How to Figure Out Your CBD Isolate Dose - All You Need to Know

CBD isolate is pure 100% cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike full spectrum CBD oil, CBD isolate does not contain any other — including THC. Nor does it contain or chlorophyll — resulting in no flavor or odor.

If you’re only familiar with full spectrum CBD, you’ll need to know that CBD isolates acts a bit differently. Its effects are often described as being more one-dimensional than full spectrum. For example, some find that it works wonders for their does little for anxiety, and vice versa.

As well, CBD dosage works on a bell curve, and this means a more precise dosage is needed for effective CBD therapy. This guide will explore how to figure out the perfect CBD isolate dosage for you.


Table of Contents:

  • But First, A Word About Our CBD Isolate
  • What Is Nano-Enhanced Cannabidiol (CBD) And How Does It Affect Dosing
  • How To Figure Out Your CBD Isolate Dosage
  • Which PurCBD Isolate Bottle Size Is Right For You
  • Combining Full Spectrum CBD And CBD Isolate For Maximum CBD Therapy


But First, A Word About Our CBD Isolate

We will be talking about dosing using our Nano-Enhanced CBD isolate and not regular CBD isolate. Nano-enhancing greatly removes the need for a precise dose by improving CBD bioavailability tenfold. This is a necessity in our opinion, and we’ll explore why.

So when reading this guide understand that if you’re using a different CBD isolate product, you may have to do more work to nail down the best dosage for you.


As such, If you’re struggling to dose with a non-enhanced isolate our suggestion is don’t throw away your CBD just yet. You can use your CBD isolate to give your full spectrum CBD a major boost which we cover below.


What Is Nano-Enhanced Cannabidiol (CBD) And How Does It Affect Dosing?

Nano-enhancing sounds complicated, and it requires some expensive equipment, but it’s a very simple process. In its original state, the phytocannabinoid, CBD, is too large to easily pass the blood-brain barrier, so the body struggles to absorb it.


In fact, it relies on the terpenes and some of the other phytocannabinoids like CBC to open the blood-barrier up for CBD larger size to pass through.

When CBD is by itself, the body is only able to absorb a low percentage of it — may be just 10% of total CBD taken. That’s a lot of wasted CBD and money.


When you nano-enhance CBD, you safely reduce the size of the CBD molecules allowing them to pass through the blood-brain barrier with little effort. This does not hurt CBD’s potency in any way, and, in fact, it can increase potency tenfold.


We Nano-Enhance Because It Makes All the Difference For Dosing CBD Isolate

We nano-enhance because it improves potency and provides a faster onset of effects. Let’s explore . . .   


Increase Potency

CBD isolate has not been nano-enhanced, you may only absorb 10% of the total CBD. When you nano-enhance CBD isolate, you may increase that to 99% of all total CBD getting absorb. That is incredible and right there why everyone should try nano-enhance CBD isolate.


Feel CBD Working Faster

By reducing CBD’s size, it can easily pass through the mucous membrane when taken orally and starts uptaking immediately. This means you may start to feel CBD within 5-10 minutes.


How To Figure Out Your CBD isolate Dosage

The most important thing to remember about CBD is there is no set dose you have to take. This does mean you have to experiment around to find the best dosage for you. But don’t worry, we have two steps that you can follow that will make the process a breeze.

Step One: We recommend you check out our CBD dosing calculator. It will calculate three different dosing tiers based on your weight: low, average, and high.


For the first week, we recommend you start in the lowest tier once or twice a day.


Some feel CBD working right away, others will gradually feel more therapeutic effects, as CBD helps build their endocannabinoid system backup — usually, this takes about a week.


If you find that a low dose resulting in you feeling no relief from symptoms, feel free to jump up to the medium tier before the first week is over.

When not nano-enhanced, dosing with CBD isolate works on a narrow bell curve — meaning you can easily over and undershoot the dosage and see diminished results.


Nano-enhanced greatly sets to fix this issue, but understand that this bell curve may still exist. However, it should be significantly reduced and opened to a greater range of effective dosages.



