CBD Oil for Anxiety

What Is Anxiety and What Causes It?

Many people suffer with anxiety at some point in life. Anxiety can be a chronic condition or situational. Some people who have recently suffered some sort of a life trauma, like a burglary or mugging, will have issues with anxiety attacks. With therapy and medication, some of the issues are alleviated. Sometimes people can get over this type of anxiety in time. Other people will suffer with bouts of anxiety indefinitely.

It is a normal feeling to have some stress related anxiety sometimes. Life isn’t supposed to always be relaxed and easy. Chronic anxiety, however, is not a normal condition and it can begin to cause health issues for people over prolonged periods of living on edge. Depression is the number one cause of suicide. Suicide is a growing problem that tragically takes the lives of so many who simply become depressed and aren’t in complete control of how they feel. Suicidal people are overwhelmed with emotions that are out of control.

Anxiety is described as a sense of impending doom, constant worry, a state of being aggravated, and feeling as if one is always on a ‘hair trigger’. People who suffer from chronic anxiety may begin to feel effects of other health issues as well. Constant headaches, body aches, chest pains, and irritability that leads to stomach issues are all symptoms of chronic anxiety.

There are many more things that people suffer with that are as individualized as the people suffering from them. The constant anxiety can lead to so many other problems that it can begin to feel like an avalanche of symptoms for the people who are suffering. Depression is often just a result of the multitude of anxiety related issues that have become chronic and unchecked. 

The person with anxiety isn’t the only one who suffers either. Family members also suffer because the person with anxiety no longer wishes to take part in social activities. They become more and more withdrawn from social functions and the people who love them. They avoid things that might mean stress for them. Going out to the dance club will no longer be fun if you suffer social anxiety.

A feeling of impending doom can cause people to no longer want to even drive on a busy interstate, so they stay within local neighborhood and do only local shopping and errands. Anxiety can cause the entire world to shrink for the person who is suffering. Their family will begin doing things without them and the entire family becomes fragmented.

Stress can start to impact the others involved in this situation, creating a real sense of irritability within a household. Children don’t understand why a parent becomes withdrawn and moody and, as you might expect, the pressure can cause the anxiety and depression to deepen. Resentments lead to anger, which causing a revolving door of anxiety and depression within the household as people lose patience with each other.

Anxiety causes the world to slowly shrink for those who are afflicted with it. A person who used to enjoy travel will find themselves staying within a comfort zone. Over time, that comfort zone can shrink to the point that it only includes the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

People who become known as ‘shut-ins’ are those who have become introverted to the point of never going anywhere. This is nearly always the result of years of anxiety that has never been addressed. There is no more desire to explain how they feel to others. Avoiding outings is simply the best way to deal with how they feel.

Grocery stores offer delivery now. This may be one of the single most enabling cultural norms now. If you want anything, literally anything that you can think of, there is a way to get it delivered to you without leaving home. This enables people to stay home, further withdrawing from life. At some point, people are only surviving, not living.


CBD Oil Can Help

It is reported that 18% of Americans have suffered from some form of anxiety this year alone.  Many of these people will be prescribed medications from doctors to help alleviate symptoms. Millions of people are taking anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax, which at one time was the most prescribed medication in the United States. Psychiatrists see patients for less than fifteen minutes before they are prescribing medication, in most cases. Americans are addicted to prescription drugs more than any other country on earth.

The biggest problem with prescribed medications is that many of them are nearly impossible to wean yourself off. Many psychotropics are highly addictive. Trying to take yourself off these medications can cause your symptoms to become so acute that some are driven to suicidal tendencies as the depression that they feel worsens. In other words, once you are on the medications, the possibility that you will ever be able to be off them is very unlikely. For many people, this is even more depressing. It’s also not a good prognosis for anyone. No one wants to face a life of taking drugs just to function.

CBD oil for anxiety is an excellent alternative because it is not necessary to have a prescription for it. CBD and hemp oil for oil for anxiety are not addictive. You are taking a natural plant derivative for your body to be able to relax. People discover CBD products for anxiety every single day. There are no serious side-effects from CBD.

When you suffer with anxiety CBD oil can seem like a miracle. You can control the dosage that you take. It is recommended that you start with a low dose so that you can taper up as you need. Since there is no THC in CBD or in hemp oil and anxiety is reduced without impairment, many people find that they can have fantastic results, without having issues with driving or working.

Vitaleaf Full Spectrum CBD Oil

With anxiety, CBD oil can help relax away the symptoms. Many people report that using hemp products or CBD oil for anxiety, allowed them to begin enjoying their lives again. Those who suffer with social anxiety find that they can tolerate crowds and noise much more readily. Parents can become active participants in the children’s lives again.


How Does the CBD Work Within the Brain?

CBD is a cannabinoid, but it doesn’t contain THC, as marijuana does. This means that you can get all the benefits, such as pain reduction, insulin lowering, anxiety easing and more, without getting high. The lack of THC is why CBD oil is legal in most places. There are a few very rare places in the United States where the law is a bit ‘iffy’ regarding CBD and hemp oil products. Check locally before you purchase so that you know exactly what your local city and county regulations are.

The exact way, in scientific terms, for how hemp for anxiety works is not clear currently. What is known is that it effects the serotonin receptors. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that plays a massive role in mental health, particularly depression. Not having enough serotonin in your body can trigger depression and even anxiety in some people. Because hemp helps anxiety, CBD oil too, we know that it has an impact on the way serotonin receptors work in the brain. In the past, doctors would be quick to prescribe SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) which can be very costly without insurance and tend to be very difficult to function without. They also do not work well for everyone and the side-effects can be very bad.

