How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that affects millions of people, the severity of which ranges from mild to debilitating. There are different types of anxiety disorders, but the causes for most are unknown. People can have more than one anxiety disorder, and they often go hand in hand with other mental disorders, especially depression. While there are several medications available to treat anxiety, side effects dampen the desire to use them for many people. Even if you don't want traditional anxiety medication, it's a good idea to consult your doctor about it to rule out a medical condition being the root cause.

Cannabidiol(CBD) oil has helped people who have had adverse reactions to other medications, are unwilling to try them, or just need some extra help. Studies have shown how CBD oil can change brain functions to help sedate the anxious response, and while we can't claim that CBD oil is a cure, testimonials abound about the benefits people have seen, not just for anxiety, but for a full range of problems. 

An abundance of misconceptions about CBD oil and its uses still plague society. Marijuana is currently still illegal in a majority of states, however, CBD oil is completely legal in all of them, and no prescription is required to order it. Vitaleaf CBD products; along with many others, have no THC in them, so while you might see many effects from your oil, getting high won't be one of them. 

Whenever a new treatment plan is started, there is some effort required to find the appropriate dosage. Every situation is different; therefore, there's not a simple answer to what strength and how many drops should be taken. The main variable to consider when deciding on your dosage is any medications you are currently taking. Certain medications react with CBD oil. Opioids, for example, mixed with CBD oil will increase the strength and taking too much can be dangerous, therefore, you'll want a fairly low dose of CBD oil.

Recommended dosing is to start low and increase if needed, instead of starting with a higher dose. Keeping a detailed journal about how you feel and tracking your dose will help you determine how well your current dose is working and if you need to alter it. This also helps figure out any triggers you might not be aware of in your diet or schedule. 

Absorption of the oil is essential in getting the highest efficiency. A commonly used application is putting drops under the tongue and holding them there for several seconds before swallowing. Effects often aren't fully realized for forty-five minutes to an hour, likewise, at least two days of doses are often needed to see how you react. Waiting at least a week before upping your dose is a good idea, for this reason. 

If you have any questions, need some extra help with picking out the correct dosage, or want to learn more about CBD oil in general, feel free to look around our website at our educational pages or contact us.

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