How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Health In Your 40’s And Beyond: Part 2

Welcome back to our series “How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Health in Your 40’s and Beyond”. If you haven’t read article 1 yet, check it out here.

Without going into a long introduction, we are looking at general measures we need to take if we want to stay healthy as we age. And we are looking at how CBD oil help with each.


Staying Calm

Have you heard the phrase “stress kills”? Stress wears and tears your body down —  when you feel stressed you release adrenaline and noradrenaline and this prepares your body for an emergency. But this also increases heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension and this cuts off adequate levels of blood to both your brain and musculoskeletal system. As well, blood sugar rises to provide additional energy to combat the threat. But we are living in the age of stress and this is taking a major toll on our health.

You read in part one that CBD oil helps reduces anxiety in social situations, but CBD really lowers stress and anxiety across the board. CBD oil helps keep our “fight or flight” response in check by preventing false flags. And don’t worry, just because CBD helps reduce anxiety and depression, it doesn’t mean CBD will dull your emotions. CBD simply allows you to better control them and give you a clear mindset.


Medical Checkups

They’re not fun, but they are important to have because it’s so much easier to treat a disease if you catch it early. So you’re probably wondering how CBD oil can help you with yearly health checkups?

By now, I don’t have to mention that CBD oil will directly help lower some of the stress when you walk into a doctors office — well, I guess I just did.

More importantly, CBD oil will also indirectly help you feel more confident when you go into the doctor’s office because you know you’ve been taking steps to improve your health in multiple ways — that’s often the scary part of medical checkups when you think about it.

CBD has been shown in multiple studies to reduce the development of cancer cells, promote a healthier weight, reduce inflammation, and the list goes on.



You knew it was coming, and yes, it was purposely saved for last, but don’t worry this is different than other exercising advice. You already know exercise is important because of blah, blah, blah.

CBD oil both directly and indirectly helps with exercise. It will directly help in a small way, because when CBD oil dosage is kept under 100 mg it may promote a slight boost of energy. Indirectly, is where CBD oil will really help though, funny enough.

Many reports that CBD oil helps them feel strong again — you know it may help you lose weight, it can reduce inflammation, it will promote a better outlook on life, etc. It’s not that we don’t want to exercise (time permitting), it’s just we feel crappy when we do. Exercise is taxing on the body, but if we feel stronger and healthier then, hopefully, exercising won’t suck so bad.

CBD oil may help exercise suck less and that’s something pretty much everyone wants. Squats here we come . . . well, maybe just a few bicep curls first.


That’s All Folks

We hope you enjoyed our second installment on practical ways CBD can improve our overall health. Keep your eyes peeled for the next article.


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