One drug was found to cause diabetes in many people and the company who produced it was initially sued for causing thousands of adults to develop type two diabetes.  This is just one example of adverse side effects that are possible from prescription medications.  All those people are now living with diabetes on top of still suffering with anxiety or depression. Doctors will continuously have to draw blood and check to make sure that your liver and kidneys are not suffering from some of the use of prescription medications for depression and anxiety. Not only is this a constant worry, it is also a constant cost that you don’t have to worry about with hemp products.

There have been no actual studies on humans, but several research studies have been conducted on animals, regarding the use of hemp for anxiety. Decreased anxiety in stressful situations was observed, even lower heart rates. This is very promising for humans. There is no doubt, at this point, that there are real, tangible, benefits from using CBD oil for anxiety.


How Long Does It Take to Work and How Much?

The amazing thing about hemp oil and anxiety is that it works almost immediately. If drops are used sublingually, benefits can be felt within a few minutes. If drops are taken orally on an empty stomach, you can see an effect within fifteen minutes. If taken orally with food, the absorption into the blood system can take up to thirty minutes to have an impact on your symptoms. Vaping specialized CBD oil made for vaping pens, can be the fastest way to feel the relief of your symptoms and it may very well be worth investing in the vaping pen and oil if you are prone to random panic and anxiety attacks.

Prescription medications can take a while to work because you must take them until they are in your system and it might take two to four weeks for some medications to reach their optimal levels in your system. With CBD oil, you can take it as you need it. That said, most people report that they have a more complete reduction in overall anxiety attacks if they take a steady dose every single day.

Since the oil is generally taken by dropper, you’ll want to know how much you should take and how often. It is not possible to overdose on CBD oil. If you take too much, however, you might experience side effects such as cramps or headache. Some people will experience diarrhea if they attempt a dose that is too much a one time. You should start low and build your dose as you need to. How many mg should you take for anxiety?

A good starting point is about 600mg and wait to see how you feel. If you tolerate that amount well but still have a few symptoms that linger, you can increase your dose after a week. You may want to divide your daily dose into three separate doses, so that you maintain a level of CBD in your system that will help you stay at ease all day long. Remember, you won’t feel high, so you won’t be impaired in your normal daily activities. In fact, you should find that you are better able to function.


A Great Way to Watch Your Symptoms Go Away

You may want to think about journaling through your process. This will help you recall what dose you have been taking and how you have felt each day. It is important data, tracking your moods and physical feelings so you know if you’ve been ill due to a dosage change. You’ll be able to track your progress if you keep track of how many times per day that you have had heart palpitations since the day you started on your CBD oil treatment.

It can be easy to forget how you felt to begin with and not notice your progress unless you keep a record. This makes it easy to remind yourself how bad you felt then and how you feel good now. In fact, you may start feeling so much better that you even forget you ever had issues with going to the grocery store. You will find yourself venturing out more and not giving a second thought to it because you are no longer dwelling in your stress.

Journaling is also a good way to give yourself a bit of therapy by letting all your anxieties out onto the paper. Some sort of therapy, even just journaling, used in conjunction with your hemp oil, will help you get well. You may find that you don’t need as much CBD oil one day. You might even decide that you no longer need it at all. The beautiful thing is that with CBD products, you can choose to simply stop using them without experiencing withdrawal.


Will Using CBD Oil Make it Impossible to Work or Drive?

Absolutely not! CBD doesn’t contain THC so there is no ability to get high. CBD is regulated very strictly. While there are trace amounts of THC in the finished product, it cannot be more than .03%, which is almost nothing. You will be able to function as you normally do, without mental impairment. Physically, you should feel good but not impaired in movement. Using CBD will not cause staggering as if you are drunk.

Many with arthritis find a great deal of relief from CBD oil and you will find that age related aches and pains seem to melt away. To be honest, you should feel better than you have in a long time. CBD oil is considered a life enhancement because it helps with aches and pains, improves focus in most people, and it improves the general mood in most people. That would be the serotonin effect at work. There are so many reasons to use CBD oil that it makes sense for most people to be using it.

Some companies are even making their big selling point all about how enhanced the consumer’s life will be if they use their CBD oil. We all just want our lives to be easier, better, more fun, and stress-free. These are likely things that we can all agree upon. Hemp products really do have the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of almost everyone. There are few people who couldn’t use a little more relaxation and less stress.

If you have an office job that is high-paced and somewhat chaotic, like a newsroom, you will find that your focus and concentration abilities are greatly improved with the use of CBD oil. If you are a college student with focus issues, like ADD/ADHD, you will be able to focus in ways that you have never been able to focus before. 


CBD Oil Helps Reduce Physical Pain Related to Anxiety

People who live their lives completely stressed-out all the time often begin to exhibit physical symptoms of pain. Being tense all your waking hours can take a toll on the spine and muscles of the back. This can hurt your hips in time, cause severe back pain with age, and reduce your ability to flex, bend, and lift. Age related issues will often show up in the person who is aging from constant stress and anxiety. If you utilize CBD oil so that you can relax and reduce pain and stress, you can live longer and live in less pain for many years.  The average person has no idea how stress can reduce the years that they will live.



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