After your first week on CBD, jump up to the medium tier once or twice a day. If you feel more relief from this, continue to slowly increase your dosage.


Eventually, you’ll notice a point where it’s not worth it to take more CBD as it not providing any additional relief.

Step Two: You do not have to have used full spectrum CBD before to use CBD isolate, but we recommend it. We say this because it will make easier to tell if CBD isolate is working for you.

In general, full spectrum provides the same degree of relief for most chronic illness with the same dose — the other cannabinoids and terpenes help balance out CBD oils range of effects. This gives you a great idea of what CBD can and can’t do for you.  

Remember, isolate may significantly help with something like anxiety at a lower dose, but you may need a way higher dose for pain. Having used full spectrum in the past will greatly help you determine how CBD isolate quirkier nature is working for you.


Which PurCBD Isolate Bottle Size Is Right For You?

After you’ve figured out your dosage tiers using our calculator, you’ll have a better idea how much CBD you’ll need to start with. We provide three different sizes, and the only difference is how much CBD the have.

If you don’t need a lot of CBD, go for a smaller size. If you use a lot, grab a bigger size.


In general, CBD effects last around six hours  — most people take CBD one to three times a day. However, you can take CBD as needed as there is no toxic or unsafe dose.



PurCBD Isolate 250 mg

This is our smallest size CBD isolate size, and it’s a great starting point for newcomers. As well, if using CBD for preventive health, you probably won't need much, and this bottle will likely last you over a month. 

5-10 mg once a day is the average for preventative health, but feel free to take more or less. We all have unique body chemistries, so what's right for one person may not be right for you.

As well, this bottle size is great for kids that need help with a chronic medical condition.

250 mg is great for:

  • First-time users
  • Kids with chronic medical conditions
  • Adults looking to improve their aging and wellness


PurCBD Isolate 750 mg

If you describe yourself as someone that struggles with a chronic health condition that you need help with, then our PurCBD Isolate 750 mg is the perfect size for you. 

You’ll likely find that a medium tier dose once or twice a day works best for you. For the average person, this is 15-100 mg CBD per dose 1-3 times a day.

750 mg is great for:

  • The average CBD users
  • Kids that need strong CBD therapy
  • Adults with chronic medical conditions


PurCBD 1500 mg

For some, they find that CBD isolate provides them with the best relief when taking fairly large doses (100+ mg). As well, this size is great if more than one person is using the same CBD bottle.

1500 CBD mg is great for:


A Word of Caution: CBD and Prescription Drugs

When moving into higher doses of CBD, you want to be careful if you’re taking a prescription drug broken down in the liver.

CBD like kale, turmeric, and grapefruit can temporarily inhibit enzymes that metabolize hepatic drugs for us. If you’re careful with those foods or your doctor has warned you that you’re on a dosage-sensitive medication, then we recommend talking to your doctor before taking CBD.


Combining Full Spectrum CBD And CBD Isolate For Maximum CBD Therapy

If you bought CBD isolate and found that it just isn’t working for you as you need it to, don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect fix.

Full spectrum CBD is a ratio between hundreds of molecules, and while those other cannabinoids and terpenes provide their own therapeutic effects, they aren’t as strong as CBD. As well, in rare cases, it appears that some people are sensitive to certain phytocannabinoids, and it makes them tired.

By adding CBD isolate to your full spectrum, you change the oil’s ratio in CBD’s favor. This can boost and highlight some of the therapeutic effects in full spectrum oil. As well, it can take away the tiredness that full spectrum may make you feel. 

We can confidently say, that in the majority of cases, boosting your full spectrum CBD with CBD isolate will result in a stronger potency and a fuller degree of relief.

Again, you’ll need to experiment with the ratio. If you like full spectrum effects and want to give it a boost, try a 2-1 or 3-1 ratio of full spectrum to isolate. If you prefer CBD Isolate or have issues with full spectrum, even up the ratios or do a 2-1 ratio of CBD isolate to full spectrum.

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