CBD Oil Using the Co2 Extraction Method — Purest Oil in the Market?

When it comes to pain-relieving medicines and alternative therapies out there, medical cannabis has started to gain a lot of protagonism all around the world. While coming in different presentations for both recreational and medical purposes, you indeed have a lot of alternatives to try out, like oils, edibles, marijuana strains, vaping essences, creams, ointments, and much more.

But we are still talking about cannabis here, so there’s something that’s most likely to happen whenever you consume a cannabis-based product: you are going to get high on most occasions.

This is pretty normal considering that cannabis contains a compound known as THC, which causes this effect. Still, there’s a new alternative that has begun to get very popular over the last few years, and that is CBD. Nowadays you can find multiple types of products based on this compound, but there’s one that’s been gaining a lot of popularity, and it is an oil produced with the CO2 extraction method.


Cannabidiol, mostly known as CBD, is a compound that, just as THC, is very present in the cannabis plant, but it is mainly subtracted from the hemp plant, and almost all the products based on cannabidiol are produced thanks to this plant. 

The thing about the hemp plant is that it contains very low levels of THC, that make it pretty much safe when it comes to having psychoactive side-effects. Thus, it won’t get people high, making it a much better alternative for people who use cannabis as a medical option.

It’s more common presentation is oil, and has a lot of benefits, mostly related to relieving pain, inflammation, and anxiety problems. It is also often used to deal with sleeping disorders. 

As mentioned in this article, though, there are people and hospitals that use CBD to relieve the pain of patients that suffer from cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. 

The Co2 Extraction Method and Cannabidiol Oil

This specific method of extraction to create oils is mainly used along with carrier oils, which are meant to reduce the strength of the original cannabidiol oil, for the purpose of achieving different levels of strength. This is very useful for people who are aiming to reduce the risks of suffering from side-effects, which are very linked to consuming higher doses than recommended.



Of course, the right dosage depends on several factors such as the weight, age, and height of the person. Some other factors like the diet and how much water the person consumes on a daily basis can affect the efficiency of cannabidiol oil as well.

Ideally, the Co2 extraction method tries to achieve not only more pure oil but also, one that can be categorized based on its strength, so people can purchase one based on their needs and circumstances.

If you are interested in the extraction method process, you can click to find out more detailed information on the matter. 

Why it Needs a Carrier Oil

For those who don’t know, carrier oil is meant to reduce or enhance the effectiveness of the main oil, in this case, made out of CBD. Because of the process used during the Co2 extraction method, the result obtained from the hemp plant cannot be directly used, because the body will have a hard time dealing with such a concentrated form of cannabidiol.

This is why a carrier oil is needed. Although it might reduce the actual pureness of the resulting cannabidiol oil, it allows it to be efficiently absorbed by the body, thus, providing the benefits of CBD.

Other Alternatives

Of course, there are many alternatives when it comes to cannabidiol, and there’s much more than oils out there. For example, you can find edibles as well as CBD flowers and vaper essences, which are meant to be used medically and provide the same amount of benefits.

It all depends on how you want to venture into the world of medical cannabidiol-based products. Ideally, you should aim for something that is easy to manage for you and that won’t become a problem when dealing with the right dosage. The more comfortable you feel with the product you purchase, the better, but you should always aim for something that fits your needs the most. 

Is CO2 extraction more effective than various methods?

Opinions particularly differ as to what the great extraction solution is for producing the CBD oil. The recent course claims that CO2 extraction is the best, and there are some reasons why. 

Initially, CO2 is the natural combination; it is available in the air you breathe and a wide range of food or drinks you use. It does not want to be manufactured artificially. 

In truth, your bodies might produce CO2 on their own, showing that the combination creates no potential risk during use in small quantities. Besides, some specialists assess that CO2 is safe for use within food processing for that case. Unlike solvents, there is a little risk of CBD contaminating the last product.     

Other advantages of CO2

Making those stuff safer for the customer, some people claim that CO2 is even safe to deal with in the lab. The solvents such as butane can be highly flammable – thus, the reason butane can be utilized like fuel in lighters. 

Next, CO2 is the non-combustible gas. It can not carry flammable solvents into contact with the consumable products. Here is great news for individuals operating closely with CBD extraction. Moreover, some experts can be pleased to know that Carbon Dioxide is not poisonous. 

In truth, the CO2 extraction procedure can not bring the main carbon emission increases. CO2 is utilized continually and recycled as well. Moreover, it can not ruin the hemp flower – it only eliminates cannabinoids and different mixtures. 

That plant issue could move into different usages during the process. According to those reasons, many specialists evaluate CO2 extraction as superior to different methods. It can be safer for the customer, safe for the employee operating with it, and particularly leads to the product, leading to quality. 

Lastly, CO2 will even not destroy any of the terpenes, permitting them to approach their whole potential in the people's body.

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