Why You Should Take CBD Oil For Health: Learn The Facts

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is quickly becoming known one of the most comprehensive health supplements across the world, and this is because it’s loaded with a bonanza of therapeutic health benefits. CBD is used for both preventive measures and for targeting certain illness, some which previously had no known cure.  

CBD oil can help prevent and slow the rate of cancer from spreading. As well, it helps with various mental impairments such as reducing the effects of schizophrenia, depression, OCD, and anxiety. CBD has a large effect on the immune system and helps to stabilize it, which leads to anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce pain and helps with a range of autoimmune diseases.

If you are tired of seeking a magical cure-all then you won’t find it here or anywhere for that matter, but after you’ve seen all the ways CBD helps, we won’t fault you for thinking it is.


CBD and Cancer: How it helps

You’ve probably heard the wild claim that marijuana helps treat cancer. Well, there is actually a lot of truth to it, and it has to do with CBD and its antitumor properties.


Cancer isn’t one illness, it’s actually a group of diseases where that all involve the growth and development of abnormal tumors. Since CBD largely targets these abnormal cells, it appears that CBD can be used to treat cancer regardless of the type. As well, CBD is fantastic for reducing nausea that comes from chemotherapy. This means CBD might be crucial for any form of cancer.

If you’re a marijuana smoker all this may seem obvious to you. I’m sure you’ve heard that joints contain 3-5 times the amount of tar as a cigarette, and smoke is an irritant as well. Because of this, one would expect to see lung cancer in older folks who have been smoking since Hendrix, but there are no cases of cancer caused by marijuana. Is CBD the sole reason why?


Reducing Inflammation and Autoimmunity

CBD oil has wonderful anti-inflammatory effects. So much so that it’s quickly becoming many people’s go-to for inflammation of any type.

  • Studies have shown that CBD reduces the development and mobilization of neutrophils.
  • As well, CBD decreases the Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-1 in blood.
  • Recent research shows the evidence that CBD supports healthy gut activity creating relief from inflammatory bowel disease.  

There are a number of illness that have inflammation as a hallmark. Many times, relief from inflammation is the first part in treating them. Perhaps, this means CBD can be the first line of defense in treating a large number of deliberating illnesses. 


CBD Cures the Neurodegenerative Diseases

We are still learning a lot about neurodegenerative diseases and there is still much we don’t know, but it’s fascinating seeing more and more studies showing how CBD may help in brilliant ways.  


  • In one study both THC and CBD were given to mice showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease. The results were shocking and showed that the mice had improved learning skills and had a reduction of amyloid clumps – amyloid clumps are considered a hallmark of Alzheimer’s and they are plaque that builds up between nerve cells.
  • Those suffering from a neurodegenerative disease will also find CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature of great note.  
  • Another study showed that CBD brought down high levels of dynamin-1-like (DNM1L) and caspase 3 proteins which are responsible for cell death.

It will be exciting to watch how our understanding of CBD and neurodegenerative diseases and why causes them develops. CBD may just be the key to us finally understanding and treating them.


So where can the best CBD oil be found

This is just scratching the surface of what CBD oil can help with so make sure to check out if CBD can help you with your medical condition.

Last, choosing the best CBD oil doesn’t have to be difficult. Vita leaf Naturals hits all the checkpoints you should look out for when buying CBD oil online. You’ll want to always look for CBD oil that’s derived from pesticide-free organic medical hemp, and make sure it shows the lab tested results right on the label.


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