Versatile Uses of CBD You Didn't Know About

Since Cannabidiol (CBD) hasn’t officially been established in the market because of the stigma that has surrounded it for dozens of years prior, people are still very skeptical of what it’s used for and what it helps with.

Many people don’t know about the various different uses for CBD and to their defense, some of these uses are very unexpected.

CBD has grown to encompass hundreds of different products that vary in consumption methods and uses over the past few years.

Understanding which product to use can take a little time, while the process of trial and error can be equally time-consuming. Without further ado, here are some of the most common uses of CBD that you probably didn’t know about.


Helps With Anxiety

The consumption of CBD products has been proven to reduce anxiety in hundreds of different cases.

Studies conducted over the past few years, resulting in CBD becoming a very popular prescription for people dealing with anxiety and other different mental disorders like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The best part is that this works for your pets as well, as several animal studies have proven that CBD has antidepressant effects on animals, too.


Versatile Uses of CBD


Helps With Insomnia

A lot of people have reported that CBD has made them feel drowsy and sleepy after oral consumption, making it one of the best natural treatments for people suffering from insomnia and low-quality sleep.

CBD products help you rest easier and reduce fatigue, giving you a much better quality of sleep that ensures that you’re well-rested for the day ahead of you.


Helps Reduce Cancer Symptoms

According to recent studies, cancer patients struggling from symptoms such as vomiting or nausea are more likely to experience relief by using CBD products as opposed to using painkillers.


Versatile Uses of CBD


CBD products have also helped reduce the spread of breast cancer cells in mice in some tests; however, whether or not this is suggested to work on humans requires more studies to be conducted before reaching any conclusive evidence.


Helps Individuals Wear High Heels Comfortably

This particular use for CBD is quite uncommon, but CBD actually helps individuals wear heels more comfortably. It does this due to the pain-relieving and numbing effects that CBD oil provides to the user if applied directly to the skin.

This can be used in many different scenarios like applying it on bruised skin or to your feet before you wear heels so that the pain isn’t as excruciating.

CBD naturally reduces inflammation, so applying the oil to your skin will generally yield positive results in pain reduction.


For Acne Treatment

Since CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory, it helps out a lot of people struggling with acne, as the oils used to combat the inflamed skin help it recover a lot faster.

People struggling with acne generally develop a lot of sebum from their skin glands, which leads to acne. Some studies have shown that CBD reduces sebum production within these glands, making CBD a viable method of treating acne.


Helps You Battle Substance Addiction

There are many different ways of consuming CBD products and one of these methods is through smoking. Using this method of consumption, CBD has been proven to drastically reduce nicotine dependency as it acts as a replacement FOR it.

Fighting off the urge to smoke is a lot easier when you’re smoking, a product that isn’t harmful to your body.

Some studies also show that CBD reduces heroin dependency in people suffering from addiction, making it a viable prescription for those struggling with substance addiction in their battle towards getting clean.


Relieves Joint Pain In Pets

Another unexpected use for CBD is the pain-relieving effect it has on pets, as studies have shown that it can relieve joint pain in senior animals or those with physical injuries in their joints.

Applying the oil to the affected areas brings some relief and the best part is that the pets that generally lick any oils applied to their skin are completely safe from any issues that may arise from other forms of medications, seeing as CBD oil isn’t harmful when consumed.

Further, CBD products are also used to calm down hyperactive animals so this may just hit two birds with one stone in some cases.


Helps With High Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular diseases are generally very dangerous and the treatments for them need to be thoroughly researched before they are tested on a patient, but the conclusions that have come forth from studies on CBD and how it affects blood pressure look promising.

The reason why it is thought to be effective is that it reduces stress while benefiting the heart and circulatory system, which results in lower blood pressure.

More tests need to be conducted to cement the use of CBD products as a treatment for high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, so consulting a doctor before consuming any CBD products is highly advised.


Combats Several Neurological Disorders

After several studies, CBD products have continuously shown promising results in many sectors of neurological disorders like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Dravet syndrome, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

CBD reduces seizures, inflammation, muscle spasticity, and cognitive decline in many different patients.

Due to CBD products still being quite young, the research conducted on them is still on-going, but the results have been generally positive across the board.

There’s still a lot to learn from the way that CBD products impact the body, especially since there’s potential in refining the products to create a medication that can help out greatly with neurological, cardiovascular, and mental disorders.

There are tons of different uses for CBD that can surprise many, as there’s still so much room to explore and refine these products.

For now, the uses of this natural medication just keep expanding as people are constantly finding new and creative ways to use CBD effectively.

Browsing the internet about all the different uses of these products can be a very helpful way to maximize on the benefits of CBD products, as figuring out the small details of the product helps utilize them to their maximum extent.

Just make sure that the information you read is trustworthy. Purchasing from legitimate sources is also very important, as different products vary in quality.

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