Hemp Dog Treats - Best Hemp Extract CBD Dog Biscuits
Hemp Dog Treats - Best Hemp Extract CBD Dog Biscuits
Hemp Dog Treats - Best Hemp Extract CBD Dog Biscuits
Hemp Dog Treats - Best Hemp Extract CBD Dog Biscuits
Hemp Dog Treats - Best Hemp Extract CBD Dog Biscuits
Hemp Dog Treats - Best Hemp Extract CBD Dog Biscuits
Hemp Dog Treats - Best Hemp Extract CBD Dog Biscuits

Hemp Dog Treats - Best Hemp Extract CBD Dog Biscuits

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    • Same Great Hemp: Each treat is rich with the same organic hemp extract that makes up our universally loved Pet PurCBD+ Oil. 100% organic full spectrum hemp.
    • Legal & Safe: Hemp Oil derived from mature hemp stalks & seeds. This makes it legal in all 50 states and much of the world. Guaranteed 0% THC = no risk of a high.


    • Simply Scrumptious: Three mouth-watering and irresistible flavors: Steak & Cheese, Maple Bacon & Berries, Salmon &  Sweet Potato.
    • A Balanced Diet: Treats contain healthy essential fats, vitamins, and other beneficial minerals that can help fill the gaps missing in your dog’s diet.


    • Designed For Medium and Large Breeds: Each treat contains 4 mg — perfect for dogs 40 lbs and up. Over 100 mg of active cannabidiol and other phytocannabinoids.
    • Unbeatable Quality: All natural, grain-free, and free of pesticides, additives, and by-products. 3rd party tested to achieve highest-quality possible.


    No dog deserves to live a life full of anxiety, pain, and suffering. And like us and other pet owners, you’re here because you believe the same. Hemp CBD oil has been helping an untold number of dogs better manage their medical conditions and illnesses. And now Hemp Treats we can reward our dogs with the same great health!

    Don’t let illnesses devoid your pup from experiencing a fulfilling life full of rambocus playing, a strong and healthy appetite, and sneaking in late-night cuddles.

    We worked arduously over endless hours with veterinarians and pet food experts. We knew we had to create hemp treats that not only met, but exceeded the standards we hold our products too.

    And well, it shows! Our Hemp Treats are quite irresistible. If your pet isn’t creating a pool with their drool over our Maple Bacon & Berries — as if —  then we dare them to resist our Steak & Cheese treats.

    What To Know What Makes Our Hemp Dog Treats Awesome?

    • Full Spectrum Hemp: There are many experimental forms of hemp CBD for humans, but for pets, there should only be one: Active Full Spectrum Hemp. This includes not just CBD, but all 100+cannabinoids and 200+ terpenes that occur naturally in hemp. Whole plant hemp is important as the compounds and terpenes work together in harmony to create much stronger and extended therapeutic range that’s readily absorbed into the body.
    • Safe For Everyone: We’re not saying you should eat the treats, but if you wanted to we wouldn’t stop you. We only use safe human-grade superfoods for ingredients — grown free from pesticides, preservatives, and other nasties. We believe in promoting health, not hurting it.
    • The Gold Standard: We feel that gold standard should be the norm. By distilling hemp, you remove unbeneficial plant matter like chlorophyll that ruins the flavor and reduces potency tenfolds.
    • Produced In-House: We produce in-house because it keeps costs low which we return to you. As well, it’s required if you want to achieve perfect quality control — which we do!
    • Genuine Hemp Treats: We regularly have our hemp extract tested by an unaffiliated lab to ensure that what you see on the label is what you get. No manipulation, no THC, only pure full spectrum hemp and proven results.

    Why Our Customers Love Hemp Treats

    It’s simple, we provide hemp treats that are affordable, and meet the highest standards known to this industry. These products personally helped our pets when they needed it the most. In fact, it’s them that inspired us to create our first CBD oil.  We saw how it helped them and knew we had to tell the world about hemp!

