Hemp Backpack: What We Need to Know

A hemp backpack is a great way to look cool, give back to the environment, and have a super awesome durable bag while at it.

All the rage around the world, hemp backpacks come in a variety of styles, making them perfect for basically everyone.

From the college kid who needs to carry around their laptop to the big city slicker who needs a light daily tote for quick grocery store runs to the hiker planning to take on their tallest mountain yet. 

But as you’ll see though, hemp can go beyond making totally cool hemp bags, giving us an ocean of products many people consider essential.

Best yet, hemp is a wonderful renewable resource with the ability to replace crops like cotton and others that contribute heavily to hurting the environment. 

Hemp Backpack


How Are Hemp Backpacks Made?

There are several different variations of the traditional hemp bag, which is created using yarns and fibers from the stalks of the hemp plant. You can also easily find a pure hemp backpack when you want to go 100% hemp or find ones mixed with cotton.   

Hemp, properly known as cannabis sativa, has become a superstar crop these past few years thanks to our ability to create CBD products from them. 

However, before that, the hemp plant was already making a name for itself in the skincare world. Hemp seeds are rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and other goodies that can nourish, heal, and protect the skin.

Now, you can’t turn your head in a beauty section and not see hemp leaves on shampoos, lotions, lip balms, and other products. 

Are Hemp Bags Legal?

Hemp bags are completely legal in the U.S. and pretty much everywhere, even in places that don’t allow you to grow hemp.

While created from hemp plants, which are cannabis plants, with the other main variety being marijuana, there is no chance your bag could get anyone high. 

First, unlike marijuana plants, hemp plants don’t produce a notable amount of THC. This is the chemical compound that causes a high when taken in heavy doses not achievable with hemp. 

Second, hemp bags are made from the stalks of the hemp plant. THC, comes from the flowers of the marijuana plant, meaning backpacks made from it would be harmless as well.

CBD oils and other cannabinoid-based products are derived from hemp flowers in case you are interested. But that's not all, because the seeds can be turned into protein powders, skin care products, and more. 

How Hemp Backpacks Are Eco-Friendly

The name weed when referring to cannabis plants isn’t the worst term because these plants grow like weeds.

Cannabis thrives in many climates around the world, growing fairly effortlessly with the ability to tolerate both hot and colder temperatures, harsh windy environments, and even droughts despite its love of drinking when it’s available. 

With few fertilizers, hemp plants can quickly go from an inch tall to over 10 feet in height in less than a year. This alone makes these crops super attractive when comparing them to resource-demanding crops like cotton plants.

But hemp and cannabis plants don’t stop there in being a better solution for the environment. These plants can even help reverse climate change.

Cannabis is a carbon sink crop, meaning it pulls significant amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere, and cannabis does it better than pretty much any other crop out there. CO2 is one of the leading greenhouse gasses.

Cannabis is also a phytoremediation crop. These crops are able to help clean up toxic spills because they can absorb the heavy metals that contaminate the soil. 

Are Hemp Bags Durable?

Are Hemp bags durable? Does the pope wear a funny hat? Does a bear . . . moving on. 

Yes, hemp bags are durable. In fact, hemp fibers are praised for their strength, toughness, and resistance to stretching. In fact, hemp fibers are three times stronger than cotton fibers! 

Hemp bags are known to last for years, even ones that often see long school years, hiking trails, and daily wear-and-tear. 

How To Wash Hemp Bags?

Hemp bags are known for their resistance to shrinking when washing and drying. They also dry super fast. 

It’s best to hand wash them with regular soap or a vinegar solution. Avoid dishwashing detergent soaps and powders as they may contain chemicals that can affect the quality of your hemp bag. 

Different Types Of Hemp Backpack

Hemp is known for its incredibly malleable nature, and you can bet that hemp backpacks honor that nature, coming in a range of shapes, colors, and styles.

The Himalayan region, specifically, Nepal, is perhaps the most well-known maker of hemp bags and backpacks.

However, other top hemp-producing countries include the Republic of Korea, United States, Chile, France, China, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, and Romania. 

Whether you’re looking for a small hemp backpack or a large hemp backpack, you have a lot of options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles! 

Hiking Hemp Backpack

Popular with everyone, from the budding traveler to the adventurous hiker. Hiking hemp backpacks tend to have a lot of pockets of various sizes so you can store an array of items, from water bottles to first aid kits. These large hemp backpacks definitely hit above their price point, making them a great idea for anyone looking to save a few bucks. 

Laptop Hemp Backpack

Praised for their top-notch quality, laptop hemp backpacks often feature extra stuffing to help cushion and keep your laptop safe. As well, they often feature shoulder straps.  

Hippie Hemp Backpack

Your hippie-style hemp backpack is usually the classic hemp bag most people first imagine when they think of one.

Light but still incredibly durable, these flashy and stylish bags love wearing their cannabis-made nature on their sleeve, often dawning bright colors and cannabis leaves.

Great when you want to show off your environmentally conscious nature.  

Hemp Hard-Shelled Cases 

Walk into your next board meeting with a hemp briefcase and embrace the 21st century in style. That’s right, not only can you make soft materials from hemp, but you can also create hard-shelled cases with it, as well as, use it as lumber. 

Hemp Handbag And Hemp Totes 

Hemp handbags and totes are perfect for everyday essentials for the fast but efficient grocery store run. Very lightweight but always reliable, these no fuss, no muss, hemp handbags and totes are perfect for the busybody and those always on the go. 

Where To Buy Hemp Backpacks?

Thanks to the internet, it’s never been easier to find the perfect hemp backpack. Popular online retailers include Core Hemp Backpack and Hemp In Nepal. You can also find them on Amazon. 

However, if you want to get an up close and personal look, you shouldn’t have much trouble with even large retail stores like Walmart carrying them now. 



Stylish, durable, often inexpensive, and always eco-friendly, what’s not to love about hemp backpacks?

And if you love hemp bags and backpacks, make sure to check out other awesome things created from hemp. Sticking with clothing, there are hemp hats, shirts, shoes, and purses, to name a few.

Oh, and we guess it is important to point out that hemp clothing like hemp handbags don't smell like marijuana flowers or smoke. 

Moving away from products created from the stalks, there is CBD oil, which is praised for its range of benefits that can help with inflammation, anxiety, poor sleep, and drug-resistant forms of epilepsy.

CBD oil and other CBD products contain cannabinoids and terpenes, which are therapeutic compounds located in the resin that is produced mainly on the flowers. 

We mentioned skincare items above, and while great, some other cool things made from hemp seeds include protein powders and fiber supplements, that are even popular with the non-vegan. 

Hemp is one cool crop, man! 

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