Can CBD Oil Appear on a Drug Test?

Using CBD Oil Very Beneficial for Many People

In today’s world, more and more people are using CBD oil for the health benefits it provides. Many lives are greatly improved by using CBD, and it is now legal in virtually all the United States of America.

Medical Conditions CBD Can Help

CBD has been known to help with an amazing number of health issues. Chemotherapy patients have found that by using CBD, they have fewer side effects and nausea after treatments.

People with Parkinson’s Disease have reported that CBD has helped their muscle spasms and twitching. Those who suffer from debilitating migraine headaches have reported less frequency in them.

Multiple Sclerosis sufferers have attested to having fewer issues when they use a CBD product. Adults and children who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and anxiety have found that using CBD on a regular basis can alleviate their symptoms and increase their ability to focus.

CBD can be used for children and adults, and there is even CBD oil for dogs and cats.

Since CBD oil is a natural product, derived from a plant, it is safe for everyone and is vegetarian-friendly as well. No animal fats are included in CBD oil at all, nor are there any animal by-products.

CBD is seen by many people as a miracle because of its wide range of uses and applications. The biggest obstacle for some people, the thing that holds them back from trying this remedy, is the fear that a CBD may result in a positive drug test during a drug screening.

CBD Oil and Drug Testing

It is a very often asked question - “is CBD detectable on a drug test or cause false positives for marijuana?”

The answer is a bit more complicated than just a “yes” or a “no”, so let’s begin with some information.

This topic is enormously important because people can’t afford to lose a job or fail a test trying to get a job. By the same token, these same people also deserve to be pain free and enjoy fewer symptoms from chronic conditions.

There is a lot of confusion among people. Even in some law enforcement agencies, there seems to be a general lack of understanding of what CBD is and what makes the cannabis sativa plant legal.

Will CBD Show on a Drug Test?

So does CBD show up on a drug test for work or only specific testing?

Pure CBD, in and of itself, does not show up on a drug test.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound that causes the euphoria associated with marijuana. Without THC, there is no intoxicating high. For this reason, drug tests checking for marijuana use are specifically looking for the presence of THC metabolites in the system.

Is CBD THC Free?

Most CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, due to them being full spectrum CBD products vs. THC-free broad spectrum CBD or THC-free CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD products are without a doubt the best in most cases because they contain all the beneficial naturally occurring compounds the cannabis plant has to offer us. However, in rare cases, they may cause a false positive on a drug test.

The possibility that small amounts of THC are enough to cause you to fail a drug test or drug screening is extremely unlikely.

In fact, we could say that it would be very rare for someone to test positive for THC while using CBD oil due to the sheer amount of oil you would need to consume in order to have enough THC in your body to show up in your system during a test. One caveat is the type of test, as some are better at detecting THC than others.

Theoretically, a pure CBD isolate or a broad spectrum CBD oil free from THC could be safely used without fear of a positive drug test result. However, most report full spectrum working significantly better thanks to the other cannabinoids like THC. There will also be additional compounds, called terpenes, that are great for therapeutic support.

CBD Drug Test

Drug tests, from urine drug tests to blood tests, will only look for THC cannabinoids and not any of the other cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Small amounts of THC are present full spectrum CBD extract.

As such, if you frequently consume large doses of CBD, you will want to temporarily reduce use, as drugs tests such as urine tests and hair tests can easily detect THC that can result in a positive test. Taking CBD can offer a world of advantages, but some care should be used.

Is “Extremely Unlikely” Worth the Risk?

There is no such thing as a CBD drug test. Asking, “does hemp derived CBD oil show up on a drug test” isn’t really the question to ask.

We’ve established that the THC in marijuana is the culprit that gets you caught on drug tests. If you aren’t using marijuana or a THC product such as delta-8 THC or another THC isomer, the odds of testing positive are very low, but they still aren’t foolproof.

Unlocking The Cannabis Sativa Plant

THC and CBD come from the same plant.

However, different varieties of cannabis have various levels of THC and CBD. While THC causes a high, it only does this where there is enough, and not every cannabis plant produces enough.

We call these hemp plants, and when they are limited to 0.3% THC, they are labeled industrial hemp plants. These cannabis plants are where we get hemp-derived products such as CBD, as they are federally legal in the United States.

This also technically makes the compound THC legal.

CO2 Extraction 

The most popular extraction method, CO2 extraction, involves using carbon dioxide as a solvent. It attaches to the CBD so that it can be pulled away from the other compounds that would be found in the hemp plant.

Carbon dioxide is not harmful, nor does it damage the plant or its properties in this separation process. This helps to maintain the integrity of the oil, ensuring that it will remain potent for medicinal purposes.

All hemp-derived CBD extracts may use CO2 extraction at some point in processing from broad spectrum CBD oil to THC-free CBD isolate.

Hemp Derived CBD vs. Marijuana Derived CBD

CBD oil can come from any cannabis plant, but for CBD products, specially bred and cultivated industrial strains of the hemp plant are used as other forms of marijuana plants are illegal to use or grow on a federal level. Marijuana is still classified by the US government as an illegal substance/plant.

