Medical Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

 Hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis species- Cannabis sativa, but they are genetically very different. Marijuana contains both THC (tetrahydrocannibinol) and CBD, but hemp contains less than 1 percent THC. While THC is the most active part of Marijuana, it is practically non-existent in hemp. That is why Marijuana produces a high and hemp does not.


Hemp extract usually contains compounds called phytocannabinoids that are important for the central nervous system. Hemp plants are used to create CBD oil. While CBD cannabis oil is from the Cannabis Indica species of the cannabis plant, CBD hemp oil is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa species and isn't psychoactive. The oil is extracted from the stalks and seeds of industrial Hemp plants and is high in CBD and is known to have medical benefits.

CBD hemp oil is considered legal because of its low THC content and rich cannabinoid content. It is this feature that sets apart CBD hemp oil from CBD oil. CBD (cannabidiol) is good for the health of the endocannabinnoid system, which plays an important role in neural transmission. Cannabinoid receptor sites, present in the body consist of the endocannabinnoid system, which regulates various mental and physical processes in the body. Cell receptors are present in liver, lungs, kidney and brain and cannabinoids bind with these receptors.

Thus CBD hemp oil acts as a:



CBD hemp oil activates the pain pathway system and acts as neuromodulators- among other things it has been known to lessen pain. It is believed that this oil acts on the brain in the same way as opioids do and can reduce arthritic pain and also reduce inflammation.


Protects neurons and brain cells

Its amazing anti-oxidant effects has helped to counter disorders like gastric ulcers and Crohn's disease and has been known to have beneficial effects in the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. The fact that CBD hemp oil prevents the production of glutamate is associated with its ability to protect brain cells and counter ischemic damage.


Counteracts Acne

CBD hemp oil's anti-inflammatory effects and its ability to control and inhibit the production of sebum and sebocytes are being seen as factors that can counter acne outbreaks.


In its strongest form, CBD hemp oil has the ability to induce calmness and reduce anxiety levels. It is also credited with having the power to counter epileptic attacks and bring benefit to schizophrenic patients. The high concentration of CBD in the oil is said to be responsible for this. Cannabinoids protect nerves and nerve endings and hence help to avert brain cell damage. Thus it is useful to treat patients with alcohol dependence and also those suffering from alcohol withdrawal. It is known to have positive effects for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis by reducing muscle spasms, nerve pain and promoting good sleep.

CBD hemp oil is a powerhouse of nutrients and phyto-chemical compound like sugars, vitamins, amino and fatty acids, terpenes, flavanoids and more. It helps to ensure that all the organs work at their optimum level and also helps other cannabinoids function well.


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