Best CBD Strains to Grow in 2021

Are you on a CBD craze? If yes, you should find a way to ease yourself into the literature on its medicinal and recreational benefits.

CBD – Cannabidiol gives relief to those suffering from severe psychological or physical conditions. In addition to this, it is also for people on a hunt to take a break from day-to-day stress. So, while looking for clear-headed weed seeds, the trick is to opt for strains that have high CBD and low THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Now you must be thinking: how can you identify strains and pick the one that suits you best?

Well, we have all the answers you are looking for.

Keeping scrolling to find out the top 9 CBD strains.


1. CBD Blue Shark

If you are finding a solution for your nausea and pain, CBD Blue Shark is precisely what you need. It is an Indica-dominant strain that helps in relaxing and gives a delicious jasmine and citrus taste. You can attain the unique effects via a genetic mixture of Skunk #1, Shark Shock, Blueberry, and a CBD enriched Sativa.

For people looking to grow this, it is a hardy plant that is mold-resistant and is ready to be harvested in about eight to nine weeks after flowering.


2. BlackJack CBD

It is yet another CBD-heavy offshoot. This feminized hybrid strain has a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC approximately, each peak at 17-18%. Thus, you can reap the benefits of both THC and CBD to get the entourage effect. It produces a huge yield for people who are growing and can be harvested outdoors in late September. You can even harvest it indoors after flowering for about eight to nine weeks. You will discover that it produces a lemony and sweet taste along with a subtle note of incense.


3. Super Lemon Haze CBD

If you are finding the best cannabis strains for beginner growers, then this one is it. There are high chances that you might want to grow weed seeds because of their health benefits. Super Lemon is your safest bet. Why? Because it is a feminized strain with a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1. It contains 9-12% THC and 9-10% CBD.

Super Lemon Haze CBD boasts an aroma that is reminiscent of cedar-infused lemons. It is famous among medical patients who like its appetite-stimulating and pain-mitigating properties. Thus, it takes 10-11 weeks of flowering to harvest to generate an average yield.


4. CBD Lemon Potion Auto

Containing a CBD to THC ratio of 2:1, i.e., 15-7%, CBD Lemon Potion Auto is one with the top high CBD or low THC strains. It is for both recreational and medicinal users. It is a cross between CBD-enriched autoflower and Lemon Kush.

Hence, it is slightly Indica-dominant and gives a spicy lemon fragrance. Also, it gives out a generous harvest while inducing calming, uplifting, and creative sensations in the users.

Pro-tip: There are 4 ways to work CBD oil into your daily diet to gain the ultimate benefits. Don’t miss out on the fun.


5. CBD Auto White Widow

It is one of the most potent auto CBD strains. And has CBD and THC amounts over 10%. Fun fact, it is a crossbreed of CBD Sweet and Sour Widow and Dutch Passion's Auto White Widow. So you can quickly grow an extra-large yield. It works best when the plant is given 15-20 hours of daylight and can be grown outdoors or indoors.

But remember to keep the humidity low. It is high THC and CBD content and is a popular pick for medicinal cannabis consumers who want balanced effects.


6. CBD Critical Cure

CBD Critical Cure is another high CBD strain. It is a cross between Shanti Bab’s CBD-enhanced strain and Critical Kush. Also, it is an Indica-dominant Cure with a CBD level of 18% along with moderate THC levels. And is famous for its medicinal CBD strains, particularly for chronic pain and anxiety.

As far as the harvest is concerned, CBD Critical Cure is fast-growing but slows down slightly during the last weeks. But, all in all, it generates large yields.


7. Buddha Medikit CBD

As the name suggests, it is a strain from Buddha Seeds. It is suitable for both the soul and body. A 50/50 Indica or Sativa Hybrid with around 20% CBD and 1% THC is one of the best low THC and high CBD strains.

Better still, the aromas of orange, mango, pine, and lemon are mouth-watering. It is easy to grow for all cultivators, and final yields are entirely bumped up because of its side-branching. Just give the plant plenty of nutrients and light and you are good to go.


8. CBD Auto 20:1

As you might have noticed, CBD Auto 20:1 boosts 20 times more CBD as it does THC 0.85% to 20%. Thus, making it suitable for medicinal use for consumers who are looking to avoid psychoactive effects.

For health benefits, the strain provides moderate relief for illnesses like anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and chronic pain.  Its red pistils, lime green leaves, and dark green buds make this bushy and short plant a fantastic fit. It grows well in almost all environments and is pest/disease resistant.


9. CBD Auto Compassion Lime

It is famous for being the world's best marijuana strains high in CBD in both smell and taste. It has intense citrus and orange flavors because of its parent strains, Daiquiri Lime and Californian Orange.

Because of its crossbred with CBD Compassion, it gives a CBD amount of about 9-10% and a mild THC level of 7-15%. As a result, you get a relaxing and gentle body buzz that is best for dealing with anxiety.

Growing is no joke, but with these strains, any beginner can grow weed seeds. If this is your first time, these strains will make growing weed seeds an enjoyable ride because of their excellent properties. With that being said, we hope our research can help you become a pro in no time.

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