Heal.Soothe.Relief Balm
Heal.Soothe.Relief Balm
Heal.Soothe.Relief Balm

CBD Balm - Heal, Sooth, Relief

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Heal.Soothe.Relief Balm

  • Heal. Formulated for therapeutic relief. May help heal aches, cramps, and pain related to but not limited to P.M.S, migraines, sports injury, and back pain.
  • Soothe. Helps regulates the inflammatory process while rejuvenating, soothing, and softening the skin. Great for tattoo recovery & maintenance. Restore radiance to tired and rough skin.
  • Relief. Fast absorption for fast-acting results and quick relief. Helps promote homeostasis (repair & regulation) of the cells.
  • Balm. Unlike other healing balms, there is no THC making it legal in all of the United States and over 40 countries. That means there is zero chance you’re getting high. Our balm contains 250 mg organic full spectrum hemp.

A True Alternative To Painkillers

You gotta wonder how a single balm can help with so many things? But it’s no great secret!

We carefully selected ingredients with complex beneficial healing and restorative power. Each on their own can provide a wealth of benefits. With a little science, we found the ratio where they come together in beneficial harmony.

Beeswax lays the foundation for the wealth of all-natural and therapeutic oils such as the organic hemp oils. Hemp wakes up CB2 receptors in the skin's epidermis. CB2 receptors are essential to repairing and regulating their surrounding system.

This helps reduce overactive inflammation and hypersensitivity to pain along with promoting general cell health. This is just 1 of 14 of the fantastic oils that make up our salve.

What Is Heal.Soothe.Relief Balm Good For?

The benefit of taking Heal.Soothe.Relief is all in the name. When Heal.Soothe.Relief comes in contact with the body it immediately starts nourishing, restoring balance, improving the natural regulation process of the area. 

This can look like a lot of different things depending on the issue and the area itself, from improving the essence of your skin to eliminating painful joints.

Thanks to its deep penetrating nature, it can additionally help with issues like tight muscles, hormonal cramps, and cell recovery.

Medical Conditions Heal.Soothe.Relief Can Help With:

  • Arithis 
  • Back Pain
  • Joint Pain 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Menstrual Pain
  • Migraines  
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Muscle Health
  • Skin Health 
  • Itching  

    The Benefits Up Close


    Rampant inflammation is the culprit behind an endless road of devastating diseases. If your balm isn’t designed to obliterate inflammation, it’s never truly going to help with menstrual relief, joint discomfort, skin repair, or a sports injury.

    We only chose ingredients where research has shown it can help with inflammation in some manner. This means our balm provides 14 unique inflammatory fighting agents.

    Menstrual Relief

    Willows bark, Hemp, and St John’s Wort are the perfect trifecta for fighting the symptoms of P.M.S. Willows bark promotes increased circulation & blood flow in the abdominal area, and hemp is there to help obliterate away those cramps.

    Both St. John’s Wort and hemp support each other by helping with stress and changes in mood.

    Direct Support At The Source

    If you find yourself complaining about a stiff back or sore wrist, you’re not looking for mild whole body relief. Instead, you need something that really targets the source of discomfort. We designed our healing balm so you can apply how much you need, whenever you need, right at the source.

    Skin Repair

    If it isn’t the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties in beeswax that help repair damaged skin, it’s the antioxidants in hemp providing it protection from wear-and-tear. Then we include avocado seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and jojoba oil — all of which provide unique compounds for skin health.

    Sports & Exercise

    The full spectrum of cannabinoids in hemp helps promote hemostasis of the cells. In layperson terms, this means hemp may help our cells optimize themselves to better repair strained and sore muscles.  


    The Ingredients 

    HEMP OIL - Delivers a bountiful source of essential omega fatty acids for better immune and heart health 

    HEMP CBD EXTRACT - Brings balance to the body’s regulatory system, reducing all forms of pain and inflammation 

    APRICOT KERNEL OIL - An excellent and enriching emollient that lessens the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles 

    JOJOBA OIL - Multifaceted cleanser, moisturizer, and spot treatment for acne, eczema, and psoriasis 

    BEESWAX - A soothing, enriching, and non-greasy emollient 

    ST JOHN’S WORT  - Speeds up the healing rate of wounds, burns, bruises, ulcers, sunburn, and more

    CRAMP BARK - Helps relieves cramps and calm muscle spasms 

    WHITE WILLOW BARK - The active chemical salicin is often called Nature's Aspirin, being chemically similar and providing similar pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects

    CHAMOMILE - A key compound in both ancient and modern therapies for treating rashes, acne outbreaks, sunburn, spot discoloration, and inflammation 

    ROSEMARY LEAF EXTRACT - Reduces swelling of the joints and puffiness of the skin 

    LAVENDER - A powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that increases cell growth during injuries and decreases the appearance of scars 

    BLUE MALLEE EUCALYPTUS - Soothes tense muscles and brings your breathing to its preferred and natural state 

    LEMON PEEL OIL - Enriches the body with vitamin C and calcium for improving and maintaining bone health for help with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and more


    Where To Buy Heal.Soothe.Relief?

    Whether you’re in the United States or Australia, the best place to buy Heal.Soothe.Relief. Balm is right here at Innovetpet.com. We ship to over 40 countries across the globe, which you can find at checkout. 


    Why Our Customers Love Heal-N-Soothe

    Top-Notch Production

    We’re meticulous about our ingredients, so we use non-GMO USDA hemp grown by organic farms in Oregon and Colorado. Unlike so many others, we don’t contaminate our organic hemp by using harsh solvents.

    We only use CO2 solventless extraction, otherwise known as the safest most effective way to extract all the cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other great beneficial compounds.

    Lab Tested

    We only use organic ingredients in our healing balm that are all free of pesticides and other contaminants. We provide a certificate of analysis on our full spectrum hemp.

    These labs tested results show that the hemp we use is free, not only from unhealthy contaminants but free from any THC.

    NET WT 2 OZ (56 g)


    Organic Hemp Oil. Avocado Seed Oil, Organic Hemp Extract, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, St John’s Wort, Cramp Bark, White Willow Bark, Chamomile, Rosemary Leaf Extract, lavender, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, and Lemon Peel Oil.


    What Is Heal.Soothe.Relief?

    It’s Mother Nature’s soothing and restorative embrace all in one bottle. Give your skin, muscles, and joints a concoction of enriching therapeutic natural ingredients.

    By restoring balance to the body, nervous, and immune systems, this is a balm that can help with an incredible range of common and not so common health issues. 

    Say goodbye to itchy & rough skin, to tight & sore muscles, to bed-ridden cramps, and say hello to better health. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    kathleen vegotsky

    Never received the product I ordered. And no one did anything about when I told them. So not buying product anymore

    Donald Rice
    Heal Soothe Relief Balm

    Great Stuff!!

    Helped so much

    I had a painful rash like reaction after coming in contact with a plant and this cream helped soothe the burn. I cannot use many products on my skin because of allergies and sensitivities so I greatly appreciate the relief I was able to get from the natural high quality ingredients!

    R Murray
    smells amazing!

    So nice on sore joints. I even use it for healing skin wounds. Really effective.

    Great Stuff

    This stuff is AWESOME! I consistently use this specifically between my shoulder blades and the base of my neck. I massage it in for about a minute and I kid you not I get relief almost immediately. I also get the occaisonal headache and will use this on my temples. Same idea, massage for about a minute and it brings me so much relief. Definitely will be ordering more when I’m out. Bonus - a little goes a long way!