Each state has its own laws regarding marijuana usage, and if you are caught with actual marijuana, you will be subject to the laws within the jurisdiction where you are arrested. Remember, CBD products are legal. There is no need to break the law when you can utilize CBD products.

It is a small risk of the drug test. You could, very rarely, test positive for THC in your system. Extremely rare is the positive CBD oil drug test, but it can happen.

For a CBD product to be legally sold, it must contain less than 0.3% THC -- it's completely fine for a CBD oil to contain THC, but it must be limited. This means that companies who produce CBD oil, and any products made with it, are bound by rules that force them to constantly check their products' THC levels.

Some may have less than the maximum level, but you confirm your CBD product does not contain more than the maximum level - you can do this by looking for the Certificate of Analysis (COA).

So, while it is possible, if you were to use the absolute maximum amount of CBD daily, you might have enough THC in your system to show up in a drug test. It would be rare for that to happen because of the massive amount of product that you’d have to use.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil vs. Full Spectrum CBD For Drug Tests

Because broad spectrum CBD products and CBD isolates do not contain THC, you may be wondering if you should switch from full spectrum CBD to avoid a positive drug test result.

If your broad spectrum or CBD isolate is truly 100% THC free, theoretically there is a zero percent chance there will be detectible THC metabolites in your body, meaning you should not fail drug screenings.

However, while the THC content of full spectrum CBD oil won't cause a high, these low levels of THC can still have a therapeutic effect on the body, and this is why full spectrum extracts are overwhelmingly preferred.

As well, thorough research has not been performed to confirm that a broad spectrum or CBD isolate product will ensure you won't get a positive result on your drug test.

CBD – All the Rage

There are many websites springing up that sell CBD products now. In fact, there are so many ads on platforms such as Facebook that you can become inundated with them in your feed. Read labels carefully. You will find that some CBD is pure and other products only actually contain a little CBD oil in combination with other ingredients.

Or even worse, in this case, many have considerably more THC than legally required. In fact, this is believed to be the reason people who are only using CBD fail a drug test.

To ensure your CBD cannabis products are accurate to their label, you always want to confirm, the company provides you with the hemp products' COA.

You will want the purest CBD oil that you can find, which will probably contain THC -- no more than 0.3% THC. And this makes shopping for your CBD product online a smart idea. This gives you time to research your CBD product beforehand, allowing you to check out reviews and the COA.

All you really need to do is to be an informed consumer, and this should go without saying.

Know your body, know your symptoms, and do your due diligence. Remember, you can always consult a medical professional for more help.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil does not overwhelm the receptors in the brain that THC interacts with. That is why there is no effect of being high, as with marijuana use. CBD does interact with the receptors that also interact with serotonin, which is a reason that CBD use can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

For this same reason, CBD can help lower blood sugar, reduce nausea, and more. Many biological issues that people suffer through can be reduced in frequency or even eradicated completely with CBD.

CBD can help people enjoy a much better quality of life. Those who suffer from chronic conditions that cause depression, physical discomfort or pain, and symptoms that include headaches, anxiety, and stress, can get an amazing amount of relief from CBD oil usage.

Sides effects of CBD are very low. There is no tarry residue from the oil that will cause lung damage or secondhand smoke. There is no risk of secondhand exposure putting at risk during drug testing.

CBD Usage Steadily Rising


As using CBD oil continues to become more widespread, there are fewer and fewer places where you can’t purchase it. More and more people, especially in The United States, are seeking alternatives to pain medications and opioids because of the problematic addiction issues.

Drug abuse, especially opioid use, is rampant in this country, and people are dying from abusing the drugs and turning to street options that are laced with other deadly ingredients.

Buying CBD supplements is an alternative option for people that are aware of the dangers of prescription medication usage. Many people simply want to choose the option of using something that is a plant derivative, which is natural and easily metabolized by the human body.

Essentially, consuming CBD is no more difficult for your body than digesting an apple. The apple, depending on where it came from and the pesticides used on it, might be worse for you than CBD oil.

Can CBD Make Me Fail A Drug Test When Using High Dosages?

It is extremely unlikely that CBD will result in a positive drug test, whether it's a urine test or another type. Most drug tests screen for THC metabolites, and not CBD. And while full spectrum CBD products do contain THC, it's only in trace amounts.

However, it's not outside the realm of possibility, especially for those that frequently medicate higher dosages. So use caution if drug screening is a concern. However, more and more companies are no longer drug testing for marijuana.

Final Words

Using a steady dose of CBD for medical issues is not likely to cause a false positive and make you fail a drug test. It’s a minor possibility that is most likely not going to happen. It has so many positive benefits that most people consider it well worth the tiny risk.

Another major factor in using CBD is that you do not need a prescription to use it.

No doctor needs to write you a prescription for it, making it a good financial option for those without health insurance. By the time most people pay for an office visit and then pay for prescriptions, they’d spend a great deal more than a bottle of CBD would have cost, making it one of the best treatments for hundreds of issues.

Do your research and try it out for yourself. You won’t know how it works for you until you try it!


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