3 Reasons Why You Should Go For Salt Nic Vape Juice Flavors

Selecting your ideal vape juice flavor can be a challenge, especially when visiting a vape store or website with a wide selection of flavored e-liquid bottles to choose from. In addition, vapers find it tough to identify an e-liquid with the perfect balance of high-strength nicotine delivery and a smoother throat hit.



Fortunately, salt nic juices have come up as the best option to eliminate this confusion.

Nicotine salt, or salt nic, is nicotine in its purest form, extracted from tobacco leaves. This nicotine extract is treated with some organic acids like benzoic acid, which triggers a chemical reaction, making nicotine more absorbable at lower temperatures. Subsequently, manufacturers combine the activated nic salts with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), creating a suitable e-juice for vaping.

Salt nic vape juices are the latest craze in the vape market and are effective in fighting cravings. Moreover, they efficiently deliver higher nicotine levels to your body, especially those looking to experience the most potent nicotine hit. Here are three reasons you should explore nicotine salt juice flavors and add a unique experience to your daily vape routine.


1. Distinct Smoothness

For most vapers, regular vape juices aren’t strong enough to satisfy their nicotine cravings, so they ramp the nicotine levels using freebase e-liquids. This e-liquid is of high strength but can be pretty harsh on the throat. Moreover, while some enjoy this “throat hit,” most people look for a high-strength vape juice with a lower “throat hit.” This is where salt nic e-liquids come into the picture.

When the nicotine level is either too low or too high, you can't get the right amount of nicotine delivery. What does that mean? In other words, if the nicotine level is too low, your nicotine intake won't help you with your cravings, but if the nicotine level is too high, you might risk receiving too much nicotine, and also experiencing harsh throat hits. It takes a combination of the right kit with the right amount of nicotine. Our recommendation is to start with one of our starter vape kit bundles and then make adjustments to see what you prefer. We also offer a nicotine calculator to help you decide.

Unlike freebase e-liquids that contain conventional nicotine, nic salts blend nicotine with other organic components, particularly with benzoic acid, thus reducing the pH value. The addition of benzoic acid means that while nic salts have higher nicotine concentrations, they are less acidic, ensuring a smooth vape experience.

In addition, the nicotine present in nic salts is more bioavailable, allowing it to absorb easily and quickly in your body and delivering a faster “nicotine rush” feeling.

Furthermore, the speed of nic salts uptake in the body through vaping is similar to the traditional nicotine delivery systems. However, vaping reduces the risk of exposing our bodies to over 7000 toxicants, which isn’t the case with smoking.

In general, salt nic vape juice offers more control over your vape's nicotine strength and smoothness at a better price value. Moreover, new vapers who aren’t willing to spend a significant amount can always find most trusted vape retailer in the US, thus, providing great value for money.


2. High Strength

Most people who switch to vaping want a sensation that closely replicates that of smoking cigarettes. However, when they vape with regular vape flavors, users complain they can’t feel anything. Such vapers need an e-liquid with high nicotine levels to satisfy their craving, making salt nic e-liquids the perfect alternative for traditional cigarettes.

In addition, over time, vapers get used to the taste of regular vape flavors and look for something more substantial, tastier to vape. For such vapers, salt nic juices make for the exceptionally potent e-juices that deliver long-lasting stimulation.

These days, numerous e-liquids carrying salt nic are compatible with almost any vaping mod device, making them accessible to both vape pen and pod mod users. These devices can convert the juice into an aerosol rich in nicotine concentrations, palatable, and easier to inhale even with small batteries and low power. Moreover, salt nic vape juices are available in 15-50mg/mL strengths and easily absorb in the bloodstream, thus providing the same craving relief at a much lower cost.

These factors contribute to the rising prevalence, frequency, and dependency on vape juices, particularly salt nic juices.


3. Stealthier Vape Experience

There are two main groups of vapers. One group uses e-liquids to customize their vape experience, produce thick, dense clouds, and perform tricks. The other group loves to keep their clouds invisible and avoid drawing attention. For such vapers, salt nic juice flavors offer a new and exciting way to enjoy vaping.



Salt nic juice flavors are increasingly getting popular for their ability to constrained cloud production. The tobacco in salt nic undergo modification with an organic acid and react differently to vaporization, so the clouds produced from salt nic juices are less visible, making them ideal for discreet vaping.

With a removable 18650 battery cell, the device also offers more portability, not to mention 75 watts of power. With other manufacturers manufacturing stealth vapes to accommodate the customer and compete in the market, it has become one of the most popular vapes on the market.

In addition, nic salts are low profile, and vaping them doesn’t leave a lingering smell on hands and clothes. This factor is worth considering for vapers who love to vape while traveling or in crowded places and don’t want to cause inconvenience to passersby.




Nic salt juices are an excellent choice for people who recently switched to vaping or quit smoking. These vape juices allow vapers to smoke at higher nicotine strength, thus curbing their addiction easier and providing long-lasting nicotine hits. In addition, salt nic e-liquids are an efficient way to deliver nicotine into the body without causing throat experience. Hence, if regular vape juices and freebase e-liquids aren’t your types, turning to high-strength salt nic vape juices can help.

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