  • Hemp Treats could not be easier to give. Just call them over, hand over the treat, and watch as they grobble it down.

    Dosage Conversion:

    • 1 treat = 4 mg phytocannabinoid and terpene extract
    • ½ treat = 2 mg phytocannabinoid
    • 2 treats = 8 mg phytocannabinoid

    Typical dose:

    • Small Dogs - Under 20 lbs give ½ treat every 6-8 hours
    • Medium Dogs - 20 to 55 lbs give 1 treat every 6-8 hours
    • Large Dogs - Over 55 lbs give 1 to 2 treats every 6-8 hours
  • Do Hemp Treats have cannabidiol (CBD)?

    You bet your butt they do! CBD is no longer the best term to use as it refers to a single molecule in hemp that contributes to the overall effectiveness of the oil. When the term was first coined, people didn’t realize the importance of the other molecules in hemp — each with their own unique benefits.

    What’s the difference between Hemp Treats, Chews, and PurCBD+ oil?

    You can rest easy because the same great phytocannabinoid hemp extract that goes into our PurCBD+ also goes into our Hemp Treats and Soft Hemp Chews.

    Hemp Treats and Chews offer your pets irresistible flavors that they can’t say no to. They're easy to administer and inconspicuous. The difference between the Treats and Chews is the dosage — 4 mg and 2 mg respectively. As well, Chews provide a softer chewy form making them perfect for older pets that struggle eating harder treats.

    Where do you source from?

    We only source from farms that grow organic with no pesticides in sight. Our hemp extract comes from Oregon — which is right next door to us. While our hemp seed oil hails from Europe.

    Do Hemp Treats use Raw, Activated, Full Spectrum, or Isolate CBD?

    There is a good reason 99% of pet CBD products are active full spectrum hemp, and that’s because this form works best. When isolated many people struggle to feel CBD working at all, so they are near impossible to find for pets. Raw means the cannabinoids have not been activated which prevents them from directly interacting with the endocannabinoid system — it’s an experimental form with potential, but not well understood.

    Why is your product cheaper than other companies?

    We have a great relationship with the farms we source our hemp from, giving us the ability to buy in large quantities — which we are able to store in our own warehouse. Our production warehouse allows us to bottle, label and produce in-house — cutting out several middleman.

    Can I give hemp treats to my cat?

    While Hemp Treats are non-toxic and there is no set dosage, your cat does not likely need this high of a dose. We offer Soft Hemp Chews that are only half the dose, so it is more appropriate for them. As well, they are much softer than the Treats — making them easy for cats to chew.

    Does it contain pesticides?

    We DO NOT use pesticides, insecticides, etc. for any of our products and we only source from organic farms. As well, our full spectrum hemp extract is distilled which increases potency and improves flavor by removing all non-beneficial plant. So even on the off chance that pesticides blew over from a neighboring farm, they will be removed fully by distillation.

    What is your 30-day guarantee policy for return/refund?

    We are super easy to make returns with. Just send your name or order number along with the products — used or unused —  within 30 days for a full refund.

    Just mail us at:

    VitaLeaf Naturals Products
    1109 West 190th Street, Unit-H
    Gardena, CA 9026

    Why do we sell it?

    We first came across CBD products when we — the owners —  were looking for ways to improve the medical conditions of the pets that helped found our sister company, Innovet Pet.  After seeing it bring the life back to our teenager blind pup, Maximus, we knew that we wanted to tell our customers all about it.

    However, buying CBD products back then was even trickier than it is now, and instead of recommending a product that we had no control over, we created our own. We use our hemp products for both ourselves and our pets.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes we do! You can find international shipping options at checkout.

  • Suggested Serving: Small Dogs - Under 20 lbs give ½ treat every 6-8 hours
    Medium Dogs - 20 to 55 lbs give 1 treat every 6-8 hours
    Large Dogs - Over 55 lbs give 1 to 2 treats every 6-8 hours

    How long does it take to work?
    Depending on the medical conditions/severity, the state of your pet’s endocannabinoid system, and their unique body chemistry, CBD can start working within the first day. Sometimes it takes one to two weeks of regular use for CBD to completely build up for maximum effectiveness.

