less intense side effect of CBD proves to be a safe alternative to prescription medicines.


The advantage of treating anxiety with CBD

The non-psychoactive property of Cannabidiol makes it an attractive option for patients suffering from inflammation, anxiety, seizures, pain, spasms, psychosis and more, without the unnerving feeling of weariness. However, in patients with anxiety, it offers a soothing, relaxing effect that leads to elevated mood. It further improves sleep pattern, helps in getting less distracting thoughts, and provides a better sense of well-being and fewer requirements of prescribed antianxiety medicines and thereby fewer side effects.


The possible side effects of CBD while using for anxiety

The Cannabidiol is actively pursued its non-psychoactive effect, but chances are there that different person might respond differently to the compound. Some patients may feel that the intake for CBD for anxiety is making them sleepier, sedated or even detached from the outside world. While others may take these effect in a positive manner and accept it as a way to sleep better and rest better. In case, CBD is making the patient sleepy, then taking CBD during the night is a better option.

It is important to note that CBD might have drug interactions, so starting the treatment of CBD in consultation with the doctor would prove to be better. Moreover, it is not necessary that CBD will work for every patient suffering from anxiety. The indications of anxiety are very complex, and so there is no one solution to treat all symptoms. There are few people for whom CBD doesn’t prove to be fruitful when they feel anxious. The use of CBD leads them to drowsiness and detachment. But the case is one exception, as the list of people benefiting from CBD when treated for their pangs of anxiety is countless and life-changing.

If you are diagnosed with anxiety or depression and have undergone treatment for the same by means of conventional medication or other supplements, without any satisfactory results, then CBD might prove to be your road to emancipation. The compound can act as a game changer you have desired for from long.


How CBD works to treat anxiety?

The exact structure through which CBD aids in treating anxiety and depression is yet not known and research has been carried out to ascertain the same. However, based on earlier evidence, the researchers have concluded that CBD’s antianxiety effect is due to its action on the 5-HT1A receptors belonging to the serotonergic system.

Additionally, the effect of CBD on anxiety can also be because of a poorly functioning endocannabinoid system. The inclusion of CBD supplements in the diet might be helping patients to improve on their endocannabinoid system as CBD is known to improve the level of endocannabinoids in the body.


How can CBD be utilized to treat anxiety?

The CBD is available in various forms, some patient’s vape CBD, some opt for the tincture to treat anxiety. This is because vaping and tincture are known to be the fastest methods of ingestion.

For people who opt for vaping, they themselves find out the accurate dosage that will provide them optimum relief, by means of trial and error. With just a single inhalation at a time, the patient will be able to track the dosage that can best suit them.

For patients opting for tincture, they are advised to begin with a low dose and then gradually increase the dosage slowly. The person can easily start off with a dose of 5mg CBD and then slowly increase the intake from there. For some patients with anxiety, the dose of 20 to 25 mg works well when taken on a regular basis.           

The CBD is also available in the form of capsules, so if you prefer taking it in the capsule form, the medicine is available in various measurements. Based on personal requirement, the appropriate power of dosage can be ingested.


What are good terpenes that work together with CBD for treatment of anxiety?

The cannabis plant from which CBD is derived comprises of many chemicals and compounds. Among all, 140 of these compounds belong to a huge class of aromatic organic hydrocarbons which are popularly known as terpenes. The good terpenes include limonene and linalool that work in sync with CBD to provide therapeutic relief to patients suffering from anxiety.


What have researchers derived from the study of CBD for treatment of anxiety?

The CBD is becoming widely popular across nations owing to its numerous lists of benefits. Many studies are being conducted to ascertain the extent of its effectiveness. In one of the studies conducted on public speaking anxiety, it was concluded that CBD functioned in a similar manner like Valium, but was devoid of any side effect.

In another research, conducted on animals using particular experiments like the forced swimming test (FCT), elevated plus maze (EPM), and Vogel conflict test (VCT), the results concluded that CBD showed an anti-anxiety and antidepressant outcome on the animals following the test.

In another test conducted on 10 treatment-naïve people suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD), CBD was linked with particularly lower subjective anxiety, corresponding to placebo.

When the research was conducted on 10 healthy male patients, the result showed that CBD lowered subjective anxiety and increased mental sedation, corresponding to placebo.

Thus, the test conducted revealed the outstanding function of CBD in treating patients with anxiety disorder. The CBD has been continuously showing anti-spasmodic, anti-convulsive, anti-psychotic and neuroprotective properties which makes it an ideal choice for treating patients with anxiety. The CBD also removes the stress that happens regularly and makes the nervous system tougher to handle unpleasant situations. The CBD is undoubtedly the safest medium to handle anxiety and depression.


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