Which Form of CBD is Best Suited for Your Needs

Recently, it’s hard to look at health and wellness products without finding multiple products containing CBD.

 While CBD products have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, many people still don’t understand all the ways they can consume it. There are dozens of ways to take CBD, everything from dabs to tinctures. 

If you’re looking for a new way of consuming CBD, you need to think about what you're using it for, how you usually take medication, and when you want to take it. 

You should also take into consideration how much work you want to put into taking it, as some methods are simple but others require a little more expertise.

Are you interested in CBD, but don’t know which form of it would be best for you? 

Knowing which form of CBD will be most beneficial for you can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. Here are the main types, how they get taken, and what benefits they can give you.


If you’re not familiar with tinctures, they offer a lot when it comes to getting CBD quickly and directly into your body. The CBD is suspended in a liquid, like alcohol. 

Tinctures are commonly taken by squeezing a few drops under the tongue and letting it sit there for a few minutes, although the taste can be unpleasant for some. Because of this, some tinctures can also be added to food or drinks to hide the taste a little. 

This option is the fastest method to get it into your body and helps best with illnesses like Parkinson's, anxiety, and depression. 


Rather than taking CBD orally, topicals allow you to apply it directly to the skin. CBD topicals are lotions, body creams, or oils that can be used directly on the skin. 

These can be useful if you have specific areas of your body that hurt. If you have arthritis, lupus, or any other inflammatory illness, topicals will allow you to target the CBD directly onto the joints that hurt. Topicals might also be preferable if you’re dealing with skin-related issues, like acne or rashes. 

Although it can still get into your bloodstream this way and offer benefits to other parts of your body, it's more for going for specific pains. 

Pay attention to how your body handles and reacts to this. If it doesn't help with your pain, consider a different option.


If you don’t have experience with CBD, dabbing might be something you can work up to doing in the future. This option can be a little more work but will make sure it quickly goes into your body.  CBD dabs are wax that is meant to be melted down. 

As the wax melts, it gives off a vapor that you breathe in to take in the CBD. This usage makes it compact but takes longer to intake. For this, you’ll also need some equipment, so if you’re willing to put in the effort dabbing requires, this can be a great way of using CBD. 


The taste of CBD doesn’t agree with everyone, which is why taking it in a capsule form has become the choice of many CBD users. 

Easily measured, this is the closest to regular medication. If you have a medicine schedule, you follow, and a cup of water on hand, this can help you get your CBD in a way that feels like taking a prescription medication.

 This option can also be useful if you find your dosage isn't working for you, and you want to up it to make sure you get the effects you need. This line of thought can get used for anything that CBD is used for, and works quickly.


One of the simplest, and possibly the most enjoyable, ways of taking CBD is consuming it as an edible. Like vitamin gummies, CBD may be easier taken by some people if it's given a sweet exterior that masks its natural taste. 

You can consume it as gummies, syrups, and even honey sticks. You won't absorb it as quickly as capsules or tinctures, but because it takes your body time to break it down, you may enjoy the benefits of CBD oil for a longer time.

 Edibles are a favorite of many and can be a fun and easy way of trying out CBD. 

Your Dosage

If you’re going to be using CBD, the dosage you’re taking is something you should always keep in mind. 

All of these items come in different doses, from 10 mg to 60. If you’ve never used CBD, and don’t know its effect on you, start with a lower dosage and then work your way up. It’s better to take your time figuring out what dosage suits you, rather than jumping the gun and finding out you wasted a lot of it that you didn’t need to use. 

If you need, maintaining a journal can help you keep track of your experience. If you’re taking CBD for something specific, you can also ask your doctor for advice on how much you should be taking. 


CBD has gotten widely popular lately, but you do have to do some research before you buy a CBD product. You should educate yourself on whether or not CBD is something that could potentially benefit you, but what form of it would be best for you. 

Different forms of CBD can possibly benefit you in different ways, but there might be types that you find more enjoyable to take than others.

 Many people who use CBD are using it for different reasons, so it’s not uncommon that you might prefer using one form that’s different from what everyone you know uses. 

To find what’s right for you, you might have to try out a few different ways to take CBD. It’s also important to do some research on the company you’re buying from to ensure that they make safe and reliable products. 

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