Top Cannabis Accessories Every Enthusiast Should Own

A recent survey by Gallup has found that around 12 percent of adults smoke cannabis regularly.

Around the world, many places have legalized cannabis for both recreational and medical use.

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you will understand the importance of being ready with proper cannabis accessories when it comes to sharing cannabis with your friends or alone at home. 

Cannabis smokers have come a long way from simple pipes, and nowadays there are so many ways you can consume cannabis.

Alongside these innovative methods, there are countless cannabis accessories that are both fashionable and technologically advanced to help you enhance your smoking sessions. 

Here is our list of the top cannabis accessories every enthusiast should own. 


One of the first things that probably comes to mind when mentioning cannabis accessories will most likely be a grinder.

A high-quality, stylish grinder is one of the most fundamental accessories that every cannabis lover needs.

There are many models available and you can find grinders online that will fulfill all your grinding needs. A grinder usually comprises a small-sized canister with metal “teeth'' that allow cannabis users to grind up buds evenly just by twisting.

By grinding the buds more evenly, users can produce easier to roll cannabis and also release THC from the buds.

This is the active ingredient in cannabis so it creates a stronger high.

Therefore, if you are a cannabis smoker and you are trying to get higher while smoking, consider investing in a good-quality grinder and grind up those buds better.

Keep in mind that a grinder is not absolutely necessary every time you smoke, however, your joints and blunts will be more consistent each time.

In addition, a grinder will keep your hands from getting sticky or grimy as you won’t have to pick the buds apart yourself.

If you decide to get a grinder, steer clear from poorly designed and low-quality models as they tend to get stuck after a few turns.

The teeth of your grinder should be coated and made out of the right type of materials to avoid getting your cannabis stuck.

Invest in a grinder with good blades and teeth to grind your cannabis so that it is perfect for rolling, vaping or even baking. 

Rolling Papers

Despite having various new technologically advanced ways to enjoy cannabis, many users still stick to good old fashioned joints.

Good-quality rolling papers are a must-have when it comes to decent hand-rolled joints.

There are many types of rolling papers available on the market under different brands, and all are cheap and easily available.

There is a rich history and heritage behind smoking joints, and it really is the classic way to enjoy cannabis.

Other than conventional rolling papers, there are flavored hemp papers that are widely available and very easy to roll. 

Odor Proof Bags

Cannabis has a strong, distinctive, and smell, and even though there are many places that have already legalized cannabis, there may be occasions where you find yourself carrying cannabis outside or in an inconvenient situation.

In order to hide the smell, many smokers prefer to keep their buds in odor-proof bags while carrying it upon their person.

Nowadays, there are a variety of odor-proof bags that are not only practical and stylish, they can help you transport your weed very discreetly.

Rolling Trays

Whether you are rolling a blunt or a joint, having a rolling tray at your service can help to minimize potential mess, whilst at the same time making the rolling process easier.

Using a rolling tray will enable you to keep all of your materials organized in one place and prevent you from losing any cannabis accidentally.

Whether you prefer big joints or like to chill out with smaller ones, rolling trays are available in many different sizes so you are sure to be able to find one which best fits your smoking preference. 

Depending on different occasions such as rolling at parties, passing the tray around to help your friends roll, or traveling with a rolling tray, there are different sizes and designs for you to choose from.

Top of the line rolling trays have special compartments for your cannabis, your lighter, and your papers.


Disposable lighters are one of the most common go-to options for many cannabis smokers since they are super cheap, easily fit into pockets, last for a decent amount of time, and are widely available everywhere.

For a cannabis enthusiast, you should always have at least one lighter with you and in your home to be able to enjoy a smoking occasion whenever you feel like it.

However, the problem with disposable lighters is that they have limited ability in what they can light for you.

Disposable lighters are often too weak for dabbing or lighting up joints in breezy conditions.

Fortunately, there are various options out there that can be better alternatives to replace cheap disposable lighters.

A reliable, well-designed lighter can make a whole lot of difference to your session.

One thing to be aware of, however, is that smoking cannabis can make people forgetful and so groups of friends who smoke together regularly often end up in a constant cycle of “borrowing” each other’s lighters and “forgetting” to return them. 


Depending on where you store your cannabis, there is no sure way to tell when it is past its best.

If you store your buds properly, they can last from six months to nearly a year before they start to lose flavor and potency.

Similar to keeping whiskey in barrels or keeping wine in wine cellars, dried and properly cured weed is best stored in a dark and cool place.

Whatever you do, avoid storing your cannabis in cheap plastic bags or poorly-designed containers as plastic bags are only good for cannabis storage in the short-term and in small-sized quantities only.

For short-term storage of cannabis, a plastic lunchbox or a tupperware container will suffice. However, for long-term storage, it is best if you use an air-tight container specifically for cannabis.

Alternatively, high-quality, air-tight containers such as glass jars are good options to keep your cannabis fresher for longer.

Keep your cannabis out of direct sunlight and minimize its exposure to oxygen. If you have different flavor profiles and strains, it is recommended that you keep them separate to control their expiration and to stop the strains from mixing.

Don’t get too stressed about storing cannabis, as the best way to enjoy it the most is to smoke it in a timely manner. 

Cleaning Tools

If you smoke your weed in a bong or a pipe, hygiene is very important so make sure that you keep your gear and accessories clean in between smoking sessions.

Remember that you can enhance the taste of your weed if you keep your gear clean and use good-quality cleaners and pipe brushes.

Keeping your gear and smoking accessories clean can also reduce harmful toxins that enter your body as you inhale.  

Cannabis use is hugely popular around the world and many people are now enjoying cannabis daily for both recreational use and medical use.

For cannabis enthusiasts, there are countless accessories in which to invest in order to further enjoy the experience.

Smoking and enjoying cannabis is very simple and a lot of fun if you have all the necessary accessories. Get more out of each smoking session with this list.

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