The Positive Effects Of Using Cannabis For Seniors

More and more people are now delving into the use of cannabis products, not only to complement the treatment for their ailments but to boost their overall health as well.

Because several states and countries are now easing their legislation when it comes to these products, cannabis is now widely available for the use of varying age groups, even seniors.

In line with this, below are some of the forms of cannabis that are most suitable for the consumption of seniors.


Cannabis For Seniors

Types of Cannabis Suitable for Seniors

• Oils and Tinctures

One of the most suitable forms of cannabis products for seniors is oils and tinctures. In this case, they can simply infuse CBD oils in their food and beverages without significantly altering the taste of the food that they take in.

However, they may need to wait for quite some time before the cannabis takes effect on their body.

On the other hand, ingesting tinctures will allow seniors to feel the effects of the cannabis products faster compared to oils.

In this way, all that they need to do is to put a couple of drops of cannabis tinctures underneath their tongue and after a few minutes, they will be able to experience the effects of cannabis working.

Because of the simplicity of how cannabis oils or tinctures are consumed, they prove to be one of the most suitable cannabis products for seniors.


• Pills

Another CBD product that is suitable for the consumption of seniors is those that come in pills and capsules. This is because all that the elderly need to do to reap the benefits of CBD is to swallow a pill or a capsule just like their other prescribed medications. The great thing about pills and capsules is that these are portable, making it easy for the elderly to take them anywhere they go and consume them discreetly wherever they are.


• Edibles

For the elderly who find it difficult to swallow a pill, the best form of cannabis product that they can take is edibles.

Some CBD edibles come as brownies, while others come in the form of candies, both of which prove to be easy for seniors to consume.

The great thing about edibles is that they taste great, such that the elderly will not have a hard time adding it to their daily diet as necessary.

• Topical Solutions

Cannabis products can also come in topical solutions such as creams and balms which can be applied directly on the skin.

This proves to be beneficial for seniors who intend to relieve the pain they are feeling on a certain portion of their bodies instantly. This is also the best option for seniors who don’t feel comfortable directly ingesting CBD products.

While there are other forms of CBD products, the ones listed above prove to be most beneficial for seniors because it is through oils and tinctures, pills, edibles, as well as topical solutions that they can garner the things that cannabis can do for their health.

In this case, below are some of the most positive effects of using cannabis, particularly for seniors.

Benefits of Cannabis for Seniors

• Pain Management

One of the primary benefits of cannabis products for seniors is pain management.

This is because as people get older, they tend to feel pain in several parts of their body which can be attributed to the degeneration of their cells, affecting their normal body functions.

For instance, the elderly are more prone to experiencing back pain, as well as muscle and joint pains.

In this case, topical solutions prove to be the most suitable form of CBD products that can immediately address arthritis and nerve pain.

With the anti-inflammatory property of cannabis, pain can instantly be inhibited.


• Enhanced Sleep

Another benefit of cannabis products for seniors is enhanced sleep. It is often the case that seniors have trouble sleeping or getting the quality sleep that they need.

This can be a result of various factors such as stress or depression, as well as because of their medications. Cannabis products are known to have calming properties when taken at the right dosage. This property can greatly help the elderly manage sleep.

• Mitigation of Brain Degeneration

More often than not, the brain cells of the elderly tend to degenerate because of genetic conditions, as well as environmental factors.

There are even those who develop more serious brain ailments such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Several studies show that cannabis products can effectively enhance brain functions, which is why CBD is greatly beneficial to maintain the cognitive functions of the elderly.

• Mood Booster

Seniors tend to experience erratic mood swings which can be because of several factors such as hormonal imbalance, as well as their current living conditions and situation. Because of these, numerous seniors report experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The great thing about cannabis products is that it can greatly calm these feelings, and as a result, the elderly tend to be more relaxed and rejuvenated after consuming CBD.

On the other hand, cannabis also has a certain soothing effect because of the antioxidants present in it.

Because of this, the cells of the body are strengthened immensely, contributing to complete regeneration. Thus, the elderly will tend to have a more energetic feeling, depending on the dosage that they receive.


• Improves Bone Health

Another common health problem experienced by the elderly is the degeneration of their bones, making them prone to fractures and bone breakage should they lose their balance, trip, and fall.

According to various studies, cannabis products are effective in healing bone fractures and supporting overall bone health.

Alongside this, because of the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis, it is also deemed effective for those suffering from multiple sclerosis.


• Fights Glaucoma

Aside from your bones, your eyesight tends to degenerate as you age. This is the reason why older people often wear glasses to improve their vision.

However, some even develop glaucoma, which is also a kind of neurodegenerative disease affecting their sight.

There are relevant studies that show that cannabis products can reduce intraocular pressure that results in glaucoma. However, it is important to ensure that the elderly get the right amount of dosage that they need to manage their condition.


• Appetite Stimulant

Older people tend to lose their appetite, which leads to weight loss, tissue weakness, as well as a variety of mental issues. With the aid of CBD products, the elderly tend to gain back their appetite, allowing them to get the nutrition that they need from the food that they consume. Thus, they are no longer hesitant to eat as much as they need. As a result, their health is restored naturally.

Cannabis For Seniors

The Bottomline

Since cannabis is now widely available in the market for the use of varying age groups, even seniors can now easily acquire a certain type of CBD product they are the most comfortable consuming.

In doing so, they can reap the benefits that they can obtain from the consumption of these CBD products, particularly for their health, such as those listed above.

The key is in making sure that the use of any cannabis product is well-coordinated with their medical practitioner to ensure that they will only garner positive effects, instead of otherwise.

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