5 Reasons to Add CBD to Your Supplement Routine

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol is one among the hundreds of Cannabinoids found in cannabis and accounts for about 40% of the plant’s extract. THC another Cannobinoid is known for the high caused by the use of marijuana for fun. Consuming CBD is considered legal in 40 countries as it does not cause a high.

The humans have an endogenous endocannabinoid system and the manner of its interaction with the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant with the receptors will establish the benefits.

CBD has no affinity to CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors but it activates other channels and receptors and it can delay the re-uptake of vital neurotransmitters and can enhance or inhibit the binding of G coupled protein receptors. This way it shows its anti-anxiety and pain relieving properties.

CBD is the most exciting Cannabinoids because of its several health benefits and lack of psychoactivity.


What Are The Effects of CBD?


CBD has no side effects or any psychoactive effects and no mortality threshold.

Medical marijuana reminds one of its high THC strains given to cancer and chronic pain patients. The alternative of cannabis THC strain is not known to many. The benefits of medical cannabis can be enjoyed without getting high because of taking THC products.

Without being high you can enjoy the medical benefits of CBD cannabis strains using it before work and also not underperform at the job. You will get a mood enhancing effect when you take CBD as it acts in the background and you can continue your daily tasks. The side effects, if any maybe benign like feeling lethargic or tired. All you need to do is a smaller dose at the start to lessen the side effects and with time it will pass off when you take it regularly.


Knowing What CBD is Let Us Find Out 5 of Its Health Benefits.


1. CBD helps with anxiety and depression.

Studies of CBD by researchers at the Kings College University of San Paolo show that elevated levels of CBD activate the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor. This way CBD is thought to be a good treatment for depression.

Another study showed that level of hyperactivity a sign of anxiety and depression improved in mice when given CBD and then within 30 min had reduced activity.

As laws become lax more studies will be conducted and the research results will be more promising as there is more access to this drug and its understanding will increase.

To enhance your mood with something that is natural side effect free CBD is the best option.


2. CBD helps with addiction.

Research work is going on CBD to use it for the treatment of addictions like marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and heroin.

Supplementing the diet with CBD you can reduce or stop the habit of smoking completely. There is proof of it and here it is.

All participants in a study of 24 smokers were given CBD vaping inhaler or placebo and asked to puff it whenever they had an urge to smoke a cigarette. The two groups were tested after a week and it was found the placebo group did not reduce their cigarette smoking while the other group reduced their cigarette smoking by 40%.

Doesn’t this study give us a good way of kicking this habit?


3. CBD improves skin and reduces acne.

Applying CBD oil on the skin can help reduce many skin ailments including acne.

Research work on this has found CBD is sebostatic that is it helps regulate the amount of oil produced by the skin by inhibiting lipid synthesis and is also an anti-inflammatory agent and thus treats acne.


4. CBD helps with insomnia and improves sleep.

Tiredness or sleepiness is the side effects of taking CBD.

Many people wish to have a sleep/wake patterns are more consistent. Treatment of insomnia is accompanied by side effects so most people do not take sleep-inducing medicine and try to cope with irregular sleep patterns. Regulating sleep pattern is possible with taking CBD without side effects.

Here is an evidence for a regular sleep/wake pattern.

In a study on rats were divided into 4 groups and each was given a different dose of CBD and one group a placebo. The group with a higher dose of CBD had an increase in their sleep cycles. CBD can thus be considered as a natural remedy for solving sleep problems.


5. CBD helps cancer prevention.

According to many studies, the CBD’s anti-cancer properties have found to be positive and its details are found on national cancer institute website. In short, it has protective effects against the development of certain types of tumors.

CBD has an ability to kill tumor cells by inhibiting their growth and spread of cancer cells. This is thought to be CBD’s method of action in preventing tumors.

Also, it is found in one study that its ability to turn off the gene is involved in spreading cancer to rest of the body.


Conclusion About CBD

Here you saw 5 benefits of CBD when humans consume it. There are many more such benefits that are targeted to some specific diseases but not mentioned here. This is because only general health benefits were considered to suit most people.

This is an introduction that backs the positive effects of it. A major benefit is that it is natural and the side effects are low key.

As seen above you can use CBD to prevent cancer, to alleviate skin problems, stabilize sleep pattern reduce cigarette addiction and to fight depression and anxiety. Around the world, many have acknowledged the benefits of using CBD and now the UK has considered the use of CBD as medicine as legal. Now many pharmaceutical companies are working on bringing their own versions of CBD products onto the market.

CBD and its wondrous effects as medicine are being recognized the world over now. Its use is not going to give you nasty side effects or harm you if you buy it from a reputed dealer. And it is not a snake oil.


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