    We recommend using our dosage calculator and starting your pet off in the lowest dosage tier once a day for the first week.
    Dosage Conversion:1 treat equals 4 mg
    ½ treat equals 2 mg

  • Are Hemp Treats safe to take with prescription medication?

    In some rare cases CBD product have delayed the metabolized rate of certain pharmaceuticals that are broken down in the liver. Eating grapefruit does this in a similar fashion. Low to average doses appear to be relatively safe, but caution is always advised when mixing CBD with a hepatic drug. Essential by delaying their breakdown CBD may increase the strength of the prescription drug.

    We recommend talking to your veterinarian if you have concerns. They have the ability to monitor any drug interactions that may occur. All in all, this concern appears rare and mild, but more research will need to be done. You can read more by checking our CBD interaction Guide For Veterinarians.

    Does Hemp Treats ever replace prescription medications?

    First, we advised that you never stop or reduce use of a prescription medication without consulting your veterinarian first. Second, in some cases CBD has helped replace and lowered reliance on on other medications. This has been reported in both acendontal and clinical trials. But it’s impossible to say whether CBD will allow your dog to stop taking other medications without issues.

    Do Hemp Treats help with anxiety?

    We aren’t allowed to legally claim that CBD can, however just jump down to our customer comment section or check out our blog and you’ll find your answer quickly.

    Can Hemp Treats treat cancer?

    Cannabinoids have successfully starved and killed cancer cells in preclinical trials — meaning cells in a Petri dish and in some mice studies. Until more clinical trials start that looking into the matter, it is not known whether molecules in hemp have any real ability to directly treat cancer.

    However, Hemp Treats are wonderful for reducing the side effects of conventional cancer treatments and this alone is huge. While effective, conventional cancer treatments take a heavy toll on the body resulting in nausea, weakness, and inflammatory pain. CBD can stop that from happening — giving your dog the strengthen needed to fight the cancer.

    Are Hemp Treats safe to use with pregnant pets?

    Unfortunately, there is a lack of research on CBD interaction with pregnancy. There appears to be little to no harm, but until more studies are done it’s impossible for us to give a yes or no answer.   

    Endocannabinoids do play a role in fertility chances and successful implantation of a fertilized egg to the wall. However, research has not been able to determine whether phytocannabinoids effect this positively or negatively. If there is a risk, then it appears to stem from THC which is not in Hemp Treats.   

    Do Hemp Treats help with arthritis?

    We have written a number of articles that look into just that. In fact, it’s one of the top five reasons people use CBD.

    Are Hemp Treats safe to take long term?

    There is no current evidence that shows that long term use of CBD has any negative effects on the body. We take safety very seriously and if we ever find evidence that long term use of CBD cause any issues, we will immediately let our customers know.

    If I stop using Hemp Treats, should I be worried about any withdrawal symptoms?

    Nope. If you saw Hemp Treats helping with a medical condition, discontinuing use can cause the condition to worsen or return to the state it was in before use of Hemp Treats. This could come as a shock and mistaken for withdrawal effects.

  • If hemp and marijuana both come from cannabis plants, how is hemp safe?

    There is a lot of misinformation about what cannabis is and isn’t. The term cannabis describes a genus of plants which both hemp and marijuana fall under. Marijuana is the psychoactive version of cannabis plants because it contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) where hemp does not.

    Since hemp does not contain psychoactive cannabinoids and can’t get you high, it’s legal in all 50 states under certain guidelines.

    Where is the evidence? These stories are just anecdotal.

    At one time, CBD has to hold itself up on the back of countless anecdotal evidence, but this is no longer the case. There are several studies both pre-clinical and now clinical that are finding CBD is holding up to many of the claims. Our blog is full of easy to read articles that talk about research. They will help you understand CBD and easily explain it to others.

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