Jiu Jitsu Athletes are turning to CBD for Relief


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu short History

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has taken America by storm in the last decade and being that this sport is not short of pain, the athletes in this sub-culture are constantly seeking out remedies to continue to train and perform at a high level. The art emigrated from Japan to Brazil where Judo techniques were adapted to a more ground game where smaller individuals could win and dominate fights through leverage. The art was brought to the US through the Ultimate Fighting Championship but it wasn't until the early 2000's when Carlos Gracie Jr decided to bring the art to Southern California to open his Gracie Barra academy which has become the largest jiu jitsu organization in the world.


How our Bodies respond to BJJ

Sometimes referred to as the gentle art, regular training will still take a toll on the body and as we train each day recovery is one of the toughest hurdles to get over when practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The constant body movement in so many unconventional ways and the force of landing on the mats not only leaves your body with a sore after effect but the central nervous system has then also been put under a lot of stress. Without proper recovery we can run into a downward spiral of problems ranging from loss of sleep to hormonal issues.


How CBD can help the Jiu Jitsu Athlete

We are not claiming that CBD will solve all your problems and take away the pain from Jiu Jitsu. In reality, many BJJ practitioners like the pain associated with the sport. But what we recommend is that you continue to find ways to improve recovery from the sport so you can keep training regularly. The journey to the black belt and beyond is long in Jiu Jitsu and many will quit at or before blue belt because of the pain. CBD can help you with your overall inflammation and sleep by calming your nervous system and keeping your body close to homeostasis. When you are in this state, your body does it's best to promote self healing and deep sleep for hormonal recovery.


What we recommend for usage

We always recommend that you check the COA (certificate of analysis) on the brand that you are using. All natural organic CBD from hemp will be the highest quality with the least amount of THC and there should be no toxins present. Vitaleaf Naturals uses organic hemp grown from USDA certified hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado and it is cold press extracted as the safest extraction method possible. The carrier oil is an organic Hemp seed oil from The Netherlands with extra cannabinoids and terpenes for added health benefit. We believe this really strengthens our formula and it is the base for both our Full Spectrum and isolate tinctures. It's recommended that you take drops of your preferred tincture twice a day for maintenance while the pain cream and skin balm are both great for injuries and sore joints. Please refer to this CBD dosing calculator to help you find the best dose to start on for your weight and MG bottle and how to manage your dosing over time.


This article was submitted by a Gracie Barra Brown belt practitioner Danny O'Henley


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