Vitaleaf Oil Tincture Explained

Components of Vitaleaf Oil Tincture

Vitaleaf oil tincture has mainly two components, CBD and hempseed.  CBD or cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids that is non-psychotropic.

This means that it does not cause a high like another cannabinoid, THC. It is a better and safer health alternative. It works through the ECS system of the human body, i.e., the endocannabinoid system.

This system is responsible for maintaining a general balance in the body. It regulates the mood, appetite, pain and immune system. CBD has recently become a highly popular and in demand product for its many health benefits.

Another main component of vitaleaf oil tincture is hempseed. The vitaleaf oil is manufactured by cold pressing vitaleaf seeds. In its unrefined form it has a dark or light green colour having a nutty flavour. The oil that is darker in colour will have grassier flavour.

Vitaleaf oil is different from hash oil which is made from cannabis flower. Hash oil has high THC content, sometimes as high as 90%, and hence known to have psychotropic effects.

A person who is new to CBD and its supplements, starting with Vitaleaf oil tincture is a great idea. It comes with low concentration of CBD and is easy to use.


Colour And Flavour of Vitaleaf Oil

Unrefined hempseed oil is dark in color and has an earthy flavor. This oil has omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids in the same ratio that is required by the human body i.e. 3:1.

In its refined form, hempseed oil is colorless and flavorless. It also does not contain any natural vitamins or antioxidants.  Refined hempseed oil has many commercial and industrial uses. It is used in fabrics, cosmetics, and accessories. It is used in manufacturing soaps, shampoos, lubricants, fuels, plastics, paints etc.


Manufacturing Of Hempseed Oil Tincture

Hempseed oil is extracted via the CO2 extraction method. This method does not leave any chemicals behind that could degrade the oil in any way.

Hempseed oil is extracted from plants containing very low amounts of TCH, the psychoactive element.  This way it is completely legal to use in most of the states of United States. Hempseed oil is known for its high nutritional value.

The CBD Vitaleaf oil is mixed with other oils to get a flowing consistency. This oil can be mixed with hempseed oil, coconut oil or grapeseed oil.

Because of its strong flavour, hempseed oil is generally not preferred. The final aim is to make it easier for the person to take the CBD Vitaleaf oil.


Benefits of Vitaleaf Oil Products

Because of the CBD content in Vitaleaf oil, its demand is growing day by day for curing various ailments. People have found it beneficial in a variety of health problems.

But for serious illnesses product having a higher concentration of CBD should be used.You do not need a medical prescription to buy CBD products. They are easily available in many medical stores.

Vitaleaf oil is also used commercially in food products, building materials and even clothing.You can use it for carpeting, insulation, fabric, panelling etc.

But because it is illegal to do Vitaleaf farming for commercial purposes in the United States, most of the Vitaleaf is imported from outside of the USA. The 2014 Farm bill allows the growing of Vitaleaf only as pilot projects for research.

Imported Vitaleaf from Europe is generally more sought after than from other countries because of its high quality.

In case of any doubt about the quality of the imported Vitaleaf oil it is always better to ask for a certificate of analysis from the manufacturer. The CAO confirms that the Vitaleaf oil meets its product specifications.

It is a quality assurance test certificate. CBD can be sourced from various cannabis sativa plants like cannabis or marijuana and Vitaleaf. CBD from Vitaleaf is preferred as it assures low content of THC, the psychoactive element which causes a high.

High-quality Vitaleaf oil does not require any preservatives. But if it is mixed with other components then its shelf life is reduced.

It can turn rancid if not stored properly. Manufacturers label most Vitaleaf oil with one year shelf life, but they can be frozen to have longer periods of life.


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