Will CBD Make Me Fail The Drug Test? The Complicated Question Answered!

A drug test result can either make or break your job application or leave you jobless in an instant. Most companies and places of employment in the USA follow a strict implementation of drug testing. The drug test can be done during pre-employment, as a return-to-duty requirement, when an employee is suspected of using drugs or testing due to reasonable suspicion and usually just a random testing. Schools and hospitals may usually require drug testing too.

As more and more people are now realizing the incredible medicinal and health benefits of Cannabidiol or CBD, many patients and CBD users are left in limbo questioning whether or not the use of phytocannabinoid can eventually lead to a positive drug test result and subsequently means losing their jobs.


A Common Question: Will CBD Trigger a Positive Drug Test Result?

Most CBD users are concerned about the implication of CBD use when the time comes that they need to undergo drug testing. The general answer to this question is that, one should not fail a drug screening if they are using CBD products and hemp extract oils that are coming from reputable sources which are guaranteed to be THC-free. This is due to the fact that the chemicals involved in drug screening does not necessarily react with the compounds from CBD.

Still, there is a catch. There are still a number of factors that exist which can result to a failed drug test result. Keep in mind that:


  1. Most commercially available CBD products are not exactly 100% pure. This means that while they may be composed of CBD rich elements some may contain traces of other chemicals including THC which can be easily detected by drug tests.
  2. Quantity matters. If you take in very small doses of CBD products, you are generally safe as the possible THC accompanying traces would be extremely low. For those patients, however, who are consuming larger quantities of CBD there remains a high possibility of testing positive in a drug screening.
  3. Your metabolism and overall health condition can also play a significant role. Different people have different rate of metabolism and genetic makeup which can influence certain enzyme reactions once associated with CBD. Some people’s system may work well in blocking certain chemical properties which help break down the THC elements, thus, more THC remains in their bloodstream causing a failed drug test result. Others may have a completely opposite bodily reaction.


Taking Reputable CBD Products and Keeping a Low Dose is a Key

CBD is now considered one of the most effective natural alternative disease treatment there is. It is non-psychoactive and does not contain intoxicating and addictive properties. There is indeed no doubt of its incredible health benefits. CBD users may commonly worry about its implication to drug screening. There is really no 100% assurance of getting a negative drug test result due to a number of factors. But the key is using only CBD products coming from reputable brands. They are the ones that are guaranteed to contain almost no THC traces. Additionally, a low CBD consumption of less than 300mg a day can also be your best bet to maintain a negative drug test result.

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